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Main Universe
Chimera Dryad Vore Behemoth →
Level: 56
HP (Normal): 9000
Experience: 110000
Skills: Vampire Bust, Semen Drain, Bloodsucking, Dress Binding, Dress Drain, Eyes of Obedience
Area: Hellgondo
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Masha

The Vampire is a famous blood-sucking monster that is native to Hellgondo, but is also known to appear in Gold Region to feast on humans. A major step up from Vampire Girl, the Vampire nourishes on both semen and blood; she is definitely not a monster to be trifled with.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A high-level Vampire who wields powerful magic who resupplies her own energy through human semen and blood. She usually resides in the northern continent, but is known to travel south and attack the Gold Region when she gets hungry. When she goes south, nearly 100 humans end up attacked by her. If she attacks a female, she sucks their blood and makes them her servant. If it’s a man, she rapes him as she sucks out his blood. In addition, her mantle is an extension of her body, able to squeeze out and absorb semen.

With no human soldier able to stand against her, she’s treated almost as a natural disaster. When the Vampire appears, the nearby humans can only pray to Ilias until she’s finished.”


Vampire Bust: Normal attack.

Semen Drain: Normal attack with drain properties.

Bloodsucking: Attack with drain properties which leads to a one hit KO following Eyes of Obedience.

*Dress Binding: Triggers bind status. Leads to Dress Drain on the next turn.

Dress Drain: Binded attack with drain properties.

Eyes of Obedience: Status attack that triggers Surrender and leads to Bloodsucking.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

A huge step-up from Vampire Girl, she possesses numerous drain properties and a one hit KO attack. Gnome can help lower her damage while Sylph can avoid her Eyes of Obedience which causes Luka to surrender and masturbate. Otherwise, bum rush with Salamander and Death Sword Chaos Star.

If Luka loses, she’ll suck both his blood and semen using her fangs and pussy, respectively, draining him dry.


“As soon as you saw that Vampire, you got excited at the thought of her sucking your blood. That's why you're on this journey after all, isn't it? If that wasn't right, then you wouldn't have appeared before me like this. Ahh... Why have you forgotten your mission... The Vampire is a powerful enemy, with lots of special skills. Her most dangerous skill is her eyes of obedience... Without Sylph, you'll easily be taken down. In addition, Gnome will help you escape from her binding move. You'll want to summon both Sylph and Gnome to fight safely. Now go, oh brave Luka. Exterminate that wicked monster known as a Vampire.”


  • In her H-Scene, Luka’s hair is brown instead of purplish.