Ustrel, or Lemon as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monsterpedia Entry

“A Scylla whose lower body tentacles have been transformed by cutting-edge magic techniques. Each of her tentacles has become a mouth capable of performing a strong biting attack. In addition, they can stretch out their tongues, giving her lower body a wide variety of abilities.

The magic tentacles of her lower body can also be used as squeezing organs by latching onto a man’s penis and sucking it. The tongue inside the mouth moves so that it twines around in addition to the undulating feeling, causing her prey to climax in succession many times. Ustrel only thinks of human men as a food source, and will mercilessly squeeze out their semen until they are exhausted. She is a very dangerous monster despite her soft appearance.”


  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Double Bite-Physical Attack, One Enemy, Hit Rate:70%, Two Attacks
  • Crotch Lapping (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Crotch Lapping (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Female
  • Soul Sucking Tentacles (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female, Drains HP
  • Tentacle Restraint-Physical Attack with Bind, Target: Luka, Two Turns Break
  • Soul Sucking Tentacles (M)-Rape, Drains HP


She isn’t very hard. She has some powerful draining attacks but not much else. Ustrel’s restraint attack works like a normal one. Just struggle until you get out. As for elements, just use Lightning-based attacks and she’ll go down quickly.


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