0.8.0 patch, which updated the tricks & baddies route was released into the wilds a few days ago. And while i am on the making of the bug free patch, which will also add shit ton of content thank to bugs locking out entire parts of the story which were already written down, AND the fact that imma add in the tricks & baddies ending as a token of excuse for the late release.


There are two last routes to make before we can finally get working on the main path, and they are as follow :

- The fear her path. Known as the path in which you discover from the beginning who the beast is, it will ultimately allow players to know more personally the beast itself, and understand why it is behaving as it is and what it truly is. It is also the only route which will have reputation/love/pervert points with the beast itself. Due to it's nature, this path might not have that much fighting into it.

- The calm before the storm path. Known as the path where everything is doing fine, it stopped right at the point where everything was basically about to go to complete crap. As such, this update will be EXACTLY THAT. It will ultimately allow to learn more about the monster and human specie in the world of Nechauria and maybe even touch Ilias more than the other paths. Due to it's going to pure raw crazy bonker nature, this path would have decent fighting into it.

I myself am inspired equally for both routes, and can werk on any you people would like. So remember 'em, look up at 'em descriptions and vote down. The one with the highest vote once i'll start working will be the selected one for the update, the other one becoming the last path to be updated before the main path.

SO START VOTING JOHNNY. (And yes, there are reason why main path is coming last, mainly because it will branch out in the other paths often depending on choices made.)

What path should be updated next? (3rd one's a troll.)

The poll was created at 05:21 on June 16, 2017, and so far 14 people voted.
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