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Yamata no Orochi is one of the superbosses in part 2 of Paradox. She joins after you prove your strength to her in a fight. She is one of the Guardians of the Directions.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

"Come, dedicate your semen to me..."

"In this cave, behind the waterfall... There is treasure hidden in a room beyond."

"The flow of clear water in this cave... It keeps my body and mind at ease."

"I can extend my hair and tongues... I do not want my hair to be disheveled, so I avoid stretching it excessively."

"The land of Yamatai is my domain. You must never forget that even for a moment..."

"Kukuku, another fresh sacrifice..."

"Tamamo... she was an infant fox the last time I saw her. She was exceptionally strong in the past, and the outside world is lenient."

"With my eight heads, I will suck you all over..."

"Since I have slept for so long, I know almost nothing of the outside world. It would be false to say I am uninterested, however..."

"With my tongues, I shall taste your body..."

"Please accept my tail gratefully..." (+1 Devilish Snake Tail)

"Please accept this money gratefully..." (+ 6250G)

"Please accept my hair gratefully... (+1 Youkai Hair)

"Offer unto me some meat..." (Give 1 Meat)

  • Yes - "You have a fine attitude..." (+20 Affinity)
  • No - "In that case, I shall have you pay with your body..."

"Offer unto me your wealth..." (Give 3750G)

  • Yes - "You have a fine attitude..." (+25 Affinity)
  • No - "In that case, I shall have you pay with your body..."

"Offer unto me a water stone..." (Give 1 Water Stone)

  • Yes - "You have a fine attitude..." (+30 Affinity)
  • No - "In that case, I shall have you pay with your body..."

"Have you always wanted to be sucked by me? There is no need to be shy, look forward to me..."

  • That's not it - "Even if you say so... what about your body?"
  • That's right - "In that case, you shall receive ample affection..." (+10 Affinity)
  • I'll offer my semen to the strongest head. -
    • Yamata no Orochi: "Then, that would be me..."
    • Yamata no Orochi: "What are you saying, I should receive it..."
    • Yamata no Orochi: "Hmph, disregard what they have to say..."
    • They're arguing over something...

"I myself am qualified to be Queen Lamia... Do you not think so?"

  • I agree - "Hmm, you understand my reasoning. That pleases me..." (+10 Affinity.)
  • You have too many heads -
    • Yamata no Orochi: "Mmm, indeed... Would you mind reducing my number of heads just a little?"
    • Yamata no Orochi: "What, are you serious?!"
    • Yamata no Orochi: "We would have less mouths to feed!"
    • They're arguing over something...
  • You're too eastern-styled. - "Mmm, indeed... Should I be a little more western-styled?"

"Is there a monster outside of Yamatai that could rival me? If there is, let me know their name..."

  • There isn't - "Fufufu, there is still no one other than myself..." (+10 Affinity)
  • Sphinx - "I've heard that she is the queen who rules over the land of sand... However, she is not my equal."
  • Poseidonness - "I've heard that she is the ruler who governs the northern seas... However, she is not my equal."
  • Amira - "I have not heard of that name... But if she is a snake monster, then I must crush her."

"Because there are eight heads, you should sacrifice eight people. Despite this, do you not think I'm merciful for demanding just one sacrifice...?"

  • It's merciful - "Hmm, you understand my reasoning... That pleases me..." (+10 Affinity)
  • Not really - "Well then, you should try sacrificing eight people..."
  • You should demand 64 sacrifices. - "You are very greedy..."

"I heard there was a disturbance occurring in the outside world... Who is fighting against who?"

  • Grand Noah and Grangold - "Hmph, a conflict between humans... Indeed, those are hardly unusual."
  • Three Monster Lords -
    • Yamata no Orochi: "What, three Monster Lords are vying for supremacy...? Could this perhaps be my one chance?"
    • Yamata no Orochi: "What one chance, are you planning to be more stylish?"
    • Yamata no Orochi: "I'm sick and tired of your fashionable manner of speaking..."
    • They're arguing over something...
  • The Goddess and the Dark God - "What, the great war between angels and monsters has resumed?! ...I should probably stay out of it for a while."
  • Me and Sonya - "Oh dear, you should get along better..."

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Yamata no Orochi: "This is a better home than my cavern... Do your comrades over there want to be my sacrifices?"

With Sphinx:

Sphinx: "Oho, Yamata no Orochi... For us to be traveling together is an unusual coincidence"

Yamata no Orochi: "You're going whichever way the wind blows? I never expected you to leave the Pyramid..."

Sphinx: "We have both secluded ourselves... It will be interesting to fight together against the crisis facing this world"

Yamata no Orochi: "Kuku, I've certainly grown tired of boredom. This sort of plan is something I will enjoy..."

With Shirohebi:

Shirohebi: "I say, Yamata no Orochi... We're both completely used to each other nowadays."

Yamata no Orochi: "Hmm, this is quite a fresh thing. I'm enjoying myself as it is."

Shirohebi: "Well, traveling around the isn't so bad. If only to look forward to the sightseeing..."

Yamata no Orochi: "It is my principle to enjoy anything... If you can enjoy it, I'm satisfied..."

With Aria Lamia:

Aria Lamia: "Yamata no Orochi... These must be dreadful times if you are needed in the outside world."

Yamata no Orochi: "Before I knew it, you were dead... To have been poisoned at a banquet, you are beyond careless."

Aria Lamia: "Who was it that became intoxicated and almost got exterminated...?"

Yamata no Orochi: "That happened a long time ago, forget it!"


Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Interactions

1st Action:

Yamata no Orochi: "Eeh, you're always so arrogant!"

Yamata no Orochi: "What did you say, you...!"

Yamata no Orochi's heads are arguing with each other...

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Yamata no Orochi: "Well then, lets rage!"

Yamata no Orochi gets psyched up!

[Yamata no Orochi's attack is increased next turn]

3rd Action:

Yamata no Orochi: "Really, I sometimes want to spend time with just one person..."

Yamata no Orochi is complaining...

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Yamata no Orochi: "Nuooo, why am I...?!"

Yamata no Orochi rolls around!

The enemy's body was caught in their long snake tail!

[Enemies take damage.]

5th Action:

Yamata no Orochi: "Here, let me give you this. Be sure not to cut off my neck, even while you're on a drinking spree."

Yamata no Orochi presents a gift!

[+1 Yamatai Sake]

Additional Skills

  • Yamata Tasting - Snake Skill (Pleasure 140% ^ of Att, Def), +100% to Bound, Target: 8 Random Foes
  • Yamata Head Smash - Snake Skill (Physical 180% ^ of Att, Def), +100% to Bound, Target: 8 Random Foes


  • Her discussion with Aria Lamia references the original myth of Yamata No Orochi where the eight-headed snake got killed by Susanoo after falling drunk on sake