Zepekinio25 Zepekinio25 13 July 2018

MGQ : SML , is it worth playing in the end?

We boys, are nearing the end of my full patch. After the latest update, being the one, a good 90% of the game was completed :

- The introduction was reworked, fixed, and released entirely once more.

- The tricks & baddies, Fear her and Calm before the storm paths are completed. They only lack their ending, which will then lead to one of the final endings based on the player's decisions.

- The main path, after having been reworked, now only lacks the rest of the Lullaby. After that, only the ending, which is linked to the final ending update, will be left to do.

Which then, lead me to the one final question i am asking myself : Is the game worth going through? Or not, and if so, for what reasons? Dat is the question i ask of you now that we…

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Zepekinio25 Zepekinio25 16 June 2017

MGQ : SML next route update poll


0.8.0 patch, which updated the tricks & baddies route was released into the wilds a few days ago. And while i am on the making of the bug free patch, which will also add shit ton of content thank to bugs locking out entire parts of the story which were already written down, AND the fact that imma add in the tricks & baddies ending as a token of excuse for the late release.


There are two last routes to make before we can finally get working on the main path, and they are as follow :

- The fear her path. Known as the path in which you discover from the beginning who the beast is, it will ultimately allow players to know more personally the beast itself, and …

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Zepekinio25 Zepekinio25 16 April 2017

Patatetron final decision.

So, it's been four days, and i think i got enough votes and general data (viewson the blog post about it, view on the post that followed it Which was about a game update too, comparison to the rest of the blog posts, etc..) And i can officially say that yeah that idea was not taken too too too well. Which is normal, i ONCE AGAIN, went too fast.

Mama always said i was going fast, and today well i know why.

So here is the final decision, i answered on the 3rd dev update, on the first part of it. Second part being about my drawing skills and how i see my evolution.

For those lazy to read through the entire explanation :

I am NOT going to open a Patreon untill i am able to do the following/did the following :

- Finished entirely MGQ : SML (chapter 1…

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Zepekinio25 Zepekinio25 12 April 2017

Patretron. Paaaaaaaaaaaatretron. Pratretron.

I can't delete that thingy like i thought i could be. If it can be deleted, then it'll be great! I leave that to an admin that could came upon that. I no longer watch wass going on in this page so, no need to vote anymore! The final decision was made.The final decision was made.

Alriiiiiiiiight if you are here you or saw the second developper update on the MGQ : SML blog, or fall on this like dat. In any cases, here is the link to the update to understand why even though i first said no, i'm doing it now

--> Deadvlopper update 2

As for the Patreon, i seem to have the right to publish a preview without launching it, so have a look around to know whatsup (W.I.P of course) --> Patretron 

In time all of that will have banners, descriptions, etc..


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Zepekinio25 Zepekinio25 14 March 2017

Insanity? Ambition? Legit choice or pure stupidity?



As you all know, i am getting tired of the MGQ engine and want to jump on something else by the time i finish chapter 1, and continue that project there.

Now, i talked about MGQ paradox and the RPG maker before, but there is a lot of things out there, and i am actually training on one of them, as well as training at being able to make a bit of everything, from music to drawing digitally and.. more  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

But i want you guys to do, is tell me what you would LOVE to see, and what you think would be best to do. Now, there is a big difference between the two.

By what i love, i mean that if we ignore all the bad sides this could have (long ass production time, possibility of going badly, e…

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