I told myself that I'd never make one of these things; plenty of excuses later, turns out I lied.

Hey there, OldSlashFriend here. Having just recovered from the snow-shoveling doldrums of work and fimbulwinter, I've been debating what to create next. I'll probably decide arbitrarily, being something of a tyrant - but hey, maybe you'd be willing to throw some thoughts my way?

I've got an idea for how I'd like to finish up the Chrome scenarios, though it looks increasingly as if it might conflict with the actual story of Part 3 - and I also I want to rip the new st_chrom for sure. Would people be interested in reading a story even if it turns out to depart wildly from established canon? Without spoilers - things I want to do/might place in it would be battles (if I can get over an irrational fear of them), copious h-content in what I would consider the good end to make up for my strange spidery writing style, and several branching endings. I've already played with that idea a bit, but shyed away because of wanting to guide the plot. Now, however...

Other things I've been tossing around are a revised tutorial scenario, a joke scenario focusing on Innsmouth Girl (sorry tentacle fans, she just has batrachian eyes and scaly hips), and possibly a few non-Monmusu scenarios; basically, monster girls from other settings and/or mythos. I was thinking of Jotun Girl, myself... though I don't know what her sprite would be, assuming I could find one.

Do you need music to get in a writing/working groove? I certainly do.

That'll be all from me for awhile. Till later!

OldSlashFriend (talk) 06:43, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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