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White Rabbit's Theme

Not to be confused with the drug, White Rabbit

A mysterious rabbit who claims her only role is to guide Alice/Ilias and Luka to the correct history.


Before the beginning of the game, she broke into Alice's Throne Room, evading the Four Heavenly Knights with ease and sealing the Monster Lord. After that, she ran off with the intention of getting Alice to follow her.

She is first met in Iliasburg.

The White Rabbit pops up in Iliasburg the second the party arrive,"Were you expecting Granberia? Sorry, it's me!". Ilias demands to know who she is, "Wow a tiny Ilias! And she's with Luka too!". Ilias now suspects White Rabbit did this to her and asked how she ended up as she is, but White Rabbit replies that she didn't cast the Six Ancestors Great Seal on her. Her role is to guide Alice and nothing more. However, White Rabbit mentions that Ilias upset a lot of people in another world so it could have been anyone with the power to seal her.

If Luka asks what her role is, White Rabbit responds that her role is to guide Alice, like she already mentioned. But it'll be a lot harder since Luka took Ilias with him instead of Alice. Again, Ilias demands to know who she is, but White Rabbit says it's top secret.

If Luka asks what Granberia has to do with the situation, an image of Granberia flashes before him. White Rabbit comments that there must be a link between the two Luka's and that he's sharper than the specially made Luka's, despite him being of flesh and blood. She then explains to Luka that Granberia was here, in reality, just not in this Luka's reality.

She shows concern that things will only differ further from the first world, from here on out, spreading the chaos. Ilias mentions that she surely meant darkness rather than chaos. White Rabbit explains to her that in the eyes of the Heavens and humanity, chaos and darkness are roughly the same thing. When in reality, they're two sperate things entirely. While Alice I controls the darkness alone, chaos is different. Chaos is the combination of both divine and dark energy. Capable of interacting with each other without destroying themselves. The power Ilias sought in the fundamental reality. Ilias is apparently unaware of this, as the seal affected both her body and memory. White Rabbit wanted Ilias to stop fighting the Dark Goddess as Ilias alone cannot restrain chaos, but White Rabbit stops herself as she realises she just contradicted herself. If chaos could be restrained, it wouldn't be chaos. Ilias snaps at her to explain it in a fashion that can be understood. White Rabbit notes that Ilias being unable to understand her is not the fault of the Six Ancestors Great Seal. So she ceases describing it to her as it's pointless.

If Luka challenges White Rabbit, instead of fighting the party personally, she takes a Bunny Slime from another reality and forces them to fight her. But after the fight, she sends the Bunny Slime back to her fundamental reality. Ilias exclaims that White Rabbit is not a Goddess, yet White Rabbit can manipulate time and space. White Rabbit notes that it would make her job a lot easier to erase Ilias now that she's weak, rather than later when it will be more troublesome. White Rabbit never liked her much. But she decides against it when she realises that would just spread the chaos even faster.

She prepares to take her leave, asking Ilias not to destroy the world again, before waving goodbye.

Luka finds the key to Hades that White Rabbit had "dropped", but only he can see it.

She is next met in the campment leading first Tartarus world. She jumps down the hole leading to Tartarus in an unsubtle attempt to get Luka to follow her.

When the party arrives in the first parallel world, White Rabbit pops up to greet them. She didn't expect the party to make it this far and congratulates them for doing so, annoying Ilias who points out she clearly led them to the parallel world intentionally.

Ilias asks how a mere human like Luka can travel through the dimensions, when even a God cannot. White Rabbit replies that it is a unique ability of this world's Luka, annoying Ilias greatly for being vague as ever. White Rabbit tells her that her role is to guide them, not to explain. They will have to find the answers themselves, before waving goodbye.

Seconds after leaving, White Rabbit appears again to warns them to stay on the road; there are "arrogant beings who believe that walking on soil is beneath them." Ilias knows who she's talking about, but White Rabbit also knows what Ilias is thinking, so she explains that the angels would not ally with her in that form. Rather, they would be more likely to attack her for impersonating their Goddess.

She is met for the third time in the Cave of Treasures.

Luka and his companions encounter Nanabi, who is guarding the treasure stash while Tamamo searches for Poseidon's Bell. Nanabi almost overpowers Luka, but Neris steps in and saves Luka and his companions by using Vaporizing Rebellion Sword on Nanabi, dealing over 20,000 damage.

Tamamo comes to seemingly investigate the loud noises, but starts re-enacting the same events from the original trilogy instead. Tamamo thinks Luka has sealed Nanabi and explained to her that she will have to wait longer before Tamamo can unseal her. Neris explains that it's not the real Tamamo. It's just been "copied and pasted" from another source.

White Rabbit appears in Tamamo's place but is disappointed that she was found out. White Rabbit notices Alice the 17th and is annoyed that there are now five Alices in the world to keep an eye on in the world. White Rabbit explains to Neris that she's been altering this timeline too much from the correct history and therefore increasing the chaos in this world. Neris points out that White Rabbit claimed her role is simply to guide Alice. She would be contradicting herself by erasing Neris. White Rabbit replies that there is no danger in creating another Paradox by erasing Neris, as she's not from this world.

White Rabbit stops time, and tries to delete Neris, but Nero materializes behind White Rabbit while time is stopped, and whacks her with Flash KillWhite Rabbit is surprised that she was attacked by Nero, as time should have stopped. Nero mocks her for thinking she was the only one who could control time, and they both vanish, presumably to fight elsewhere.

The final time she appears in the first part is at the entrance to the third Tartarus

Initially, the path to the ladder is a blocked by a large pile of dirt. One of the scholars informs Luka that a White Rabbit left it there (with a scoop). White Rabbit pops after Luka uses Gnome to clear away the pile instantly. White Rabbit tells Luka that she didn't want the party to enter Tartarus until they'd contracted Gnome, and wishes them luck as what is on the other side is dangerous. She teleports away, but briefly pops back up again to give Luka Nero's glasses.

She appears again several time in Part 2. The first time is near the Gold Tartarus which is blocked by a flame that requires the power of Salamander to get past. As Luka and his companions tell her they understand why she's responsible for this, she wonders if her role can be replaced by a notebook.

She is seen against at the entrance of the cave leading through the chain of mountain leading to the Snow Continent. There, she tells that Luka and his party will soon learn more about the cause of the disastrous situation the world is in. She then disappear again, but has left several signs to guide Luka through the cave.

If Luka skipped recruiting Sonya and Nuruko by not talking to the chief back in Iliasville, the White Rabbit will be waiting with Sonya and Nuruko. The player will then see the adventure the duo went on to get back on Luka's trail, and then get the achievement "Sonya's bizarre adventure."

She is last seen in Part 2 in Ilias Temple Ruins, where she leads Luka and his party to the true cause of the chaosization in the temple. After being smitten by Ilias and reappearing, she leads the group in a vision of the past and show them the cause of the Great Disaster. Once back, she gets smitten again and doesn't return.

She makes a last cameo in the Upcoming events available in Hades. She can be seen discussing with Luka about how much she hates seeing the world getting destroyed when everyone fought so hard for it, and that she will accompany him through his adventure as many times as he needs.

The Land of Night and the Heroes of the Seven Worlds

The White Rabbit has a preponderant role in the collaboration. When the conditions are fulfilled, she appears in the castle to the main heroine's annoyance. As soon as the party approaches her, she tells them that "she's not the bad guy in this situation."

She explains that she was doing her job of guiding the Monster Lord, and when she wanted to teleport to the world F26617 to guide the Monster Lord, she instead ended in a different world where there was no Alice but instead the duo of Lars and Rovissa. The latter is surprised while the White Rabbit leaves empty-handed. Once back on the Paradox World, the White Rabbit notices that her destination world was instead RJ026617. She attempts to close the gate, but is interrupted by a mysterious succubus who steps out of the portal. After unsuccessfully trying to convince her to return to her own world, she is dragged to the succubus' own world, the "Land of the Night". The White Rabbit attempts to attack her, but is unsuccessful. The mysterious succubus then tells her that Nightmares can't be attacked like that, and the White Rabbit is taken by surprise when her opponent's pleasure counter-attack is effective, incapacititating her.

Back in the castle, the White Rabbit tells the group that this "Queen of Dreams" is now exploiting her powers for her own purpose to open gates to other worlds and summon allies. The White Rabbit suppose that she intends to use them to bring the "Land of Night", which would be a spiritual world bending space around it, and gives details on the nature of Nightmares.

When the party tells her that dealing with this new threat will be complex, White Rabbit remarks that they have one of the greatest forces since the Great Monster War under them, so it is an ideal time to deal with it. She also remarks that since those intruders will increase the entropy of the world, history will attempt to correct itself, meaning that heroes from other worlds could come to support them.

She reappears in chapter 1 when Lauratt and Rigeo meet Magatsu, surprising the three of them. A fade to black occurs before she starts explaining the situation.

She appears again in chapter 2, surprising the party of Hakunen, Kazuya, Lampas, and Dream Fox. She introduces herself, and is surprised that Kazuya can apparently use magic again (letting slip her identity as Daji). She explains once again the situation to the group, which accepts it after asking a few more question.

She reappears once more in chapter 3 to Lest and Tarsa's surprise, and lampshade that she's tired of repeating the same story over and over again. She repeats the story to the duo, and remarks that the reason Tarsa was brought in is likely because she accompanied Novissa, who himself is one of the Seven Heroes. She then leave even as they have more question.

The White Rabbit reappears in chapter 4 after Daimyokai saved Lars and Rovissa from a large group of nightmares and ends up in one of her trap. She once again explains the situation for one last time.

She appears one more time in chapter 10 to tell everyone that the gate can be destroyed thanks to the Proof of Collaboration, and that they must wake up her local her stuck in a small locale. After Rovissa comes up with a plan, she once again repeats that nothing is her fault before leaving.

Her next reappearance is in the chapter 12, where Daji gets finally exposed as the heroes don't get in the locale after Kazuya warn them.

Once Luka has recruited every member of the Alliance, Daji reveals in the council that follows that the White Rabbit was already weakened even before Est played with her. The kitsune then explain that when she went into her mind (which was made complicated as the White Rabbit, as a concept, has an unusual structure), she met a strange monster who called herself the Apiro Lagos. After greeting her, she tells Daji that the latter apparently shares her world with the "father of chaos", and tell her to pass him the message to find "the third way" to either the judge or the worldbreaker and to connect his route to hers.

Daji then tells that everybody already knows what happened afterward, referring to her own antics as the White Rabbit. Luka and the heroine answer that they don't understand everything, but start wondering if the White Rabbit can be affected by chaos.


  • Death Claw Dance (Sphinx Lv8)


  • The scope of her power and her end goals aren't exactly clear. When she gets killed by Ilias, she instantly respawns, but she can't deal directly with the root cause of the issue and does not intervene with the Lilith Sisters or the New Seraphim.
  • She tried to eliminate Nero and Neris as they're not part of the true history, but didn't attempt to deal with the groups from the other worlds.
  • The dialog in the Upcoming Event part implies that New Game+ is canon and hints at the presence of a golden ending for part 3.
  • No link between the drug present at the end of the original trilogy and her has been established.


  • Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, again, had the character White Rabbit lead Alice unwittingly into Wonderland.
  • RJ026617 is the dlsite ID of Succubus Quest, the game from which Lars and Rovissa come.
  • Her fight against Est in the prologue of the Collaboration Scenario is the only time where we see the White Rabbit fighting. We learn that she's normally immune to pleasure and uses a powerful physical attack, but as both skills end up being made moot by the unusual nature of her opponent, her power level is still extremely ambiguous.
  • White Rabbit's ability to be in any place at any time as well as her capacity to come back completely unharmed after suffering an otherwise fatal blow have a remarkable similarity with the character Schrödinger from the manga/anime Hellsing, who was capable of identical feats.