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    March 20, 2013 by OldSlashFriend

    Well, it's unfortunate as this post may also be a bit of a hiatus, but - I noticed there hadn't been some side stories for some time and I know that everyone is working hard, so... Behold! In order to celebrate the fact that - most places, sob - it's spring, I put together a little (and I do mean little, 'tis only about fifteen to twenty pages of text) side story for all you lovely people! Featuring a mermaid girl of the more classical school. Though, you know, since it's all in your mind, please feel free to imagine what you like most.

    So, what's all this about then?

    - A short story set well before MGQ! Play as a mermaid looking for a handsome prince!

    - Those who know Hans Christian Anderson will get double the laffs! Rest assured, there is …

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    Flowers of Coal

    February 21, 2013 by OldSlashFriend

    Hey, friends - As I am insanely tired, this'll be pretty short, but - I'm releasing a side story I've been working on for some time, Flowers of Coal! So what exactly is this?

    - A significant portion of main story goodness featuring that patented Old/Friend wordwall that... Uh... Well, it's there. I regret nothing!

    - Concluding unraveled threads to the previous stories, A Passion for Decay and A Rhetorical Rust - with some ties to other works, though rather loosely.

    - Set some time before Chapter 3. I thought long and hard about releasing it before hand and finally decided to do so for the reason that I feel pensive. Not apprehensive, just pensive.

    And what do you get out of it?

    - The main game only has one route, though with several branching e…

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    Hardy hearty feels!

    February 15, 2013 by OldSlashFriend

    Happy Late St. Valentine Decided to Give Some Romans Some Uneccessary and Painfully Invasive Laser Eye Surgery Day!

    I spent most of my valentine's day sick and coughing. Despite that it was pretty awesome because I also got work done on... Things. Things that may (hopefully) show themselves to you soon. But because I don't like tipping my hand until absolutely necessary, I instead wanted to give this to all of you, monsterfans. It's from someone very special - apparently she wanted to give it to you in person, but said something about 'infectious biohazard material'. Eh, w/e.

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  • OldSlashFriend

    This isn't going to see any meaningful explanation from me anytime soon(probably, maybe) and I am liable to disregard the results and implement an option arbitrarily, like a good autocrat, but:

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    Why hey there, friends!

    Looks like the solstice rolls around once again - and you know what that means, right? Time to eat, drink, and be merry! Even if it isn't a holiday, do it and think of me, or country_name_here or even just because! Winter is here, but from here on out will only be waning and soon enough, it will be time to sow and admire another years harvest - to rise from the groggy stupor of yesteryear and think to ourselves... Hey when is Part 3 going to be out?

    Jokes aside, I've heard some people say it is the end of the world - so in others words, just another day for someone. Keep your wits about you, celebrate and revel - and if by some odd chance they are right (whomever they are) {I vote that one guy, you know the guy}, why …

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