It seems that with chapter 2 been translated and chapter 3 in the works, a little interest has peaked in the extras that we ourselves can add. Mods, side stories, Monster Lab, whatever you call it there have been some additional elements of content added with Rogue currently taking submissions to add into his later patches and some third parties releasing their own extra content.

Whether it will catch on in the west is quite the question, although you could imagine that we could have a tougher time for original art as I'm not too sure what our links are like in hiring artists or doing the art ourselves.

That said, getting the mods (or failing that, the interest in them) on the go would be a good start and seeing that a few fan renditions like Ika Musume have surfaced, it would be interesting to see if other similar projects arose, here's what is essentially a small wish-list of my own, if you will;

The Mahoroba: La Blue Girl Returns

Insects <3 But in all seriousness I actually found the Mahoroba in La Blue Girl Returns to be quite neat, a fair amount of abilities along with a few different types could lead to some good battle/story sets, mind controlling tentacles, arousing powder, poison and energy draining make for part of a decent movelist, definitely butterfly girls you don't want to take too lightly.

Cell Girl: Bi-Nyo
Cell girl

Blast you rule 63! Actually, this one is pretty cute and could have some use in battles, fans of Alma Elma's first battle might also like this, in fact I'm pretty sure you could just rip the first battle and replace any Alma Reference with Cell Girl. I guess the only thing that people wouldn't be too keen on is the potential vore and penetration from behind. All the same, there's a lot that could be done with this one.

Alien Queen: Nezumi
Alien queen

I'm not the hugest fan of the artist in general, but Nezumi's rendition of the Alien Queen seemed pretty tame in comparison. There's a lot in there for femdom fans, cocooning, facecockhuggers, and generally anything that usually follows losing in MGQ. I have a feeling she would fit in quite well...

You never know what could happen in the future, with the Monster Lab still being a relatively new thing with the English translation there's only a few people making them and translations of the Japanese work is gradual but making appearances around the internets. Given time and with the enthusiasm spread around there's a small chance that mods could be big thing.

How about you? Anything you'd like seen given the Moster Lab treatment? Why not slap it down in the comments section?

Unfortunate Mermaid 00:05, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

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