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Zombie Girls
Zombie Girls.png
Zombie Girl Frederika →
Level: 18
HP (Normal): 2400
Experience: 700
Skills: Cling, Corrupted Nipple Lick, Corrupted Bite, Corrupted Tit Fuck, Corrupted Kiss, Throw Down, Pointless Mating
Area: Haunted Manor
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: UN_DO

The Zombie Girls are a trio of zombies that attack Luka within the Haunted Manor.

Like the Zombie Girl preceding them, they have weak attacks, but incredible fortitude.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Since Zombie Girls have no intelligence, they have no sense of companionship, not even recognizing other Zombie Girls. The only exception to this is when they attack a man in a group. Once they defeat him, they will take turns raping him. Whichever Zombie Girl is strongest will go first as the rest of them lick and bite at him. It's said that as soon as a man’s semen touches a Zombie Girl, they will momentarily weaken as they experience the faint warmth. As soon as they weaken, the next Zombie Girl will take the chance to force her off the man so that she can take over the rape. This pattern will continue endlessly.

In addition, the specially created Zombie Girls in the northern haunted manor have no infectious diseases or hygiene issues due to the care of their creator.”


*Cling: Triggers bind status.

Corrupted Nipple Lick: Normal attack.

Corrupted Bite: Normal attack.

Corrupted Tit Fuck: Normal attack.

*Corrupted Kiss: Normal attack.

*Throw Down: Triggers bind status and leads to Pointless Mating on the next turn. This attack is only used when one zombie remains.

Pointless Mating: Binded attack which leads to a one hit KO via instant follow-up.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Unlike Zombie Girl, their attacks and bind are a bit more powerful. Since there are three of them, it takes a bit more patience to take them all down. Once the third one remains, her bind becomes very weak, but her next turn will lead up to Pointless Mating.

If Luka loses, the three of them take turns raping him. Chrome peers in, wondering about Luka's presence, but lets her zombies resume raping him. The rape continues endlessly.


“A zombie orgy... Are you really happy at that outcome? Even if there are three of them, they're still just zombies. Use your SP wisely for attack and defense, and defeat them one after another. If only one zombie remains, you must get her off of you as quickly as possible, or you will surely lose. When there are two or more, just fight normally. Now go, oh brave Luka. No matter how many zombies there are, cut them down.”