Vampire Castle is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


On a small island to the right of the Hellgondo Continent, this ancient castle stands. Vampires stalk anyone who dare step foot inside this castle, among other powerful vampires like Conquista and Vendetta also roam about. If one is unlucky, an Elder Vampire looking for a meal with quickly sate their thirst upon you. The basement is where prisoners are kept, and it is also where Carmilla's coffin lies. If one somehow makes it to the second floor, there is a powerful magical barrier that prevents non-vampires from passing through, teleporting them backward should one try to force their way through. However, it is said that a Vampire's Tears will allow one entry. Past this barrier, Elizabeth stands guard, not allowing a single intruder past her. Should one force her back, Queen Vampire herself awaits beyond.



Chaos Robe

Vampire Slayer Talisman Small Medal


Pitch Black Fragment Stone

Mysterious Earrings

Secret Lightning Tome

Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone

12000 Gold


Grimoire Page Behemoth Claws Shock Guard


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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