More likely then you might think! I've got a question/request for those of you out there who are more skilled in code-fu then I am. I've been trying to store a variable when certain choices are made. How I would do this in NScripter proper is

selnum variable_courage, Go into the Spooky Haunted Mansion, Chicken out

Where each choice gets stored, the first as 1 and the second as 2. I can then call up variable_courage and call it up for later choices. Now, selnum doesn't seem to work in the ini file; is there a way to use variables in Monmusu? Am I doing it wrong? More than likely, but it'd be swell if someone could let me know. Better still would be something that functions as select

select Go into the Spooky Haunted Mansion,mansion,Chicken out,tommywiseaucheepcheep

But after going to [mansion] I could manually increment variable courage. I'm sure this is possible - but again, I simply do not know how. Help would be appreciated!

In other news, I've decided to just start working on Flowers of Coal - the last in the Chrome scenario line - even though Part 3 isn't really out yet. I won't go into why entirely, but I'd like to at least have the groundwork down so even if it isn't relased until Part 3 of Monmusu hits shelves near you I can get the writing inspiration out of my head and onto the metaphorical paper.

Stay frosty, fellas!

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