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Zombie Dragon Girl
Angel Ghoul Cirque du Croix →
Level: 87
HP (Normal): 24000
Experience: 280000
Skills: Dead Dragon's Fellatio, Dead Dragon's Horny Chest, Dead Dragon's Sweet Bite, Fake Female Stomach, Male Lure: Hold, Male Lure: Hair, Male Lure: Chest, Male Lure: Double
Area: Biolabs
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: UN DO

Zombie Dragon Girl is, as her name suggests, an undead Dragon Girl resurrected by La Croix. She once inhabited in the Gold Volcano, she is now a prison guard in the Biolab.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A dragon created out of the corpse of a violent dragon that lived in the volcanic area of the Gold Region. Her power has risen considerably since she was alive, and is able to use powerful techniques. She is used as the final guard of the underground prison. No human prisoner made it to her, so she only ever preyed on monster specimens.

She is able to send her own stomach outside her body, a modification similar to a frog or starfish. Her inverted stomach takes the form a female, and is used to prey on unsuspecting males. Its function is similar to a lure an Anglerfish Girl might use."


Dead Dragon's Fellatio: Normal attack.

Dead Dragon's Horny Chest: Normal attack.

Dead Dragon's Sweet Bite: Normal attack.

*Fake Female Stomach: Stance change between Dead Dragon and Male Lure attacks.

Male Lure: Hair: Normal attack that damages twice. Requires Fake Female Stomach active.

Male Lure: Chest: Normal attack that damages twice. Requires Fake Female Stomach active.

*Male Lure: Hold: Triggers bind status. Requires Fake Female Stomach.

Male Lure: Double: Binded attack that damages twice. Follows Male Lure: Hold. Requires Struggle with Gnome to escape.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

This fight isn't the same as the living Dragon Girl's. Her basic attacks can be easily avoided with Undine, but once she activates Fake Female Stomach, her attack pattern changes to damage twice per turn and her bind now will require Gnome to escape. Her stance changes cycles every now and then, but there should be no problem following this pattern.

If Luka loses, the zombie dragon pulls him into her mouth as his penis sinks into her female humanoid body's vagina while forced to lick her breasts. After several orgasms, he is eaten.


"To be eaten and digested by a zombie... You're just a snack for a corpse, I see. When sends out that body of hers, her attack pattern changes. At the start, a serene state with Undine is the best course of action. But when that other body part comes out, she starts to use restraint techniques. At that time, switch to Gnome. Now go, oh brave Luka. Send that dead dragon back to where she belongs."


  • It is unknown if the Zombie Dragon Girl is the same Dragon Girl Luka fought during Chapter 2, but is highly unlikely due to their notable physical differences.