Okay, first off...BOOM!  Ten achievement points!  Right on the board!

Now that's out of the way, I reckon it's time I offer something of substance regarding the Granberia scenario.  I'm surprised how fast five or six months of just sitting on my hands just flew by.  But make no mistake, it's gonna happen.

What's the premise?  Granberia soundly whooped Luka's but in the Monster Lord's Castle and he's living the American dream of being Granberia's boy toy. But all that gets turned on its head when Granberia finds out Luka passed the Dragon Seal Trial (because hey, how come she DIDN'T notice that in her two last rape scenes?).  Also, what the hell did happen to Sara?  I got my theories, and you'll find out soon enough.

Now how many rape scenes of Granberia goodness are we looking at?  Five of 'em.  Yep.  Five.  All with their own distinct CG.  I don't wanna give away what's in store.  But I can tell you, one of 'em has some custom CG that I pulled some strings to borrow.  Another is one futa, somewhat contractually-obligated in response to the previous scene.  If that ain't your thing, don't worry.  Ilias and the Director will give you a heads up before you dive in.  But trust me, if I didn't play ball, you'd have to settle for some godawful CG I photoshopped.  And Granberia and y'all deserve better.  So I regret nothing.

The minotauros scenario was sort of my way of testing my hand at writing rape scenes.  So you can expect them to be in the same sort of style (though not necessairly the same fetishes).  And oh yes, there will be kinky interspecies lesbian monster sex before it's over.

I'm about 80% done, give or take.  But the sudden addition of an obligated futa scene's gonna set me back.  But still a price worth paying.  But if I ain't done by the end of January, send one of the Canaan Sisters after me.  Wish me luck!

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