The blog i created before on that same question were deleted because of the fact that it's said in the policy that i cannot post Hentai images, or link to some.

For the guys who saw it, well, you have an example now, for the others, you can only imagine what it would do.

So, I fell on a picture , an animated version of the mantis girl scene, which were pretty nicely done, and i thought at what it would do on the others scenes, turned to animated scenes.

I am so thinking at sending to toro toro a message, as a fan base, in order to have animated scenes in the MGQ paradox.

Of course, i am not talking about replacing the static scenes, but adding a switch, or something like it, in order to add animated pictures in the game, for that, we of course need to show that a lot of people would like to see that, and i am so going to create two survey here, one for the "is it a good idea to put animated scenes?" and one "do you think we should send a message to toro toro to have those animated scenes?" at the bottom of this message.

I can't put any pictures or link because of the policy, so if you want to find the animated version of the mantis girl scene, you will have to find it youreself. (You can find the picture in rule 34 with the mon-musu-quest! tag, 3rd page)

And to finish with, i am, of course, up for adding animated scenes to MGQ paradox .

Here are the two survey :

Do you think animated scenes is a good idea for MGQ?

The poll was created at 19:41 on October 3, 2014, and so far 211 people voted.
Do you think we should ask toro toro to add animated scenes?

The poll was created at 19:41 on October 3, 2014, and so far 191 people voted.

And don't forget to add a comment if you wanna debate about it ^^ .

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