Pokemon: Sandy Shoals

Work is progressing, right now I am thinking about what starter pokemon will be offered, and how they will be given. Right now, its most likely going to be a choice between seviper and zangoose. It will be a hack of Ruby version, and will feature most, if not all the pokemon from the three first generations. Im also working on the cover screen, right now the pokemon on the front will probably be Kingler.

Pokemon: Aftermath

Going to be worked on after ss is done, but it will be set after a war had taken place, ravaging most of the land. Not much info to give out just yet.

Granberia side story

No name just yet. Im working on getting the images and planning out what exactly will happen with the story. Seems easier than I first thought.

Marco's Travels 2

Probably gonna work on it soon. The creator hasn't gone anywhere with it, so I might as well run with it for a little while, see what I can do.

SubDex (talk) 17:36, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

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