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After going to check the MGQ NG+ full patch blog, i have understood several thing :

One, i should update what i am doing more often in order to have people KNOW the patch does evolve, and in order to get feedback while i work as well. This is by far better than going silent for 6 months and then releasing an update. That's one error i made, and i do plan on changing that. The only question is if it would be better to update directly on the MGQ wiki, or on a dedicated to MGQ : SML blog.

Two, i need to know if you guys prefer to keep going with the current system, which have me work on one BIG part for several months (after the previous three releases, i can say that it normaly takes between two to six months


to have faster releases, i would simply create another download which would simply be the nscript.dat + the new images. Less to download but also less to play on a single time, there would however be faster update releases. I would put the update rate, knowing myself and how much i do have to code in order to write something decent down, around half a month to one month, maybe two for the biggest updates.

Note that no matter how it happens, the quality of the content WOULD STAY THE SAME, i would just update more often; But each update would be quick to go through.

So, what would you prefer, simply check the boxes and after let's say, one to two weeks, i'll take what you guys prefer into account and will or continue with what's happening right now, or change to your preference :