Less of a blog and more of an announcement detailing actions on a certain page detailing Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

I believe the main problem in this instance is that people are confusing influences with physical links, although MGE is definitely an influence on this game, the game is not an actual extension of the MGU universe, the two are not interchangeable but Kenko's own game will be a direct extension of his own universe.

When items like this get their own page, things can get muddled. The best way to think is that as an MGQ wiki, any page should be at least mostly about the game, people come here to read content about the game. The original page seemed to be a bit of an advertisement with just a passing reference to the game, however, at least on the artist page it works as a great aside where the information is not only relevant but keeps page it is on mostly related to MGQ.

As such, the information on the original page is also worth documenting, thus why it has been moved to the Kenko Cross page, where it is a welcome addition to expand on the article and offer a more in-depth look at Cross' work. Think of it as merely reorganising the information to tidy it up.

In regards to Rogue's work (if anyone is going to throw that in as an example in their favour), although not officially part of MGQ's development, is still a deriative of the original content as a source of the engish translation.

The same goes for NG+ and any other mods or side stories, they are fan works but are deriatives of MGQ and work as spin-offs, being part of the game that can be played.

Many thanks,

Unfortunate Mermaid 11:16, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

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