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Yamatai Village is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox


Yamatai Village is a unique village. Compared to most other villages and towns, Yamatai is more eastern. This also includes worshiping Gods that aren't Ilias, such as catsfoxestanuki, and snakes. They used to also worship spiders, but that was long in the past. As a village with such a unique culture, they are also home to the Eastern Book of Secrets, a Job-Change item that allows job changing to various eastern jobs such as Ninjas and Samurais. However, this item is only given out to the most worthy of people.

Luka and co, at the request of Dullahan, head over to Yamatai Village to solve a problem. There is something wrong with every shrine! For the Nekotama Shrine, the party must single out the Cat Goddess among tens of lesser Nekotama. For the Fox Shrine, the party meets up with the Fox Goddess, Tamamo, as she is being depressed. Nothing the party says can move her, but apart from Tamamo being depressed, nothing is wrong with the shrine. At the Tanuki Shrine, the resident Tanuki, on a dare from a Kitsune, has ventured into Orochi's Cave, and its up to the party to find her before she runs into Yamata no Orochi. Lastly, there are signs of rebellion coming from the Snake Shrine, upon reaching the top floor, they discover Shirohebi, being attacked by Neris, who, upon seeing Luka, runs away and leaves the party to fight Shirohebi.

Solving all these problems causes Dullahan to join the party for real, and the Chief to grant the party the Eastern Book of Secrets. Leaving the hall, the party stumbles upon a group of four men, telling each other that they are going out into the world to get laid. One wants to meet Elves, one wants Mermaids, another Harpies, and the last one wants Succubi. Watching them leave, the chief comes out and tells the party that if they find all four of the perverts, they'll receive a special prize... the most sweetest honey ever! This item is used to recruit Queen Ant back in Grangold.

The party will return here after "defeating" the Beelzububs to recruit them.

Later on, after being tasked to get orbs, the party finds themselves back at Yamatai in search of the Elf Princess. Upon seeing Luka, however, she falls in love and grants the party many many items, a Hunter's Soul, the Red Orb, money, weapons, armors... until Sonya has enough and chases her away. Afterwards, she leaves behind her two elf attendees, who will provide blacksmithing and item restocking.

The place makes a few appearances in the Collaboration Scenario. It appears briefly in chapter 4, where it is revealed that Daimyokai attracted the ire of the villagers upon herself by attacking a local kappa, forbidding her to enter the village again.

The party returns there once again as the chief recognized Daji and asks for help against the rumored powerful yoma who's searched by Grand Noah. In the Fox Shrine, the party notices a Spirit Fox who confirms them that Daji was indeed close by just a few seconds ago. The party then notices a fox statue, and reveals Daji by stomping its tail. The kitsune reveals that she was attempting to "sneak some bites" on the villagers and forces the party to fight her once again. After beating her, she threatens to show her real power, but Kazuya convinces her to stand down and to join the party.

When the party returns to the village chieftain to report their success, they see him by the river, musing on life. Suddenly, the river shines and Amabie comes out, saying that she felt the distress of the world. The party greets the Unfortunate Friend, and welcomes her.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Big Medals.png

Amira Locations

Amira 3.png




Item Shop

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Gold Needle 30G
Fuma Shuriken 200G
Fist Rosary 8000G
Purifying Water 6000G
Seal of Nothingness 10000G
Lucky Guard 7000G
Joy Bag 8500G
Protective Incense 7000G

Kappa Blacksmith

Created Used
Blizzard Sword:Hail Blizzard Sword, Blue Ice Stone, 580G
Zanbato:Thunder Zanbato, Yellow Thunder Stone, 1350G
Fuujin & Raijin Spear Wind Spear, Yellow Thunder Stone, 650G
Blizzard Scale Spear Dragon Scale Spear, Blue Ice Stone, 580G
Ice Dragon Claws Dragon Scale Claws, Blue Ice Stone, 490G
Giant Axe:Ice Giant Axe, Blue Ice Stone, 620G
Dark Club:Burst Dark Cypress Club:Wind+, Youkai Hair, 650G
Taoist Scythe Dragon Scale Scythe, Youkai Hair, 550G
Demon Slaying Bow Dragon Scale Bow, Youkai Hair, 490G
Snake Whip Tentacle Whip++, Devilish Snake Tail, 580G
Taoist Harp Dragon Scale Harp, Youkai Hair, 520G
Ayakashi Snake Fan Dragon Scale Fan, Devilish Snake Tail, 550G
Kappa Plate Dragon Scale Plate, Kappa Plate, 550G
Snake Palm Pleasure Flower, Devilish Snake Tail, 540G
Kappa Shell Dragon Scale Shell, Kappa Plate,380G
Kappa Shield Mithril Shield, Kappa Plate,150G

Elf Item Shop

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Full Moon Grass 15G
De-Love Potion 40G
White Holy Stone 100G
Dark Black Stone 100G
Yami Fubuki 25000G
Blessed Veil 14000G
Elven Comb 8000G
Elven Cape 10000G
Guard Bit 10000G
Doctor Recipe 10000G
Poison Guard 12000G
Blind Guard 12000G
Silence Guard 12000G
Confusion Guard 12000G
Sleep Guard 12000G
Paralysis Guard 12000G
Elven Charm 12000G

Elf Blacksmith (1)

Item Price
Prism Dagger 19800G
Prism Sword 30000G
Prism Rapier 28400G
Prism Spear 34000G
Prism Katana 36000G
Prism Ninja Sword 28000G
Prism Claws 28000G
Prism Fang 24000G
Prism Axe 35000G
Prism Hammer 32000G
Prism Scythe 24600G
Prism Staff 28600G
Prism Rod 28400G
Prism Bow 27600G
Prism Whip 32000G
Prism Harp 27600G
Prism Boomerang 31000G
Prism Flail 36000G
Prism Fan 27000G
Prism Kitchen Knife 26000G
Prism Abacus 20000G
Prism Scalpel 26000G
Prism Cards 26400G
Prism Plate 26000G
Prism Breastplate 19000G
Prism Armor 20000G
Prism Shell 16600G
Prism Helm 15000G
Prism Circlet 11000G
Prism Shield 17600G
Prism Shuriken 8000G

Elf Blacksmith (2)

Created Used
Prism Dagger:Aqua Prism Dagger, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1020G
Prism Sword:Wind Prism Sword, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1700G
Magma Bastard Makina Bastard, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 2100G
Gale Rapier Prism Rapier, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1650G
Trinity Sword Magic Sword, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 990G
Earth Dragoon Holy Dragoon, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 2200G
Prism Lance:Wind Prism Lance, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1950G
Prism Claws:Aqua Prism Claws, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1800G
Prism Fang:Earth Prism Fang, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1500G
Grand Prism Prism Axe, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1830G
Elemental Scythe Prism Scythe,Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1500G
Trinity Staff Prism Staff, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1650G
Prism Rod:Aqua Prism Rod, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1680G
Aqua Rainbow Prism Bow, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1900G
Spirit Harp Prism Harp, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1550G
Spirit Fan Prism Fan, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1500G
Necronomicon:Element Necronomicon, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1600G
Prism Breastplate:Magna Prism Breastplate, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1200G
Prism Armor:Wind Prism Armor, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1200G
Elemental Robe Angel Robe, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 680G
Prism Helm:Marine Prism Helm, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 820G
Elemental Circlet Prism Circlet, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 580G
Prism Shield:Magna Prism Shield, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 900G

Equipment Shop

Item Price
Zanbato 15000G
Unsigned Katana 12000G
Kunai 9600G
Blessed Miko Clothes 4600G
Taoist Robe 7000G
Black Hood 2500G
Samurai Helm 7200G
Taoist Eboshi 5800G

Local Merchant

Item Price
Tofu 55G
Thin Fried Tofu 100G
Dried Bonito 40G
Seaweed 35G
Anko 50G

Vegetable Merchant

Item Price
Bok Choy 50G
Carrot 20G
Radish 45G

Restaurant/Sweets Shop

Item Price
Rice Ball 120G
Dango 100G
Rainbow Dango 110G
Rice Cake 100G

Treasure Chests


Hidden Items

  • De Love Potion
  • Kappa Plate
  • Youkai Hair
  • Blue Ice Stone
  • Soft Tail
  • Cat Whiskers
  • Small Medal


  • A night festive version has been added in the game file with the collab scenario. The role of this version isn't clear, as it isn't used yet.