Hey guys, while I was working on some project, I happened to run across H-doom, and from what I gather, he is going to make a small-mid project along side his own project, I'll post some images here if you are interested.

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Gameplay photo.

Tumblr om0o4p9exh1tlb4xko1 400

Enemies sprites so far.

Tumblr om61jtoij51tlb4xko1 250

Imp's movement.

Tumblr om61jtoij51tlb4xko2 250

Imp on Luka.

Now as of now the game is no way near completed, this is just to spark a interests for those that love MGQ and want to see him complete his project. I'll post a link here so you can learn more. And also check out his offical H-Doom game too.

Tumblr onetijJCaR1tlb4xko2 250

Ilias Village location.

Tumblr onetijJCaR1tlb4xko3 540

Luka's House

Tumblr onetijJCaR1tlb4xko4 250

Ilias Village's bridge

Tumblr onetijJCaR1tlb4xko5 r1 540

Ilias Village's field

Tumblr onetijJCaR1tlb4xko1 250

Ilias Village's trial

Just want to let you know that H-Doom has added more monster girls that is familiar to the game like harpy, slime girl, and kitsune. H-Doom has also made a patreon page if you want to see more images:


Forest Area w/ Slime Girls

Good news people, the demo is out, it is super early as it contains 5 monsters, a demo map, and a battle system, the link to the demo is in his patreon page.

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