MGQ Dinner and Lunch how to play again in Internet explorer and Firefox browser

Hi guys,

I just discovered a fix for all the vore lovers who are interested in MGQ Dinner and Lunch games on Dargoth's site.

Seems the problem was indeed flash since it dieded and chrome switched to HTML5 ( <----- if im correct) players would recieve a black screen if they try to play it in any browser and nothing would happen.

But by the grace of our Goddess and savour Ilias-sama it seems that there is still hope because a kind stranger found a fix for this and it works for all browser EXCEPT for Chrome.

if you follow the steps below it should work again in Internet explorer 11 or Firefox:

  1. open the game by clicking on the index file
  2. next you will get the cursed black screen
  3. right click on the black screen and click on global settings 
  4. go to advanced tab
  5.  click on trusted location settings
  6. you now have to option of adding a file or folder to the trusted location click on add folder
  7. add the folders for lunch and dinner
  8. close/refresh the browser and it should work again

i have tested this and can confirm that everything works again.

Note: i simply saw this on the forums i'm not the one who figured this out, credit goes to a unnamed anon.

if Chrome is your default browser you might want to change the default programs for opening .html and .htm files to either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Well then, grab your forks and dicks gentlemen it's time for dinner!

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