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Yoma are a race of monsters in the Monster Girl Quest setting with high magical and physical power.


In terms of appearance, yoma generally look similar to humans. Some have a more bestial appearance: for example, Sphinx has the lower body of a lion with feathered wings and multiple snake tails.

Yoma have the highest magical power and intelligence of all monsters. Their magic is often focused around the element of fire, and they are also resistant to this element. Yoma are also strong physically, which allows them to wear heavy armor. They specialize in using rapiers in combat.

Some yoma, such as the Vouivre Girl, are capable of using holy power. However, they cannot perform the holy-dark fusion of chaos.


  • In the original game, the youma appellation was used to design overall powerful monster races such as vampires and dragons. The term was dropped by the translation team in Paradox to avoid a mix-up with the specific race.