I was thinking a lot , what do you guys think . I'm new in this wiki , but i follow this game for long time. After starting MGQ:Paradox I never watched some of spoiler ( except 1 )  so this is just my opinion about final boss of Paradox.

Here is my top 5 :

5. Alice I : Okay what I think about this is like . Hey she is locked in that seal for long time . We all know that Ilias deceived her in wars . Maybe Dark God's gonna be mad and unleash chaos ?

4. White Rabbit : This one is easy , she was involved in pretty much everything in Part 1 , and I feel like she haven't told us anything yet. I'm confused about her . What is her role in all of this?

3. Marcellus/Lucifina : Well we don't know much about Luka's parents , but I have some strange feeling that It could be one of them . Why they left Luka alone ? I think Marcellus has bigger chances of being a final boss than Lucifina , but who knows ... Maybe both of them's going to be ?

2. Reaper : If you look with original MGQ story logic , It could be Reaper. Why ? Well she is doing revival things in Paradox , and as i remember Ilias was reviving you in original MGQ . She knows Adramelech, she knows White Rabbit . Reaper being final boss wouldn't surprise me at all.

1 .Sonya : First when I started playing I was like ... " Who is her ? " . " Why is she here ? "  Sonya has a lot of chance to be final boss . I don't read spoilers and I don't play LB of chaos , but what made me think she is final boss is Nero conversation with Luka,Alice/Ilias and Sonya at the start . And then i saw that 2 Sonya's (boss) pictures out of nowhere , that's why I hate spoilers , but that just made me think much more of her being a final boss.

So that's my opinion , I would like to know what do you guys think . Who's gonna be final boss of Paradox?