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    Hello again MGQers,

    So the deal is Paradox, it's on it's way and we need to be prepared a little bit. When part 3 came out we editors were on a bit more regularly and we managed to come up with a way of dealing with the new information, and trust me, there is always a huge amount of information to deal with and a serious wave of uploads. As the admins are a bit more quiet now, help from you all would be appreciated, as is your feedback.

    This time, however we have a dirrerent situation for a few reasons:

    -For one this isn't an extension of the same universe, so information in this new game won't pertain to the original games, that's including monsters and locations.

    -Secondly, there are multiple instances of the same "type" of monster and will …

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    After being a bit of a Negative Nancy as of late and not being massively active, I feel I should try to put a positive spin on things, it's easy to get ratty and even easier to forget taking a step back and seeing what everyone put together.

    Once upon a time the wiki was a baren land with only Juni as it's guardian, but slowly we gathered, we started to get an idea how to make the pages look, how to word them and welcoming the new members who found this gem of an h-game and wanted to help document it. When I signed up we just had the bare bones of a few monster pages and now we have over 350 articles on the side stories, books, locations, items, programming know-how and of course those lovely (for the most part) ladies.

    Back then we had no i…

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    So, I have been thinking for a few weeks if this project was doable, worth doing, if it had merit and eventually though it would be a fun thing to work on over next year.

    I'm not sure if many of you have played or even heard of the game called Munchkin , it's a card game which runs a little like Dungeons and Dragons, you face monsters, get treasure, wear armour and all that fantasy stuff. My current housemates got me into it over the last months and it's actually quite addictive. The aim of the game is to get to level 10 by fighting monsters, selling loot and other ways, but your "friends" can also throw monsters, curses, challenges or dodgy deals to stop you.

    Now, the guys who make the game also make blank cards so you can effectively make …

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    Gawd, we seem to be talking about ourselves on the wiki a tad, so I may as well join in as this summer is a big one to concentrate on.

    As some of you know, I'm a fashion photography student. Essentially I'm entering my second year in university, but as we have placements coming up I also need a fashion portfolio to cater for the establishments I'm trying to work with.

    This means that a lot of this summer is dedicated to organising shoots which takes up a fair bit of time as I have to organise make-up artists, models and booking studio time or locations which means less time on developing stuff on the wiki.

    That said, the ball is already rolling, I'm running some photography workshops for young people for a few weeks, I've also just been poste…

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    So, Chapter 3 of MGQ is out, the translations are underway, Rogue has claimed this as his last project and it seems everything is coasting onto a tidy little end.

    Not quite though, it seems Toro has some other aces up their sleeve, first being the mods development which seems to be going strong.

    Those of you looking at the official site will see some new information up about an as-of-yet untitled game featuring some images, one of which may look a little familiar. Of course, this doesn't guarantee a new game as Torotoro are known for other kinds of material, but this alongside the company looking at hiring some staff for what seems to be an rpg style game 

    Other projects alongide MGQ are Toro's Doujinshi project that has also recently seen th…

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