Why hey there, friends!

Looks like the solstice rolls around once again - and you know what that means, right? Time to eat, drink, and be merry! Even if it isn't a holiday, do it and think of me, or country_name_here or even just because! Winter is here, but from here on out will only be waning and soon enough, it will be time to sow and admire another years harvest - to rise from the groggy stupor of yesteryear and think to ourselves... Hey when is Part 3 going to be out?

Jokes aside, I've heard some people say it is the end of the world - so in others words, just another day for someone. Keep your wits about you, celebrate and revel - and if by some odd chance they are right (whomever they are) {I vote that one guy, you know the guy}, why let it get you down? Wahahaha!*

Though I've only been part of the community proper for a relatively short time - it's been an honor and a pleasure to be here. I'm looking forward to many more edits, back n' forths, and random discussions. Until then - I've got festivities to attend to, and though I am by nature pretty reclusive, I'm planning to make an exception today.

All the best to you and yours!


- Old/Friend

  • and if on the off chance I owe you money, better next luck time!
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