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Today my brothers and.. uh (sisters?) i'm affraid i'm the bringer of sad news..

i'm sad to report that our friend Sukubei Nyaa and her sister site of the same domain nyaa torrents (for the sfw content) has dieded.

Now for the people who didn't know the site or simply don't give a fuck, let me enlighten you. Sukubei is the piratebay/kickass torrents (<--- Ilias rest his soul) site for the hentai lovers.

for years people could come to this site and download eroge/hentai and all other sorts of goodies from Japan without having to download 20 separate rar parts for one game (i'm looking at you animesharing).

But alas, the saying is true that no good things can last forever and boy let me tell you that those days were some good days.. i mean i came buckets thanks to this site without having to pay a single penny.

Now i know a lot of people are against pirating stuff and i really respect that opinion but since this is a time for grieving let us set aside that argument for now.

according to the rumors going around, the site owner "voluntarily" took down the website. meaning he probably got targeted by some Japanese Gaijin Hunter Division who happen to stumble across the website and found out that the white devils were illegally downloading their waifus and tentacle porn.

so now people are searching for alternatives and i did some searching myself and found out that the alternatives are also currently down. apparently there is a witch hunt going around.

the only site so far that seems to be still working is also a dear site to me called animesharing. but like i stated above they somehow have a phobia against torrents and rely on sites like rapidgator that force you to download 7 parts of a file only to find out that link number 6 is down after downloading for 9 hours.

but since its free and illegal i shouldn't complain my apologies.

NOTE: btw i did buy all the parts of Monster Girl Quest and Paradox just putting it out there. and if i like a game i also buy it but sometimes stuff i hard to come by when you're European.

well then with that disclaimer cleared let us now gather and cry and most importantly remember the good times we had.

Feel free to leave your condolences/death threats in the comment section.

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