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Seraph Zion (シオン, Shion) is one of the Three Seraphim, fighting closer to her full power.

She absorbs Holy and has 150% Accuracy.


One of the super bosses in the Labyrinth of Chaos, Zion is encountered as a floor 100 super boss.


  • Attack – One Foe
  • Angel Footjob – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Empty Sky – All Foes, Physical/Wind Attribute, 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Quad Heaven Palm – Random 4 Foes, Auto-Hit, Physical/Holy Attribute, Ascension 10%, 3 Turn Cooldown, 10 MP
  • Light Rending Fist – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Physical/Holy Attribute, Ascension 10%, 3 Turn Cooldown, 10 MP
  • Heavenly Demon Revival – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension 30%, 3 Turn Cooldown, 13 MP
  • Mass Gravity – All Foes, Magical, Gravity Attribute, Deal 75% of Current Health (Boss 0%), 12 MP
  • Inner Focused Mind – Self Buff, 3 Turns, + 100% Crit, + 50% Atk/Agi, 3 Turn Cooldown, 5% Current HP
  • Disruptive Wave – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Dispel, 5 Turn Cooldown


Despite being a powerful angel in the main story, for anyone running the LoC, angel super bosses are what you want to fight against. Due to their crippling weakness of having to use mana for most of their attacks, they become useless once mana drained, and Zion is no exception. Not only that, but Zion also has a lack-luster move set overall, with Mass Gravity being unable to defeat you, 2 attacks that target only one person, and dealing damage to herself whenever she uses Inner Focused Mind. In the worst case, you can just equip everyone with Holy Reflect, and nearly all of her attacks becomes useless against them, though she WILL absorb the attacks back (note that Holy Null is not enough, unless you also have Physical Null; Reflection/Absorption work if one of the elements can be Reflected/Absorbed, Nulls work if ALL elements are Nulled).

As if that wasn’t enough, Zion has an astounding weakness to Sleep and Blind, while Blind is so-so (due to the evasion system being… rather lacking as of 2.23), being able to put Zion to sleep allows for an insta-kill thanks to Invitation to Eternal Sleep, which the race Elder Succubus can learn. Even without the insta-kill, a 75% chance to waste Zion’s turn is almost too good to be true, especially with all the ways to inflict Sleep.

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