Heya everyone,

recently, while browsing vndb, I discovered that MGQ has been fully "ported" to renpy.

VNDB Page Entry

Their port has been taken down, however after some googling I was able to find a workling download. (and I will not give you any working links as it contains converted game files -> would be considered piracy)

I haven't found any Wiki entries for it and as I'm too lazy to create one I wanted to start a small discussion here.

So here are my first impressions:


  • all three chapters have been transcribed
  • it's running on renpy which allows for some pretty nice improvements
  • code is fully modifyable
  • decently clean code formatting, also side stories have been ported -> easily extendable
  • would be great/easy to mod/add stories


  • because it contains game files it cannot be distributed as it is
  • images are formatted in .webp which my instance of renpy was unable to open (had to batch convert everything)
  • feels a bit wanky at times
  • the battle implementation is awefull (was unable to beat some enemies on hard (most if not all enemies should still be beatable, which they aren't in that one)
  • scrolling up does not give a log but actually goes back in game (also works in battles which can lead to some minor glitches)
  • GUI/Theme is a tad bit ugly... also broken because some fonts that can be chosen are not in the right/expected format.
  • there is no ctrl skip >.< (well skipping in general needs to be improved)
  • source images are not upscaled and renpy does a rather poor job of upscaling them

Overall I think it is quite usable (as most of the really tedious work has been done and everything that I would find interesting to tackle still needs to be done).

What I would like to do (if people are interested):

  • write some scripts that repackage/convert the original game files so that they are usable with the renpy code base (-> so that it should not be illegal to distribute it)
  • tweak the battle systemso that it works more like the original one
  • improve the GUI/themes (or at least implement the original GUI)
  • some miscellaneous tasks

There are only two issues that need to be sorted out:

1. are people interested

2. The source doesn't contain any license files, I do not speak russian and was so far unable to find out under which license they've published it. (will probably have to contact them). I will not distribute/work on the source without the authors permission.

Here are some images of the game running on renpy:

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