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Apiro Lagos (アピロ・ラゴス, Apiro Ragosu) is one of the Apostles of Chaos in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG and a being found within the White Rabbit’s mind whose identity or purpose are unknown. Though they resemble the White Rabbit in appearance, they claim to not be her.


Apiro Lagos first appears near the end of the Collaboration Scenario's post-game. After entering the White Rabbit's mind and exploring its contents, Daji is contacted by a mysterious being with a similar appearance to the White Rabbit who claims that they do not yet exist, though since Daji came to observe them, they were temporarily defined as an existence, whose defined name was "Apiro Lagos".

Apiro Lagos then asks for Daji to deliver a particular message: "Search for the third way". They state that the Father of Chaos should be found there, and requests Daji to build a history that connects to them. Daji replies that she has not heard of anyone called Father of Chaos, to which Apiro Lagos responds that the message should then be relayed to the Destroyer or the Judger.

Afterwards, Apiro Lagos reveals themselves to be one of the Apostles of Chaos, alongside four other familiar figures. Apiro Lagos states that they, the apostles, are waiting in the gaps between history for the coming of someone or something, whose identity or nature is not revealed.


  • Apiro Lagos means ‘Infinity Rabbit’ in Greek.
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