Zaphod-sama Zaphod-sama 10 May 2017

RIP Sukubei Nyaa Torrents

sweet dreams my prince...

Sukubei Nyaa torrents:

Today my brothers and.. uh (sisters?) i'm affraid i'm the bringer of sad news..

i'm sad to report that our friend Sukubei Nyaa and her sister site of the same domain nyaa torrents (for the sfw content) has dieded.

Now for the people who didn't know the site or simply don't give a fuck, let me enlighten you. Sukubei is the piratebay/kickass torrents (

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Zaphod-sama Zaphod-sama 17 March 2017

MGQ Dinner and Lunch how to play again fix

Hi guys,

I just discovered a fix for all the vore lovers who are interested in MGQ Dinner and Lunch games on Dargoth's site.

Seems the problem was indeed flash since it dieded and chrome switched to HTML5 (

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Zaphod-sama Zaphod-sama 17 September 2016

Translation software

Yo Guys,

It's been a while but i have returned with a new and more powerful computer.

Which brings me to the following:

I was installing and copying everything back when i notices that my ATLAS and Translate aggregator*ITH stopped working.

Apparently Fujitsu has completely stopped with this translation software and know i can't play my Eroge with "subbes" anymore. Even though the translation was pretty shitty, it was understandable so do you guys perhaps know some good and easy to install alternatives perhaps?

Would appreciate the help, like i said it doesn't have to be a perfect translator since i used ATLAS but yeah any good alternative would be great and if there is a manual with it that would be perfect.


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Zaphod-sama Zaphod-sama 8 July 2015

Proper coverage of Monster Girl Quest Let's Plays on Youtube

So... ive been watching and subscribed to Viceroy's channel  for about a year or two maybe? and currently am subscribed to his new account aka HotGayDad (

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Zaphod-sama Zaphod-sama 30 January 2015

Xenophobic japanese game companies

So i was reading some forums about random games and was baffled about the things i found in the comment section.

apparently there are some japanese companies that include 'locks' on their games to prevent westerners or non japanese people in general to play their games. For example there was a RPG game which name i forgot that included puzzles that were nearly impossible to solve for foreigners unless you were quite knowledgeable about the japanese language.

My first reaction to this was that i lolled quite hard because is simply doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you be Xenophobic or racist but still decide to be a media designer in this case a game developer? i mean surely they would have known that their games wouldn't just spread ou…

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