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"I ask thee, eternal time... Reveal my body, yoked in twilight... Return my true body to me!" - Alice

"I ask thee, eternal time... My body, shackled by the powers of creation, I beseech thee. Return my true body to me!" - Tamamo

Word of Dispel is a special skill taught to Alice by Tamamo in Chapter 3, after defeating Principality Nagael. In later battles, this allows Alice to temporarily return to her true form for just three seconds, that is, one turn, and let loose either Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, Monster Lord’s Cruelty, or Eye of Recovery.

This skill is actually Tamamo's trump card; as a member of the Six Ancestors, she used this skill to temporarily revert back to her original sealed form. Unlike Alice, Tamamo seems to be able to maintain the form for longer than a few seconds. She uses Word of Dispel thrice: when backed by Tsukuyomi, against the final fight with Goddess Ilias, and after Luka proposes marriage to her in which she happily has sex with him with her original body.

Although the duration of this skill is very short, Alice can maintain it almost indefinitely during sex while feeding off human energy and semen, and does so during one of her rape scenes.

In Monster Girl Quest Paradox, only Tamamo managed to used this technique against her counterpart. She didn't take the opportunity to teach it to Alice, and the latter still have to deal with the seal placed by the White Rabbit.