The Witch Hunt Village is back and now some minor changes have happened to it. Mainly the two villains from the original trilogy now struggle for the control of the forbidden magic and need the help of a kind hero to choose who's right and who's wrong (note: this part is not yet translated on the 1.21.30 patch and english is not my main language).


First you must have played until Sabasa and completed Sara's sidequest (Got the blood vial and gave to her and then visited Ludite Village with her on your party).

Second, you MUST take Sara with you on this sidequest. Also, prepare for some trouble at the end since there's a boss fight and some annoying enemies (Like Honey Pots!).

Actual quest

Since this part is yet to be translated, this guide will offer only the steps necessary to recruit either Lily or Lucia, but no story behind their dialogue. If you want to read it you must either know Japanese or wait a little more.

To recruit Lucia

1) Have Sara on your party

2) Talk to all villages (not really sure if it's necessary, but I did anyway)

3) Go to the mansion north of the entrance and watch the cutscene with Lily.

4) Chose the second of the three options

5) Talk to her again and choose the second option

6) Chase her around her mansion and when you find her, expect a boss battle.

7) After beating her up, go to the house across a wood bridge and talk to Lucia, she should join your party.

To recruit Lily (WIP)

Notes: You can still visit the other location if you want the treasures and monsters.

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