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Main Universe
Shirohebi-sama Dryad →
Level: 55
HP (Normal): 17000
Experience: 170000
Skills: Confusing Pollen Handjob, Paralyzing Sap Blowjob, Ecstasy Sap Tit Fuck, Seduction Pollen Hair, Hell Tentacle
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Yukimura Shinji

Walraune is a monster encountered in the Plansect Forest. After being brainwashed by Tsukuyomi, she becomes aggressive and preys on other plant and insect monsters.

Monsterpedia Entry

"Originally a peace loving Alraune, her personality turned cruel and greedy after she was brainwashed. Just like Queen Alraune, she suddenly changed and attacked Plansect Forest. She seems to have captured numerous plant and insect monsters, and sucked on their nutrients.

Also loving human semen, she will gladly take any chance she can get to treat herself on their fluids. She will mercilessly extract their semen with her petals, until they are left withered. Many men have happily fainted from exhaustion while watering her with their semen.”


Confusing Pollen Handjob: Attack which damages and triggers confusion.

Paralyzing Sap Blowjob: Attack which damages and triggers paralysis.

Ecstasy Sap Tit Fuck: Attack which damages and triggers trance.

Seduction Pollen Hair: Attack which damages and triggers temptation.

Hell Tentacle: Normal attack.

Battle Overview

Walraune has a sheer number of status ailment attacks, so Sylph is mandatory in evading them all. Otherwise, attack, and use Alice's Word of Dispel for Omega Blaze.

If Luka loses, Walraune traps him in her petals and sucks on him endlessly.


“Why is she called Walraune? Because she’s a bad (warui) Alraune. What horrible naming sense… She’s a powerful enemy, who has numerous status effect attacks. You can avoid most of them with Sylph. Since her HP is low, protecting yourself from status effects and launching a full offensive is the way to go. Also, since she is a plant, she is weak to fire. I’m sure it would be fun to burn her to ashes. Now go, oh brave Luka. No matter what kind of Alraune it is, destroy them with your sword.”


  • Her name is a combination of “Warui” and “Alraune”. Warui translates to “Bad” in Japanese, thus her name means “Bad Alraune”. Ilias explains it to Luka (and player) in the start of the Evaluation.
  • Walraune is one of two monsters with the most amount of Status Ailments attacks, the other being Queen Elf.
  • The Walraune is one of the two monsters who can inflict Confusion, the other being Iron Maiden.