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  • Shadowblade777

    Fanfic: Demonic Origins

    September 21, 2015 by Shadowblade777

    The original Demon Assassin, the Phantom, was a fable legend 500 years ago. Undoubtedly, Ilias removed all traces of her existence. But even so, the Phantom still had a grand tale...

    The sounds of a baby crying filled the Monster Lord's throne room. Several figures stood in the room as a motherly figure in the center was cradling her child. "Congratulations on your child, Your Majesty." one of the figures, a Kitsune, had said. "Teeheehee, she's quite beautiful isn't she, sister?" another figure, a big breasted succubus, said. "Why yes, she is. I'm quite excited to see the new era of Monster Lords prosper. Again, congratulations, Your Majesty." the taller, smaller breasted succubus said.

    "Thank you..." the Monster Lord said as she held her ch…

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  • Shadowblade777

    "*Pant pant pant*" A human male was fleeing from a band of monsters chasing him. "You won't get away! Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust: Gale!" one of the monsters armed with a sword shouted and made a sudden straight dash for the human. "Shamshir!" a monster flying overhead simultaneously fired a gust of wind at the human as well, but he moved to the side, barely managing to evade the attacks. "T-they're catching up...!" the human panicked as he darted away from the monster the slid past him.

    An animal monster appeared in front of the human and tried to tackle him, aiming her claws at his body, but he ducked and slid under her, once again narrowly evading their attacks. Suddenly, a puddle of liquid appeared and a slime girl emerged in front, t…

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  • Shadowblade777

    Fanfic: Demon's Dance

    September 9, 2014 by Shadowblade777

    "Hm, is this the place...?" A lone male human figure dressed in a sleek dark blue clothing with a feather and horn ornament on his head stood in front of the mountains within the Gold region. He began pressing his hands along the sides of the hill as if to feel something. Sure enough the wall eventually created a small ripple to his touch, decamouflaging into a magic barrier. "I found it... She said this was here for a thousand years? It must have dramatically weakened over time." the human muttered as an aura of darkness materialized in his right hand, forming two swords with their pommels fused together; a blade staff. He then slashed the barrier, cutting it into two before it dispersed.

    The human then walked into the cave. The cave was e…

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  • Shadowblade777

    This fanfic describes the backstory of Shadow the Demon Assassin, struggling with his past life and the inner power within him. I may plan to put up rape scenes, but I have very little intention to and will focus more on the action and story. All edits will be done on this one page.

    So, without further adieu:

    I am Shadow, a masterful Demon Assassin shaped to kill any target without regrets. I was raised and trained by the Heavenly Knight Tamamo, but before that the Ilias Kreuz tried to shape me up into their "perfect" monster hunter. They employed almost every trick in the book just to get recruits and murderers.

    I was born in a small village at the northernmost point in the Noah region. I didn't know what it was called or anything important …

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  • Shadowblade777

    Shadow (Assassin)

    September 15, 2013 by Shadowblade777

    Name: Shadow
    Age: 17
    Race: Human/Monster Hybrid (Unknown Monster species)
    Class: Demon Assassin
    Energy: Stamina, Darkness

    • Clothing:
      • Night Luna: A sleek, dark blue cloth overall with intricate designs, said to shimmer in the moonlight. Perfectly tailored for Shadow and light enough to move in freely, they are actually an extension of his inner darkness and are the only clothes he desires to wear.
      • Demon's Gaze: A silver horn-like accessory attached on top a dark blue feather ornament.
    • Weapon:
      • Demon's Curse: A Blade Staff that takes the appearance of two dark-red slender longswords with a demonic eye embedded in their centers and bat wings for a cross guard, covered by a unique aesthetic depending on its form, with the pommels permanently fused t…

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