Solomon's Tale; The Aftermath.

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Note: Anything this story tells is purely End of Chapter 3 and Post-Chapter 3 Speculation.

The Story so far: Solomon, Seeker of Truth. Has loyally served Promestein for 2 years. After Ilias' assault on the world began, he continued to serve Promestein. However, one day, Promestein had given Solomon a final mission whilst she proceeded to betray Ilias with Black Alice, the 8th Monster Lord; To survive the assault and help evolve humanity like Promestein had dreamed. After defending his hometown from angels, he is now a wanted man. Solomon travels the world now, exploring the new world where coexistence is the norm, and trying to avoid being captured.

Chapter 1: Sabasa; Vampires and Mermaids in the desert?

I sat at the Mermaid Pub bar in Sabasa, drinking and chatting with the bartender. It felt nostalgic to spend time here. Back in Port Natalia this would still be my prime spot to relax and hang out in-between mercenary jobs. However, the time has changed. Not only are mercenaries in zero demand as countries no longer have major conflicts or much work for hire, but I can't even show my true abilities and skills without being hunted down.

"So, I hear you expanded the pub to another major city." I asked the bartender, a mermaid around my age.

"Of course!" She said with a smile. "We're now in Grand Noah and planning on a Mermaid Bar in Goldport." The idea of expanding all over the world was a dream the mermaids of Port Natalia had. Now that Queen Laura approved, they can finally accomplish that goal.

"I hope competition isn't bad," I said concerned. "I saw a Vampire Bar down the road."

She sighed before saying; "Yea, the Vampire Queen and the Sabasa King made an agreement, but it isn't too bad. At least we're not sucking your blood in-between drinks."

"Heh, well despite the gothic style, Mermaid Bar is too nostalgic with me, I could never choose otherwise." I said. "I was born and raised in Port Natalia."

She immediately smiled; "That's awesome to hear!" But our conversation was cut off by two vampires and three men entering the bar. We both looked at them as they looked around the bar, staring at the male customers, including myself. One finally spoke out;

"Look here sister," she had began, "tons of handsome guys that missed out on the Vampire Pub."

"Oh don't worry sister," the other began to spoke, "no one ever wishes to disappoint our Queen. Isn't that right boys?" She had asked the three men that followed them inside. They mostly nodded and gave quick, positive answers. This group was trying to steal customers directly.

"Hey you can't just walk in here and take our customers!" The bartender had shouted. The other mermaids agreeing. I stood and walked towards them. I held my disguised gun-staff at the ready.

"Oh, don't worry, they can stay if they want." the first vampire said. She was intrigued by me approaching her, as if she had caught the attention of a possible customer. "Why hello there handsome."

I smiled and held up my gun-staff, still disguised. "Would you ladies and your boy-toys kindly leave? You're interrupting a nice chat I was having."

"Oh we shall leave," the second one said. "but you and at least half of these men should follow."

"Yea, and you can't do anything about it." one of the men had said.

I shake my head. "Well that's your warning. So I guess I won't go without force."

The first vampire tried using her eyes to put me in a trance, but was shocked when it didn't work but attempted to hold me with her cloak. I quickly undisguised my gun-staff and smacked her with it before shooting her with a charged, electrical bolt that paralyzed her.

The second merely looked shocked as the three men were backing away slowly. She tried advancing at me, but was forced back by another charged shot. The three men were convinced I meant business and tried to run but were stopped by a pink haired vampire. They turned back and felt confident now.

"Carmilla's here now." One had said.

"He's toast," The other had said.

Carmilla walked towards the two Vampires, whom were both stiff from paralysis, and shook her head. "Who said you could attract customers here? Elizabeth ordered you to advertise the place around town without troubling the mermaids." she had said, angered by their disappointing attempt to draw in customers. She looked up at me as I disguised my weapon and immediately smiled. "Oh I know you! You're that cute, unbaptized man from that meeting!"

I put a finger to my lip and said; "Shh.. I've already drawn too much attention. Give the Queen my regards." I said and paid for my drink. Saying goodbye to the mermaids as well.

"Wait!" the bartender had shouted. "I didn't get your name."

I merely smiled and pointed to my wanted poster. "Same name as that guy." I said and turned around leaving the bar. Having explored Sabasa enough, I decided to head North to the Gold Region. However I stopped at a general store in town and got a strange book about the Hero Luka's adventure by an author named Amira. The store clerk mentioned a book signing in Succubus Village. I decided to have a read while traveling. But I wasn't quite finished in the Sabasa area. I decided to first see if an old partner of mine would be willing to talk things out. I decided instead to head South first.

Chapter 2: Hunted in Witch Hunt; Solomon vs Lucia The Rematch.

I had arrived at the village in the afternoon. All of Lily's experiments were walking and living free of any persecution and forced disguises. The village shouldn't be named 'Witch Hunt' anymore and all of the guards are just sitting around and hanging out. It felt nice to not be accused of witchcraft on the spot. But I should focus on finding Lucia. I went to the group of guards and decided to get information.

"Excuse me, is anyone by the name Lucia living here?" I asked.

"Lucia? Yea she's at the Lord's former mansion. It's quarantined because of dangerous chemicals that Lily used. You might want to wait outside the manor." He said.

"Don't worry, I'm an old colleague." I said and began walking towards the manor. "Thanks!" I had arrived at the manor. I ignored the 'Do not enter' signs and headed inside. As I arrived at a center room, Lucia turned and noticed me. Her expression wasn't darkened at all strangely enough.

"Solomon," she had said. "It's been a while. What are you doing here?"

I looked around the room. "It's only been a short while, I was just in the area and I thought I'd visit."

She smirked and walked towards a bookshelf. "So Promestein's gone now, what have you been up to?" She asked calmly. "No Drain Lab, No Remina laboratory, I haven't even read any signs of fast travel."

I didn't even answer, she knew I was coming. I just checked the tracking device on my goggles and found both mine and Lucia's signals were still up. "Why do you still have the means to track me?" I asked, slowly removing my disguise just in case.

"Solomon I'll be honest. I know you're going to carry out some crazed last wish of Promestein." She began to speak, revealing her tentacles. "I was asked by the Monster Lord to clean out dangerous chemicals from Lily's mansion. But when I was finished..." She looked at me and smiled. "I was told to track you down and make sure anything you're planning was stopped."

I readied my gunstaff. "Lucia, you do know what you're getting into. Why not just tell the Heavenly Knights then?" I asked curiously. If she could track me, then all four Heavenly Knights would be capable of finding me. "Or think you're enough for me alone?"

She licked her lips and stared at me. "You see, you really messed me up last time we fought." She said. "And since then, I've been craving some payback. And luckily for you, I'm also quite hungry from working all day."

Without any hesitation, I knew to retreat. "Zylphe!" I called and dodged her attempt to grab me with the artificial spirit of wind. I darted to the foyer of the manor and noticed the doors and windows were magically locked down. "Damn! She thought ahead this time." I looked around for a way out. My goggles then picked up an incoming threat and I jumped back as Lucia had attempted to grab me again using Zylphe this time.

"Hold still Solomon," Lucia had said. "Don't you wanna have some fun before I send you to the Heavenly Knights?"

I took aim at Lucia with my gunstaff. "Lucia, don't make me hurt you. Right now I'm just traveling." I said and switched to Gnomaren to prepare for any grab or attack.

"But what about later?" She said and began using her tentacles to try and pleasure me into talking. "Talk! I know Promestein gave you some mission. She trusted you with taking me down over La Croix and I knew she had you hide while angels and chimeras were assaulting the world."

I managed to withstand the attacks and shoot Lucia with a few electric pulse shots. Whilst she was flinching and blocking I drew my blade. "Gnomaren!" I called and used the Artificial Earth Spirit to empower my attack. "Piercing Upper!" I shouted and sliced upward with my sword, knocking Lucia down. Before she could react I grabbed the base of her tentacle arms with my earth-enhanced claws and tried pinning her down. She laid there struggling. "If you must know she asked me to live on pursuing knowledge." I answered. "And for the umpteenth time, keep your tentacles to yourself!" I shouted on instinct. Recalling the times Lucia would try to wrap me up when we were working.

Lucia merely looked at me and slowly stopped struggling. "So you're not trying to continue her goals and efforts?" She asked. "No experimenting? No reviving of the Seekers of Truth?"

"I can promise you, I am not trying to go at Promestein's unreasonable standards for her scientific research." I said. "I admit, she often went too far." I let Lucia go and backed away. "Especially when it came to that plan she had with Black Alice and that White Rabbit." I said.

Lucia merely looked at me and stood. "So you're still upset at Promestein's death?" She shook her head. "Then why not use her failure as a reminder and not make the same mistakes?" She asked.

"What?" I said looking confused.

"You can be so oblivious to the obvious sometimes." She said. "She meant that if she were to fail, you were supposed to continue your ambitions and learn from where she left off and not make the same mistakes."

I had never thought about it that way. I knew Promestein was always moving forward. But now that I think about it more, she had never looked backwards at what she achieved. She always discovered or created some ground-breaking success and just shrugged it off and started again. I guess being imprisioned and forced to do nothing but research and experiment for eons does that to you. The I remembered an important thing Promestein had said to me one time during my training and studying under her wing;

"Ah! It can be so frustrating. After all I achieve, when another problem is revealed after you've solved one. I want to solve everything and learn the truth! Will we ever truly finish the search for knowledge?"

I always just followed her and told her not to give up. But I guess I should have told her to stop and look back on her success. I looked down and thought about it. Lucia merely looked at me.

"Well Solomon, I'm sure you realize now what Promestein meant." She said. "So I suggest you surrender now and explain to the Monster Lord that you mean no threat to the world."

I heard what she said and laughed. "Surrender? What? So you can just wrap me up and have your way with me while they take their time coming here?" I jokingly said.

"Solomon, I'm serious." She said. "But if you put it that way, then yea just lay back and have fun before you're arrested. I haven't contacted them yet so you can stay a while."

I smiled, I know now that I'm going to continue my travels. I'm going to use Promestein's advice and move forward. And I know I won't make the same mistakes. I raised my blade and pointed it to Lucia. "Sorry," I had said. "but I'm not giving up. You want me, you're going to have to beat me."

Lucia merely sighed. "Well, win or lose you probably will know why I suggested that. But it would bring up old memories to rape you again." She said. "I always liked how you resisted when your body wanted more." I had twitched hearing that. I had a sick feeling but I didn't know she felt that way for sure. "But I think I can delay calling the Heavenly Knights and keep you for myself Solomon." She had lewdly suggested before calling out; "Gnomaren!" and raised all of her tentacles.

I sighed and held my blade. "Gigamander!" I shouted and imbued my blade with the power of fire. At this point, I decided to do a gamble. I felt my body performing this before, but the possible strain it could do would cost me the battle. I got into stance and waited for Lucia to move in close.

"Going to use your dash blade Solomon?" She said. "I know that won't work anymore." And ran towards me. I was definitely not able to withstand more of her attacks, so I had to finish this now.

She guessed wrong. I focused and spun the blade around, hitting Lucia. I span rapidly and managed to successfully mimic the technique. "Black Tyrant.....Wyvern Blade!" I shouted as the first and second floor of the room we were in was torn, and bombarded by a crimson cylcone. It was nothing like Hyde's potential, but it was definitely enough.

As I finished the technique, Lucia fell to the foyer. She was unconscious. I panted as I wobbled around the room. Both dizzy and exhausted. Hyde does that technique without any strain on the body easily. But I can't handle it as well. I know I won't do that again. I regained my composure and had to act fast. I used my goggles to scan the manor and locate my tracking device. I hacked and smashed at it so the Heavenly Knights can't use it and decided to leave. But before I could, Lucia slowly got up.

"Damn, you win again Solomon." She said as she stood up straight. She was too injured to fight. "You didn't have to take it that far, I just wanted to keep you as a lover and/or slave."

I smiled and walked to her slowly. I knew this might be a bad idea, but I didn't care as she did seem honest. I kissed her cheek and stepped back. "Thank you." I said. "Maybe when the heat's off I'll visit more." I said and warped away. Just before I had left however, Lucia's face was red and she seemed extremely happy.

I warped back to the Northern gate of Sabasa. I decided to continue my travels North. There was a mountain shortcut to the Gold Region. As long as I avoided Grangold, I could travel safely. I put my disguise back on and checked my map. But to my surprise, there was only one good desert stop I could stay the night in; Fyrestone.

Chapter 3: Duel at High-Noon.

After a long morning of traveling, thinking it was better to leave in the mornings and just pass Fyrestone to avoid trouble, I had arrived at the mining city of Fyrestone. The town was famous for its convenient location when mining veins of precious minerals here. It was a safe-zone for traveling to Gold from Sabasa as the city was well protected. According to my guide of cities and kingdoms of Sentora, the Sheriff, whom is also one of the best marksmen in the continent, has singlehandedly dropped crime and defended the city from monster attacks. The Sheriff was named Viper. And there's no doubt even without Lucia, he probably fought off entire hordes of angels during the assault.

That name, Viper, he was the sheriff who stopped me from capturing Lucia last time I was here. He would definitely be trouble to run into. Luckily, despite paralyzing a civilian and bombing a building, my disguise worked out and no citizen recognizes me. However at the center of town, the sheriff stood. He wasn't dense either, he was quick to recognize me.

"You got some nerve coming back around here." He had said. "Especially after destroying half a bar and opening fire at my citizens."

I sighed and knew a confrontation was coming. "I apologize, however this time I mean your town no harm." I said, trying to reassure him that I won't hurt anyone.

He pulled out a wanted poster and examined it. "I see you caused trouble all over the place Mr. Solomon." He said. "But why should I not just throw you in the slammer, un-arm you, and see if there's a handsome reward in it for me?"

I thought about it for a moment, and then I answered; "Well let me answer that with a question;" I began to respond; "Have you ever been in a long search for answers and goals?"

He rolled up the wanted poster and placed it in his pocket and looked up at me. "I can't say I haven't. I still am actually." he answered.

"Interesting..." I responded. "So what are you searching for?"

"I'm looking for a reason that Ilias would do something like what you were involved in." He responded. "I tried asking her myself, but I got no response."

I had almost lost interest at first. I had thought he was just another Ilias-fanatic in denial about her trying to destroy humans. But it felt strange how he asked her, as if he tried asking directly. I decided to respond; "I have no idea myself. I had never met her." I said. "But I can confirm that Ilias definitely had something troubling her when she decided to wipe out all humans."

He then smiled. "You then understand what I believe," he said. "Ilias was lonely and upset. She just had enough of it."

I nodded. Maybe Ilias was just a lonely individual, longing for attention. And maybe hundreds of years of humans breaking her commandments just drew the final straw. "You and I have a lot in common," I said. "we're both torn at a loss of a heavenly being guiding us."

"I heard," he said. "This Promestein was definitely your inspiration for pursuing your goals." He placed his hand on his weapon. Suddenly he signaled passing by townsfolk to stay away from the center of town. "You know what? I'll let you through. If you pass this trial. Get that weird gun stick of yours."

I did as he said, expecting a fight. "What's the trial?" I curiously asked.

He pointed at the clock. "When the clock ticks High-noon, we'll have a duel. First to get hit loses." he then readied himself. "If you win, you can leave this city. But if I win, you surrender and wait for the Monster Lord to retrieve you." He then readied himself.

I drew my gun-staff and activated my scanner. I knew the best strategy to win, Zylphe could help me dodge near-point-blank and my gun-staff was powerful enough to intercept the ammunition that weapon used. "Zylphe." I called and decided to imbue wind-power to aid in dodging. "Hope that aint unfair." I asked.

"Not at all" he said. "You won't be so lucky like last time."

We waited as the time ticked towards noon. I knew he wouldn't wait a millisecond after Noon to fire. As soon as the clock struck High Noon, we both drew and fired simultaneously. The bolt and bullet collided and created a loud bang. Immediately he began quickly aiming and firing. I dodged and returned fire, but he was also quick to dodge enemy fire. However after another quick scan of his weapon and his patterns. I knew every sixth shot was when reloading was necessary. He reloaded quickly and was still able to evade my attacks. I also had to prevent weapon overheating from repeated fire.

After his third round of fire, he reloaded and took a swig of his flask while I was allowing my weapon to cool down quickly. Suddenly, his shots were faster. And his pattern was more difficult to read. Zylphe had helped in evasion even more. I scanned his flask and was extremely confused.

"Wait... how did drinking sweat tea with a hint of lemon make you so quick??" I asked.

"Guess I was just slowed down from thirst" He jokingly answered.

I decided I had to make an opening. We both either dodged or intercepted. After re-activating Zylphe's strength. I decided to attempt a flashbang. However after the flashing light messed up his vision, I saw a loud signal flare fly in my direction. It went off and disoriented me. We were both matched. And we both couldn't make an opening. As fun as it was and as amazing as it is compared to combat training, the duel went nowhere. I had to think. I then had a crazy idea from Promestein's scolding;

"Solomon, did you try and jump over three Chimera Chariots....With a Giga-bomb blast-jump?!" I recalled Promestein saying infuriated at the mess I had made.

I began charging for a Giga-bomb whilst dodging his fire. I knew he would dodge it normally, but what if I made an opening with it? He knew I was charging energy for a bigger blast and braced himself to dodge the attack, I then jumped and using my armored boots for protection and Zylphe  to enhance my air-time. I shot the ground and with a large explosion. I jumped clear over Viper by a dozen feet, still searching through the smoke and dust.

"Did you just blast-jump??" Hyde asked. "I thought I was crazy!"

I landed behind Viper and quickly turned and fired. I felt relief when a direct hit had landed. It felt bad hitting him from behind. But I had won.

"I'll be honest Sheriff," I said. "had Promestein allowed me to make a backpack jet flying system I would have never tried that."

He turned and brushed dust off his outfit. "Now I've seen everything." he said. "at least outside of what Heaven has to offer." He put his gun away and held his right hand out. I shook it to honor both our deal, and a possible friendship. "A deal's a deal Solomon, I'll let you leave... after you clean up the crater you made in the main road." he had said pointing at the crater I made.

After I did some work patching up the damages. I decided to head straight to Succubus village. I said goodbye to the Sheriff and walked off, listening to the catchy tunes on his guitar.

Chapter 4: An Unfortunate Author.

Despite the stronger monsters of the Northern half of the continent, the travel through the Gold region was much safer as monsters are more allowed in human settlements. I continued my travels towards Succubus Village. The only safe-zones in Gold were Goldport, the abandoned Lady's Village, and Succubus Village. Goldport only saw me during my aid on the assault to intercept Luka, so my disguise worked, Lady's Village was abandoned after the rumors of disappearing men was linked to a powerful monster running a village of voracious monsters which were stopped by the Monster Lord and Luka apparently, and Succubus Village is a perverted paradise that I've had no connections with.

I arrived at the village to find what it had become. Before, the village had surprisingly no succubi and had only seen them during the Purple Sabbath where they roam wild and free. Now, all the succubi live here with their male slaves. Men migrated from all over just to live here in a supposed paradise.

"Damn perverts." I whispered to myself.

"Didn't you have a 'thing' with the Succubus Queen?" Hyde asked.

"If by 'thing' you mean a five-minute fight that ended with one hell of a blowjob, then yes." I answered. I continued walking to the town library, which was surprisingly tame for a Succubus home city. The library was filled with people and monsters from all over the Gold Region awaiting to meet the author of this new best-seller about the Hero Luka. After reading the book in my spare-time I thought it wasn't that bad. However Hyde had different thoughts...

"This Amira chick goes too deep into the lovey-dovey." Hyde said, feeling annoyed and disgusted.

"Well the fact that it's a story about the Monster Lord and a Nephilim Hero who traveled the world and saved the day on numerous occasions, there's bound to be romance." I said.

"She must've been lonely." He had said.

"What are you talking about?" I said. "Amira is a cute name often given to lamias and other serpent monsters. Men would be charmed by her naturally." I knew she was a lamia as it was stated in the 'About the Author' section, which surprisingly had no picture, and that the name Amira would fit a lamia more.

When the mayor of Succubus village came and introduced the author, I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at that was walking to the table and taking a seat. She was a lamia a backwords sense. Her top-half was serpent and her bottom half was human. I had never seen anything like it, it was astonishing, I almost wanted to take DNA samples. Promestein would have dissected her on the table she was signing books at. Hyde was just babbling and wondering what the hell I was seeing. I waited in line patiently. I couldn't be speechless at seeing what was possibly an extremely rare type of monster.

"Greetings sir," she said as I set the book down and allowed her to sign. "did you like my novel?"

"I did." I answered. "Please don't be offended but I've never seen a monster like you before."

"Ahh yes, it's true..." she said, sounding like she was going to confess a sorrow in her heart. "To other monsters, I look like a cursed individual. All the children point their fingers, the adults can't look me in the eye. All the money in the world can't break their feelings towards me."

"My word..." I said having felt sorry, but before I can continue, a little girl hugged Amira.

"Big sis Amira!" she said. "I love your book!" after she left a couple walked up.

"You're among the top authors in the world Amira!" they said complimenting her and smiling without any care for her appearance.

I looked at her in disappointment. "Sounds like you're quite in a world of pain." I said sarcastically.

"A...anyways." Amira said, seeing as her ruse was uncovered. "Who can I make this out too?"

I smiled and said honestly; "Solomon ma'am."

She signed the book and closed it and responded as I took it back; "It's funny, you look like the tall, mysterious stranger I saw hoping up and down Grangold's buildings when Luka was there. But that's impossible, he's probably hiding across the world. He became a worldwide, wanted criminal."

I chuckled and responded; "That doesn't sound like me."

"Well, thanks for enjoying my story Solomon." she said. I left the library and stopped in an alley to check my map to plan my next location. I had a few choices, enjoy some matches at the Coliseum in Grand Noah, check out the village of Enrika which is no longer a forbidden village, or go sight-seeing at the Ilias continent. I figured whatever option I took teleportation would be quick this time as I'm no longer tracked by Lucia under orders of the Heavenly Knights.

I decided on Enrika, this village is a mystery that vexes me so. It's been standing for nearly 30 years today, and is a completely isolated part of the world only doing local trading with nearby villages. Rapunzel was sent there to intercept Luka but according to Promestein, a Fallen Angel of pure terror walks that village and Rapunzel would have been decimated. One angel whom, in her words; "Has been the bane of Third Eden's existence and would make the angels I've seen piss themselves." I figured she would be friendly however, as Ilias' word is no longer law and with more angels traveling to Earth from Heaven, they needed a guide to help them coexist with humans.

As I was about to leave however, I heard a voice asking around for information. I turned and saw the worst possible outcome, a Nine-tailed Kitsune was asking about anyone who has seen a man on a wanted poster. Tamamo of the Heavenly Knights. I knew it was me on those posters, I decided to warp out of there quickly, I hoped I had evaded her. I could lay low across the world if they decided to search Gold Region.

Tamamo's ears perked up as she suddenly sniffed around. "Teleportation magic..." she said. "But who could have casted that?" She walked to the alley I was in and sniffed around. "This type was made difficult to track. But it's similar to Promestein's." She looked upwards. "Where are you Solomon?" she asked herself. "I'll have to trace him later, I still have to finish what I was doing." She then knocked on a door to a large building. The door opened to reveal a succubus. "Excuse me Mayor? I'd like to request a favor regarding the Hero Luka, he'll be traveling around these parts soon."

Chapter 5: Number One.

I had arrived at the forests near the outskirts of Enrika. It was relaxing to walk through a quiet forest. There were Dark Elves patrolling, but they allowed me to pass without question. I arrived at the village. To my surprise I saw an old friend sitting outside her house bored.

"Icarus?" I said. Deciding to call that particular Cupid by a formal name.

She looked towards me and smiled. "Solomon!" She called and flew towards me and nearly tackled me to the ground. I dodged however. "Man, it's been ages! What are you doing in Enrika?"

"I've been sight-seeing." I said.

"Well after Ilias was defeated and Eden was sealed, all the unsealed angels had came to Earth." She said. "They mostly either live here or in former cities of strong faith in Ilias. It makes them feel at home." She pointed at her new home. "This is my place! I'm rooming with other archangels I trained with." She then grabbed my hand and excitedly gave me a tour, pointing out everyone's homes and shops, introducing me to various angels. Some were ranked as high as the 7th Hierarchy.

Icarus then stopped at a house at the center of the village. "And this is the village chief's home." she said. "Wanna meet a Seraphim??" She said.

My eyes opened in surprise. "Thir- I mean Seraph Eden?" I asked.

She giggled. "Not Eden, she might not be back for a century maybe." She said and turned to the door. "This is Micaela's house, The First Seraphim."

My heart skipped a beat. Promestein had told me stories during my training and studies. Micaela and her twin sister Lucifina were the first angels and the absolute strongest fighters in the Heavens at Ilias' command. Micaela, the Sword of the Heavens as she was called, was said to be as vicious and brutal as she was beautiful. I was frightened, Hyde was curious but hesitant which was something he never was.

Icarus knocked on the door. "Great Seraph Micaela? It's me Icarus! I brought a friend I want you to meet." She called out and looked at me and noticed me shaking. "Hehehe" she giggled. "She's not gonna hurt you." she said. "Micaela isn't in her prime anymore. But when she was... it was said that sinners would regret being born male when she had to punish them." That last fact made my eyes open wide. I really hope she didn't know I was a wanted criminal.

The door opened and I saw the Fallen Angel. She looked a lot like drawings and sketches of Ilias. Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, all that was missing was white robes, the wings, and a halo. She looked at me with a serious expression. "This must be that servant of Promestein you told me about." she said.

I simply tried backing away slowly. Icarus grabbed my arm and forced me to introduce myself. "Yes, hello. My name is Solomon." I slowly held my hand out for her to shake.

Micaela suddenly smiled and shook my hand. "Pleased to meet you." she said.

"Wait, you're not mad? I served Promestein and helped her betray Ilias." I said confused.

"Ilias was ultimately using her anyways. As long as you're not trying anything on Promestein's extreme level anymore or causing anyone trouble." She said. "You're not still attempting any ambitions of the Seekers of Truth correct?"

"Well, I'm still traveling and wanting to seek knowledge." I said. "But that's too extreme. No more chimeras or brutal drugs. Maybe some inventions to help advance humanity. I mean, humans will still evolve over time."

"As long as you know your limits and not become a threat to the world, then I have no reason to stop you." She said. I felt relieved, she seemed quite intimidating despite no longer being in her prime. "Come in! I'm sure you'd like to ask some questions." She said. I went inside with Icarus and sat on a couch. Micaela sat on a chair across from me as she told Icarus to leave me and her alone. "I do apologize for the questioning and intimidation," she began to say, "truth be told my Sword of the Heavens is rusted over now. But I had to see if you were still following the Seekers of Truth."

I asked curiously; "I know Promestein was condemned for giving humans fire, but was shutting her in a cave down at Earth the only way?"

Micaela shook her head. "Thinking about it over time, the humans evolution sparked survival and greater faith in Ilias." She explained. "An angel giving humans fire is like a message from the heavens. Over time, humans survival and evolution gave Ilias a chance to further allow them to continue worshiping her. Truth be told, Ilias would have lost humanity and be forced to find another creature to help evolve.

"Like what? Dinosaurs?" I jokingly asked.

"No, Ilias wiped them out." She said. "Well, it wasn't entirely her. She asked if me and Lucifina wanted to try it as well."

I looked surprised. "So wait, a meteor didn't kill the dinosaurs?" I asked.

"No, Lucifina dropped a Daystar on a massive pack of some and it left a crater." She explained. "Humans saw it eons later and thought it was a meteor." I was left speechless. Years of scientific theory, crushed by a dino-massacring Goddess and her angels.

"Well, another question." I asked changing topics. Thinking about what's happened during my time with Promestein. I then remembered Luka's holy power. "Is Luka...related to you?" I asked.

She nodded. "He's my nephew. Seraph Lucifina is his mother." she answered.

"That explains why Promestein was interested in his power." I responded. "Well, Promestein's plan was to combine the White Rabbit with Luka's power." I explained. "Which would theoretically make  her the Ultimate Being. Like Black Alice was."

"Yes and both of them were used." Micaela said.

"Used..." I said. "Promestein was used by Ilias. Forced to attack humans." I looked down, upset.

"This is true, but only because Ilias held freedom away from her." Micaela said. "But let's not get upset. You're alive, carrying the memories of when she could aid humans the way she wanted to."

Micaela was right. I was one of two humans who got to be under her wing. Training and studying and seeking the truth. I would definitely live on and pass that knowledge on to the world.

Micaela then asked Icarus to come back as it was getting late and whispered something in her ear. I only heard the tone of it sounding like a question. Icarus responded in a whisper. Micaela then looked at me. "Oh? Is that so?" She said. "Well Solomon, my apologies but I rarely get this opportunity and it's been ages since I've last done this."

"Done what?" I asked.

Micaela then removed her ring and transformed into her angelic, true form. "You see, occasionally an angel who punished humans for sins often has relapses of pleasures it brings them. They very rarely happen me and you just so happen to be at the right place at the right time." she explained. "And Icarus has told me of quite a few sins... Just for the night I promise you, as mine usually lasted until the man was crippled and/or asking for a sex-change, but I think you should be punished."

"What?! Wait!" I tried to stand but was pinned to the couch by some holy magic. Micaela stood over me and covered my mouth with her hands.

"Just sit there, shut up and take your punishment like a man. If I could call you that even." Micaela said and soon began stripping me. I was soon going to confirm the rumors of Micaela's 'punishments.'

~The next morning.~

I woke up still stiff from that 'punishment.' Micaela was upstairs in her room. I got dressed and walked outside. Icarus went over to me giggling.

"Had fun there Solomon." she asked.

I just stood there, remembering what she did. I soon responded; "Promestein, Lucia, La Croix and her exposed spine, and Laplace have all punished me in their way...." I said. "....but none of even as close as what that woman does to a guy unlucky enough to cross her."

Icarus laughed. "I wanted to punish you myself but Micaela asked me for a favor." she said. "So I guess you're leaving?"

"Yea," I said. "I'm going to visit my friend Chrome at San Ilia. But I'll visit again sometime. As long as Micaela doesn't have another....relapse."

"Alright I'll warn you next time." Icarus said. "Bye Solomon!"

"See ya." I said and teleported away to San Ilia.

Chapter 6: Back to Where it all Started.

I arrived at the outskirts of San Ilia and began to walk around the town. It felt like a few days ago that I came to this city to take care of a haunted manor incident only to become a Seeker of Truth. I searched around, looking for any signs of where Chrome might be. I had heard she returned to San Ilia and decided to run a shop around here. I then noticed a sign where the old church was I walked up to it and it read; 'Chrome's Doll Shop.'

"Here it is." I said and opened the door. I saw Chrome sitting down towards where the altar used to be. "Chrome?" I called out.

The Succubus looked at me and smiled. "Hi Solomon!" She said. "Where have you been?"

"I've just been around..." I said. "So you opened a doll shop here?"

Chrome happily jumped off her seat and showed me around. "Yep! After the assaults began, churches were closed and used for various businesses." She said. "And doll-making is another Artiste family skill."

"Better than being a Necromancer that's for sure." I said. "Still banished from the Monster Lord's castle?"

"Apparently Alice XVI holds grudges..." she said. "All I did was use Spi and Rit to spook her." She then showed her doll collection off. "But I don't care, I did the right thing in the end. Look at all of my creations now."

I noticed two of them given their own spot on a shelf, "Those two....are both me." I said.

Chrome grabbed them and showed me them. "This one is when you first eavesdropped." she said showing the doll of me from two years ago. "And this one is what you became after training. Except I couldn't keep the back claw on right. I'll fix it later."

I smiled and placed them back on the shelf. There was a doll of Shirome, Chromes sister who was also known as La Croix. "There's your sister... I'm sorry for your loss." I said.

"It's okay, she's at rest now." Chrome said. "So tell me about your travels since after the final battle."

I figured Chrome would be eager to hear about my travels. So I started explaining my journey;

"I traveled to Sabasa, nearly got in a bar-fight, but discovered I might be in good terms with the Vampire Queen. Then, I visited Lucia, she's another Seeker who worked with your sister, and... I think me and her might be... lovers." I said.

"Ha ha!" Chrome laughed. "Solomon and Lucia sitting in a tree." she began to sing.

"Shut it!" I said blushing before I continued explaining. "Then I went to a desert mining town and got into a gun-duel at high noon. After that, I met this weird backwords lamia-"

"Amira? That famous author?" Chrome asked. "She tipped Luka off about a lot of stuff."

"Yea but I still can't believe there are monsters like her." I said. "Then I went to Enrika, met the First Seraphim, discovered what really happened to the dinosaurs, long-story short the meteor was Luka's mother's doing, and then got raped by the Seraphim."

"Slow down there Cassanova." Chrome said teasingly. "I hope Lucia doesn't hear of that."

"Knock it off." I said blushing, although I do hope she wouldn't be mad that I let a Seraph angel rape me. "And now I'm here, I'm probably going to go to Grand Noah next. Just hoping the Heavenly Knights aren't hanging around there."

Chrome then smiled. "Well let me warn you; Avoid the Coloseum because Alma Elma's more active there than ever now. And Plansect is the temporary home of Erubetie and Undine until the springs are clean according to what I looked into."

"Yikes, I guess Grand Noah's too dangerous." I said. "I don't wanna get captured yet, I'm still not done seeing the world. And I'm afraid of what they'd sentence me to." Although I just expected them to throw me in a dungeon and rape me honestly.

Chrome then looked towards the window and shut the curtains. "Solomon, I think you should leave then." she said. "Go out the other exit, hide out at the manor. Someone's coming and they might recognize you."

I didn't wanna take any chances. I quickly got up and left. "Thanks Chrome, good seeing you again." I said and snuck out before Chrome let the 'visitor' inside. I quickly yet quietly moved to the manor's location, trying not to attract any unwanted attention. I soon made it to the manor and stood at the front steps. I couldn't help but stare at this mansion entrance. The window I looked through, the exact spot Hainuwelle intercepted me, where Chrome and Promestein stood, this was where it all began and I knew all of that day by memory even after these years. It was amazing I survived this long under the Seekers of Truth's training and experimentation, and although I didn't enter the mansion until I delivered tech to Chrome, I still hold a fond memory of this place now. I walked up the steps and grabbed the door, but I sensed a strong, oppressive force behind me. The voice of a young woman spoke up.

"About time I found you. You were a sneaky one, although I always had my suspicions since the day you came to me for my wisdom, it ends here and now, no more running, your scent is hard to track and you sabotaged Lucia's means of tracing you. But even if you teleport now, I will be able to follow quickly." She said. "I underestimated your intelligence Solomon."

"Indeed." I agreed. "But I still wish to continue my travels, so apologies if I resist arrest." I turned around and faced my opponent. She was definitely stronger, more intelligent, and somehow capable of defeating that which was made specifically to deal with her, but I knew I had to fight at this point. I removed my disguise and readied myself for combat. "You're not going to capture me so easily, Tamamo."

Tamamo stood there and stared at me with a serious expression. "I was afraid of that." she said and got into a stance. "But Alipheese Fateburn XVI insisted on your capture Solomon."

Chapter 7: Battle for Freedom; Solomon vs Tamamo.

Tamamo faced me, awaiting any escape attempt. I knew escape was no longer an option, her light body combined with heavy Earth power would ensure that. "Now then, I should start seriously. Breath of the Earth!" she said as she imbued Earth power just as I predicted. Her defense and offense were through the roof. A single punch would incapacitate a normal human.

Evasion was the key, she's more physically powerful, but Earth does not affect speed. "Zylphe!" I called and used wind power to counter her earth.

"Artificial spirits..." Tamamo said examining me at first. "I was hoping I didn't have to deal with those again." She then ran towards me, "Tamamo Punch!" she called out and tried punching me.

I managed to evade but was astonished at her speed. I attempted two quick strikes with my blade but I only found that I couldn't pierce her defense. I jumped back and sheathed my blade, grabbing my gun-staff instead.

"I'm not gonna hold back. I'll use both physical force and pleasure to subdue you." Tamamo had said as she waved all nine of her tails around.

I scanned her to find a powerful attack was incoming. "Just like those other two..." I whispered and knew immediately how to counter. I deployed a flashbang and whilst Tamamo was trying to search for me I moved out the way.

"I won't fall for that!" Tamamo said and attempted to attack. "Nine Moons!" she shouted and shot her tails towards me. Despite the bright flashbang impairing her vision I was barely able to avoid her tails all directly aimed at me. As the flash died down, Tamamo opened her eyes and smiled. "You dodged that still? Well just a fair warning, I can smell you. Yao and Nanabi warned me of that staff of yours." she said.

I took a few steps back. She had a scent so flash bangs didn't work. And my sword is useless without a different spirit. I dodged more of her attempts to smack me with her nine powerful, albeit fluffy tails. One tail managed to knock down a massive tree.

"Hold still!" she said and soon wrapped a tail around me and lifted me up. "Now, to ensure you won't escape." she said raising her other eight tails.

I found my back-claws were free and grabbed my gun-staff. I charged an electric bolt with them. "I wonder..." I said as I jabbed the staff at the tail holding me. To my surprise an electric surge ran through Tamamo's entire body. She let me go as she was shocked. Her hair and tails puffed out from the electricity. "Heh, it worked. And you're even more fluffy." I said laughing.

Tamamo stopped and dusted herself off and managed to de-fluff her tails slightly. "That seriously hurt." she said. "I guess grabbing will be too risky as long as those extra hands are there."

My confidence was regained. I knew that I could hold her off, now I just had to be able to incapacitate her long enough to escape and buy some time. "Alright then Tamamo." I said and drew my blade. "Now I'll show you, Gnomaren!"

Tamamo observed me as I now was empowered with Earth. "Interesting. You're not just using that artifical Earth spirit like those monsters, you're actually achieving what they were intended to be used for." She smiled. "I should have brought backup."

Something didn't seem right however, she was hesitant. I looked around and saw what she was waiting for. The sun was setting, and from what I remember a full moon is tonight. I didn't have much time. I switched to my sword and prepared to fight Tamamo before the moon rises.

Tamamo tried to punch me again, I blocked the punch with my blade but was forced back far. I got up and retaliated. "Wing Dash Blade!" I shouted and struck Tamamo with six sword strikes. Gnomaren's power did actually allow my blade to deal damage. But it wasn't enough. I grabbed a fuel drive and placed it in my sword and ignited it. "There we go!" I said smiling.

Tamamo  looked at me. "So you think you can burn my fluffy tails?" she asked smirking.

I laughed and looked at her. "I just needed an extra punch to deal with you."

We then continued fighting. Although she was stronger, I could observe and respond accordingly to brute force. And her pleasure attacks were easier to dodge. She attempted to grab me again. I countered and sliced at her tail, cutting it off.

"Ahh! My fluffy tail!" she shouted.

"Oh Goddess I'm sorry!" I said and jumped back.

She grew it back however with some magic. "Enough! The moon is rising now, it's all over Solomon." she said and raised her tails in the air gathering energy.

I scanned her tails and found she was charging a beam. I could dodge it, but the mansion would be destroyed and anyone in range would be injured. I thought fast and had one last attack to finish this.

"Solomon! You know Promestein said only use that when you wanted your opponent to be organically deconstructed or whatever." Hyde warned me.

"She'll endure it I'm sure." I said and got into posistion. My secret, ultimate technique. Promestein was frightened by its power even. I aimed both back claws at her and activated the gauntlet function of my gun-staff. I split the staff in half and wore both halves like gloves and aimed at Tamamo with both palms facing her. My back claws then placed every fuel drive I had left into the gauntlets before aiming back at her. I began charging energy.

Tamamo finished charging and gave me one last warning; "Stand down Solomon! Or face the consequences."

I shook my head and charged it to full power.

"Very well then..." Tamamo said before unleashing the energy. "Moonlight Cannon!" she said and fired it directly at me.

"Then face my Oblivion Blast!" I shouted and fired the massive black and crimson energy beam at Tamamo's Moonlight Cannon. It overpowered her blast and created a massive explosion. A direct hit. As the explosion cleared, I saw that to my surprise, Tamamo survived the blast. She looked like she was out cold however. I set my gun-staff back to normal and put it away, as it was shut-down for recharging. I couldn't believe what I did, I took down a Heavenly Knight. But before I could celebrate, Tamamo stood up slowly.

"What is she made of?" Hyde asked actually surprised.

"Man..." she said. "What was that??" she coughed as the smoke still was clearing. "That would have vaporized the Giganto Weapon."

I drew my blade and pointed it at her. "Enough is enough." I said. "I'm leaving now."

Tamamo then opened her fan. "That was the final straw." she said. "Now you'll see the last thing your little sacrifical Next Doll saw." she said. I felt the same aura she had back in the Monster Lords castle. She soon began to say an incantation, one we knew about in our data; "I ask thee, eternal time...My body, shackled by the powers of creation, I beseech thee..."

I took a step back. "You were sealed with the Six Ancestors seal this whole time?" I said suprised. "Then....that means in your full power you're..."

"Return my true body to me!" Tamamo said as she finished. A dazzling light filled the air as incredible magic power descended on her. Her body morphed into a more adult appearance. Although beautiful, the sheer dark, oppressive aura it released was impossible to endure. She didn't even speak, she stared at me directly in the eye. Awaiting any attempt to resist at this point.

I couldn't even speak. I took a few steps back as her own aura was enough to send me back. I couldn't run, and there was no way I could fight one of the Six Ancestors even with Hyde's power. I stood for a few more seconds, then I dropped my sword and fell to my hands and knees, consumed by total fear. "I.... surrender....." I said.

Tamamo returned to her sealed body, and walked towards me. Even though she's back to her weakened self, I still didn't want to possibly provoke her any further. She shook her head. "You were smart to surrender, just one attack completely destroyed Tsukuyomi in that form." she said. She had helped me up. and restrained my arms with her tails. I sighed a breath of relief that the battle was over, but I was going to pay for my crimes from before somehow. She grabbed my sword and sheathed it for me, then we both teleported to the Monster Lord's Castle.

Chapter 8: Interrogations.

We arrived at the castle entrance, Tamamo stripped me of my coat, my backpack, my weapons, and my goggles. I requested that she search the backpack for my old glasses so that I could see. She did so and soon we walked towards the Monster Lord's throne room.

"Solomon," Tamamo said. "I'd just like to admit that you were definitely quite the force to be reckoned with." She examined the weapons and gear she was holding. "If you were my pupil, I'd give you a definite A-plus." She finished with a smile.

I smirked and looked back at her. "Really? Honestly I didn't think I'd last that long." I said.

"Promestein must have trained you thoroughly," Tamamo said looking concerned. "Lucia's potential was greatly multiplied within a few days, and she was already top of her class in Magical Sciences. To think an above-average level mercenary could become a top soldier and have a tremendous, scientific mind within two years..."

We arrived to the throne room where Alipheese Fateburn XVI was sitting on her throne. She looked at me. "Well, seems like the chase is over." she had said. "Wait....where's his other arms? I had ripped one off before but he grew it back with a second one..."

Tamamo held up my backpack. "For the last time, he didn't have multiple arms. They were mechanical claws he had attached to his backpack."

I looked at her. "Wait... you thought I actually had four arms?" I started chuckling.

Alice suddenly stared at me, I felt an oppressive force try and push at me.

"Sorry." I said looking down.

Alice turned to Tamamo. "I want him in the dungeons for now, store his gear somewhere safe." she said. "Tomorrow, you and the other Heavenly Knights will interrogate him...." she thought for a moment and then spoke up again. "Oh and remind Alma Elma that we are not using sexual interrogation please."

"Aww man." I said under my breath, half-expecting them to try that.

Alice then looked at me and slowly said; "Damn pervert."

"Well I'm sorry," I said. "It's just for the past few years; My boss was a sexual-experiment obsessed angel, I am unbaptized due to a last-minute illness, all of my co-workers were and still are sexually interested in me, and everything in that lab tried to rape me."

Alice rolled her eyes. "Just take him to the dungeon." she said. Tamamo soon walked me to the dungeons.

I was taken to a cell and was told that tomorrow I will be questioned. Tamamo had also stated my gear would be well-preserved and not to worry about any of it breaking. As I was left alone in the dungeons, I sat on the bed and looked around. I then realized, this is the Monster Lord's Castle. Think of the history around this place, if I wasn't imprisoned I'd definitely be admiring the architecture and seeing just what this place had to offer. But I guess I'm just thinking positively about being in jail now.

"Hey Solomon." Hyde said. "This prison doesn't look inescapable..."

"You're right." I said after some examination. "Especially with the Artificial Spirits. Gnomaren can help bend bars or break through them, Zylphe and Grandine for evasion of guards, after find gear I could use all four of them and fight my way out and hide in Remina until the coast is clear... but I think it's best to wait for now." I knew it was possible, but with all four Heavenly Knights, Alice, and Luka I'd need an army of Chimeras and the Next Dolls just to hold them off.

"Can't you teleport?" Hyde asked. "It's boring in here."

I tried doing short range teleportation to move to a different cell, but it didn't work. "Can't, this place must be designed to prevent magical escapes." I said. "I can still use the spirits, but I am afraid of just what is guarding me." The Heavenly Knights were smart to take my goggles. They had a pre-made map of Hellgondo loaded in case of evacuation from Remina's lab. I decided to just sleep and think about what to do tomorrow.

~The next day~

I woke up to a familiar feeling, the feeling of when I discovered my capture wasn't a dream. The last time I woke up like this was when I was first taken to the Drain Lab. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked at the dungeon's entrance. Suddenly the door opened, and Tamamo came walking in.

"Greetings Solomon, I trust you slept well?" She asked.

"Not really..." I said. "So you're here to begin the questioning?" But after that a sharp blade came up to my throat from behind.

"Make one wrong move... And I'll personally see to your demise." a voice came from behind me. I gulped in response. That voice was so familiar.

"Easy! We don't want him dead yet!" Tamamo shouted to the figure. The blade retracted and a familiar figure appeared from the shadow next to Tamamo.

"Hmph. Yes Mistress Tamamo... At least he's got the message." the figure said. He eyed me cautiously.

"You've met our Assassin, Shadow. You fought him back at Remina." Tamamo continued.

"We've met." I said nervously.

"Let's begin." Tamamo said, soon pulling out a list. "Alright, let's start with when you first met Promestein... and no lying, I'll know. Otherwise I'll take the leash off Shadow."

I thought back and began recalling my first encounter with her; "I was a mercenary, taking the request of the Haunted Manor incident. I encountered a meeting between Promestein and Chrome. I was captured and instead of killing me, she asked me about my goals of traveling the world and learning many things about it. After that, she took me to the Drain Lab."

Tamamo smiled. "Wow, that was easier than I thought. I was comparing your story with data we have on you in those disks" She said.

"No point in lying." I said. "This is information of the past. Your foe is already defeated, there's no fear of punishment."

Tamamo then continued; "Well now you were tasked with gathering elemental energy for Artificial Spirits. But what about when you visited Grand Noah and Yamatai?"

Again, no fear of punishment as the Seekers of Truth were no more, I answered truthfully; "In Grand Noah, Alma Elma's fighting style had to be recorded for Hainuwelle's data. As for when we met in Yamatai, I required tail hair samples for Tsukuyomi. But my questions I asked you were actually me wanting to learn things from you."

Tamamo shook her head. "Well it seems you went through a lot." she said. "One more question; It's regarding Shadow here, about those Chimera's Promestein made."

"The Darkroid?" I asked and looked down. "Unfortunately I had nothing to do with that specimen, I knew little about it other than that it was based off an extremely powerful monster and other information. Shadow seems to be the base for its combat and design."

"... Darkroid... She said her name was Raven, another Next Doll designed to counter me. She had all of my abilities, but those mechanical offense enhancements made her even more troublesome. But if he doesn't know anything..." Shadow muttered.

"I see..." Tamamo said. "Well just continue to cooperate and be honest and this won't take long.  Just sit and wait for the other Heavenly Knights, they each have their own questions. Unfortunately Erubetie was asked by Undine to help clean the toxins from the spring, so only two more Heavenly Knights will interrogate you. Thank you for your cooperation Solomon." Tamamo then walked out, leaving me and Shadow.

"Listen Shadow, I wanted to apologize about nearly killing your friends." I said. "I was under orders, it was a war, you don't have to forgive me."

Shadow had spoken up. "You know your place. Try anything like that again and... Well, you get the idea. I will be watching you." He then walked back into the shadows and disappeared. I sat for a little while before the door opened again. This time, a familiar voice rang out.

"Yoo-hoo! Solo-boy!" Alma Elma had called out. Knowing full well I hated being called 'boy.'

I covered my face with the palm of my hand. "Why do you call me boy? I'm twenty-one years old!" I said.

Alma Elma merely winked at me. "I call every young man I have to fight boy." she had explained. "And I'm supposed to be asking questions here."

"Fine," I said, "ask away." I had sat down on the prison bed.

"First off, why haven't you been coming back to the Coloseum?" she asked. "Everyone misses you there! Including me. I figured with Promestein gone you'd be fighting there again."

I was taken by surprise at just how casual this interrogation was. "Wait, is this really an interrogation?" I asked. I was confused by her sudden small-talk, but then I realized I had grown a reputation at Grand Noah. "Wait, everyone missed me?"

"Of course!" Alma Elma said. "The Queen wanted you in the Queen's Cup, all the regular monsters wanted another shot at you." Alma Elma giggled. "And with all the men flooding the place, your comeback might see some real opponents."

I smiled hearing of how popular I had become. "Really? Well, maybe if and when I'm out of here..." I said. "I'll visit again and fight you once more."

Alma Elma giggled. "Well Tamamo said you're quite cooperative with her questioning, and I'm sure Alice doesn't want you in a cage forever." She then winked at me. "But if a death-sentence happens, I'll put in a good word to send you to Heaven myself Solo-boy."

I blushed imagining Alma Elma raping me to death. "Can't you just make me a slave?" I requested. "I'd rather live the rest of my life in good hands instead of dying with a smile on my face."

Alma Elma smiled. "We'll see. But for now I've caught up enough with you Solo-boy, they won't let me rape information out of you so interrogation seemed boring without that." she said and was about to leave, but stopped and turned back around. "One more question, about those claws of yours..." she asked.

"What about them?" I asked.

"Can you make me a pair?" She requested.

"Wait...why?" I asked.

She merely smiled. "I thought of some ways to use them when playing with women at the Coloseum."

I blushed as I knew immediately what she was implying. I shook my head. "No! You got two hands, grab breasts with those!" I yelled.

Alma Elma looked genuinely upset. "You sound like Tamamo when I asked to borrow them." she said and soon shrugged her shoulders, looking like her usual, playful self. "Ah well, I'll see you around Solo-boy." She said and walked out.

Later in the day, Granberia then walked inside. I was afraid of what she might ask me. She and Hyde battled before, and she was really upset at me stealing Salamander's elemental energy.

"Greetings Solomon." Granberia said. "Normally I'd punish you for what you've done myself, but I swore to Lord Alice that I would not use violence."

"Good to know" I said. I could only imagine how restless Hyde might be.

"I'm merely going to ask a few questions about you." She said. "First off; your sword skills. You seem like you have potential, why do you use that electric staff?"

"That's what I've been saying!" Hyde said. Granberia could not hear him however.

"Well, I'm not the best swordsman..." I said.

"Nonsense!" she said. "You held off monster after monster in the Coliseum according to Alma Elma, you dueled Shadow, our own assassin, and need I remind you of our fight at Oremist?"

"Oh, that wasn't me back there." I said.

"What are you talking about?" Granberia asked "I recognized you from Salamander's volcano. It had to be you."

I shook my head. "It wasn't me exactly..." I said trying to explain. "It was technically me, but something controlling me."

Granberia thought for a second. She then spoke up; "Wait, Tamamo said something about that."

Tamamo then warped inside the room. "Did somebody need me?" she said.

"Tamamo, Solomon said he was being controlled back when he tore apart that village and we dueled, explain again how it was done." Granberia said.

Tamamo pointed at me. "Okay, this is Solomon normally." she said, beginning to explain. "But with a medicine he developed, he becomes a psychotic, murder-prone sword master. The 'Hyde Injection' is what the medicine is called and he calls the man he becomes Hyde."

I nodded my head. "Exactly. You were fighting Hyde. And Shadow, with those two kitsune, had also fought Hyde."

"I would've won! Had it not been for your squishy body!" Hyde said.

"Squishy?" I said. "Hyde you were the one trying to destroy my body by overdoing it."

"Wait, you can talk with the persona you become?" Tamamo asked.

"Yes... I don't know how myself." I said.

"That's not normal," Granberia said.

"Correct," Tamamo added on, "usually with a dual-persona that's switched via a trigger of sorts, the second personality is dormant, not speaking or controlling the body until it's allowed to. The fact that you can talk to Hyde is an extremely rare case."

I had thought about it, Hyde isn't supposed to be speaking freely, meaning something about the Hyde Injection now brought up a new problem. "Well thankfully I'm completely out of the Hyde Injection." I said. "The remainder of it was destroyed with the Drain Lab and I used my last dose Protecting Port Natalia."

Tamamo smiled, "Just as long as Hyde's contained, there won't be any issues." she said. "I'll look into it later. As for now, it's late. Graberia, finish up then allow Solomon to sleep. We'll discuss his sentence tomorrow morning."

"Very well," Granberia said. "My other question was about your technique, that 'Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade.'"

"Oh, Hyde uses that technique." I said. "But I've been able to mimic it, at the cost of a lot of stamina however and it's not as strong, so I tend to avoid using it now."

Granberia nodded her head. "Yes, a normal human shouldn't be capable of performing such a powerful technique." she said. "Hyde's seemed to be equal to my Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. He even managed to take down two high-level Kitsunes with it. I managed to mimic the technique and nearly destroyed the training grounds."

"Damn," I said. "but impressive that you could do that only seeing it one time."

Granberia nodded her head. "The point I'm making is, that technique is made specifically to destroy." she said. "Don't go using it, or Hyde's power in general, unless it's a dire emergency."

"You got it." I said.

"Thank you Solomon." Granberia said. "But once this whole thing is settled and you can keep Hyde in control," she had started saying "would you like to..." she was hesitating, I noticed she even blushed a little.

I nodded my head. "Of course, I'll duel you with it and try not to kill you." I said. "Or even try my hand against you without Hyde."

Granberia smiled at hearing that. "Yes, it will be a great match I'm sure." she said and walked off. "Good Night Solomon, and Good Night Hyde, you murderous freak."

"Hey! Don't talk to me like that with your back turned! You honor-bound knight!" Hyde said.

"Good Night Granberia." I said. "Well Hyde, maybe you'll get your wish and rematch Granberia."

"Yea! Forget Arc-en-ciel!" Hyde said. "I should have fought her before when we invaded this place."

I laid in bed and soon closed my eyes. Ready to sleep and see what tomorrow has in store for me.

Chapter 9: Solomon's Sentence

After I awoke, I sat in the prison awaiting for their decision. I looked towards the door and it had opened. Tamamo had walked towards my cell and opened the door.

"Solomon, it's time." she said. I stood and allowed her to restrain my arms as she escorted me to the Monster Lord's throne room. When we had arrived, Alice was sitting on her throne.

"Good morning Solomon." Alice had calmly said.

"Good morning." I said back to her.

"After much thought, The Heavenly Knights and I had decided on your sentence." she said. "We checked with Chrome and Lucia this morning regarding your aid to them. We had also talked with the Mermaid Queen, and it seems like Lucia, you were willing to defend humans and monsters and seem to support coexistence as well."

I kept quiet and nodded my head.

"Since your case is similar to Lucia's? Then I have no other choice, you must serve time working for me." She said.

"What?" I asked. Making sure I understood that.

"You heard me," Alice said. "I sentence you to work on making the hostile chimeras capable of living in society without any incidents of murder. It occurred to Tamamo that peaceful talking won't convince some of these creatures to stop attacking humans. You need to take care of those and find a way for them to learn to live peacefully amongst humans and other monsters."

I had nodded my head. "Ah, I see." I said. "Perhaps I could work on something to apply changes to artificial programming... if I had a lab."

Tamamo spoke up; "Well fortunately, Promestein's laboratory in Remina is still intact. We can move equipment before our project to rebuild the city takes place and store it in this castle's old lab."

"Great!" I said. "Everything needed should be there. If not everything, then enough to get started and create the tools needed."

"Then it's settled," Alice said "Solomon you will be pardoned for those crimes if you agree to become the Monster Lord's Chimeric Engineer."

I sighed a breath of relief, I kneeled in front of the throne. "I accept then, Lord Alice." I said.

Tamamo then spoke up again. "Well, then follow me to the old lab, your gear is in there and you can help me with something I've been needing an expert to look at."

I shrugged my shoulders and followed Tamamo out the throne room, we walked through several hallways before coming across a large door. Tamamo opened it to reveal a room with extremely old lab equipment and covered in webs.

"What is this place?" I asked.

Tamamo opened the only clean cabinet on a shelf and handed me my coat, goggles, and backpack. She then opened a closet and handed me my gun-staff and sword. "The old chimera lab." she said. "It was a scientific research facility for the Great Monster Wars, long abandoned as no Monster Lord since Alice II had interest in chimeric monsters."

"Wow," I said and looked around. "when was the last chimera made here?"

Tamamo pointed at a large monster. "That stubborn girl." she said.

The chimera stood, I immediately recognized it as the Giganto Weapon from before. It looked at me and stood there. "Uh hi there..." I nervously said.

"Don't worry, she hasn't been ordered to battle anyone." Tamamo said. "But we will be watching you so don't make me sick her on you."

"Chimera rape if I don't obey?" I asked. "It's just like the Drain Lab!"

"Good, you'll be right at home then. Once we get you Promestein's more updated equipment from Remina." Tamamo said. "Now for what I need you to do," she then pointed at the Giganto Weapon, "is a simple check up on her. It'll test your skills as a Chimeric Engineer."

I put on my gear and walked towards the chimera, it looked at me as if ready to attack. I raised a hand, palm facing her, "Stand down, standard maintenance check procedure." I commanded.

"Acknowledged, Standing Down." The weapon had said, calming down and allowing me to check up on it.

"How'd you do that?" Tamamo asked.

"Oh, it's still a chimera." I said. "Though not created by Promestein, it still recognizes basic commands for its creator and any scientist in charge of repairs to approach it." I continued scanning and moving around the chimera. "The creator of Giganto Weapon knew it would be used in the future. So it made sure it would recognize scientists other than them." I moved to the front of the Giganto Weapon. "Well, everything is fine. She's in great condition despite 1,000 years of age. Just one more thing and she'll be good. I started climbing up to the human half of the Giganto Weapon, I held it's tusks as I faced it.

"Solomon, what are you doing?" Tamamo asked.

"Well, her energy fueling has been used up a lot. Possibly from the recent battles." I explained. "And sealing it just preserves the energy, rather than refuel it except for when you unseal it with your magic. Humans have the best energy to feed this thing directly, but it's semen extraction tail would kill a man in minutes."

Tamamo looked concerned. "So how will you feed it then?"

"Well, she has a second means of draining energy." I said. "Just be prepared to catch me if I lose consciousness..." I then looked at the Chimera and said; "initiating non-lethal energy transfer." And kissed her on the lips, her tentacle-like tounge pushed into my mouth and began draining energy. After about thirty seconds, she let go of me and I fell back off of her panting.

Tamamo helped me up. "Are you alright?" she asked.

I shook my head and stood up straight. "Yea, I'm fine." I said. "Needed less than I thought. She should be good now."

Tamamo then smiled. "Then you're definitely capable if you can handle the Giganto Weapon." she said. "Tomorrow we shall head to the Remina Lab."

"Very well," I said. "Where will my quarters be?"

"Well unless you wanna sleep with our residents, this lab was build with a living quarters over there." She pointed at the corner of the lab, with a small bed-room set up.

"Well, I'm gonna spend the day doing clean-up." I said. "I'd rather not be in anyone's way here"

"Very well, Giganto Weapon has a new roomate!" She said. "Maybe I don't have to keep her sealed up now."

I walked up to the Giganto Weapon. "Hear that? I'm bunking with you."

The Giganto Weapon smiled and kneeled down, her human half then hugged me, causing me to blush. Before letting go and sitting back in her corner of the room.

"Aww she likes you." Tamamo said. "Well prepare the lab for the equipment you might need when we head to Remina tomorrow.

"Will do, and thank you. All of you guys." I said.

"Don't consider us full-blown allies just yet." Tamamo said. "Just do what you're tasked to do and there will be no problems."

I nodded my head and began cleaning the lab. Giganto Weapon watched and relaxed.

Chapter 10: Return to Remina

Tamamo and I arrived at the ruins of Remina. The chimera beasts surrounded us however they were cautious. Tamamo reigning over beasts allowed for them to back down due to intimidation. I still decided to give commands to ensure no fighting.

"Stand down chimeras, you don't have to guard the lab anymore." I said.

The chimeras were cautious to approach Tamamo, but after my command, they stood down and continued laying around the city ruins. I proceeded to the trapdoor and let Tamamo inside.

"Even after your assault, there's still so many of them." Tamamo said.

"Beast-type Chimeras are extremely cost-efficient." I began to explain. "For a standing army, Promestein needed a strong, yet cheap to produce infantry. Though I'm unsure if these types were used in Remina thirty years ago." I then led Tamamo to the central room, where Luka and Alice fought Promestein.

Tamamo looked around the lab, "Now before you attacked my subordinates, we were supposed to retrieve a final case of disks." She said. "Get the tech you need and get the rest of those disks and I'll teleport them to that lab."

I begin gathering the tech I needed. "The box of disks is right there." I pointed at the shelf where a box filled with cased disks sat. "By the way, what about the Biolabs?" I asked, curious about La Croix's laboratory.

"Chrome took care of that place for us." Tamamo said as she grabbed the disks. "These disks seem really handy." she said.

I look up at Tamamo, "Was that lab how you translated them?" I asked.

"No," Tamamo said. "I merely did this." She then stuck a disk in her mouth.

"Hey what are you..." I began to ask but Tamamo pulled the disk out.

"It's another journal log." Tamamo said.

"Monsters can decode disks with saliva?" I asked, looking stupefied.

"Of course," Tamamo answered. "You didn't know that?"

I continued looking shocked and in awe of what I just discovered. "We're using proper machinery." I said. "No offense, just it's kind of freaky."

"Freaky?" Tamamo said. "Need I remind you one of these disks contains a list of all the Seekers and Chimeras that you were extracted by and their methods." She looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

"No comment..." I said and grabbed everything I needed. Before I grabbed the last thing, I noticed a small, red disk on the floor. Tamamo had her back turned to me and I looked at it. I had never seen red disks before. I grabbed it and placed it in my coat pocket before heading over to her. "Here's the last of what I need." I said. "My plan is to place Chimera beasts and certain other chimeras on a sleep mode globally as they're raised as weapons of war without souls or personalities, the other hostile chimeras will be trained and reprogrammed by me to be integrated into society amongst humans, monsters, and angels using non-lethal feeding means."

"Great!" Tamamo said smiling brightly.

"Little secret, some chimeras can obtain energy from other sources of food." I said. "We'll just see if we can only accept willing sex partners and eat the food they need without killing anything."

"Get right to work then." Tamamo said, teleporting both of us and the tech to the lab. Tamamo then supervised my work throughout the afternoon and evening.

I managed to get close to a global sleep mode for the hostile weapons. The night got late however and Tamamo went to sleep. I decided to read that red disk. I placed it into the disk reader and the blueprints and information came up on the screen:

"Chimera Next Doll Model: Tyrannea." I read as I saw it was a schematic and research notes for a Next Doll level Chimera. I kept reading and suddenly looked at the screen in shock as the last line read; "Designated Target: Black Alice In the event of treason after accomplishing the true purpose of the White Rabbit."

I immediately rushed to a chimera tracker and inputted the model names of the Next Dolls to see if they were in the log:

Hainuwele: Designed out of a harpy, her speed and agility are unmatched, even greater than Alma Elma's. However she was destroyed at the Ivory Tower by Alma Elma's hidden martial arts technique.

Amphisbaena: Armed with vibrational parts and plasma beams she is the ultimate anti-slime weapon made to defeat Erubetie. However she was destroyed at the Ivory Tower by Erubetie's nuclear explosion.

Tsukuyomi: Constructed out of Tamamo's DNA, her naturally inherited earth magic and power along with technological upgrades was made to crush the Kitsune Queen. However she was destroyed at Ivory Tower by Tamamo's true form.

Arc-En-Ciel: With a heavily reinforced body that gives her an overwhelming offense and defense, no force can match her, not even Granberia. However, she was destroyed at the Ivory Tower by Granberia's Quadruple Giga.

Rapunzel: An insect "egg machine" made solely for reproductive purposes, giving birth to more Next Dolls. However, she was sealed by Luka at the Navel of the World.

Raven: The "Shadow Chimera" infused with the power of darkness. Built of a prototype 'Darkroid' that served as Shadow's doppelganger, the combination of his semen samples, traces of his dark power, assassin intellect, mechanical upgrades made her the smarter, stronger, faster, perfect and greater copy of Shadow himself. However, she was destroyed at the Navel of the World, outmatched by Shadow's darkness.

I typed in the name "Tyrannea." The location was unable to be tracked. However, the recent status of the chimera; 'Dormant' made me breathe a sigh of relief. Although it's previous location wasn't in the Drain Lab at the time of explosion. It had been evacuated beforehand.

"What's that?" Hyde asked. "Tyrannea? It sounds like Tyrant."

"It's an extremely powerful and dangerous chimera. Made to kill Black Alice when her plan to devour Ilias was accomplished." I explained. "It's out there, sleeping until it's needed."

"It's strange that Promestein never woke it up." Hyde said. "But it sounds like a fighter. We should find it!"

"Hyde stop being crazy." I said and prepared to go to sleep. "If I go after it, I'm gonna make sure it's off permanently."

"Come on Solomon!" Hyde said. "At least make me fight it or something... I wanna fight!"

"I can't, it's part of my agreement with Alice." I said. "Now good night."

"Ugh... fine good night." Hyde said.

Chapter 11: Grandgold Inspection: Solomon vs Spider Princess.

I awoke the next morning and got dressed. As I finished the chimera beast shutdown device Tamamo had dropped in to check on me.

"Good Morning Solomon." Tamamo said. "How is everything with your plan going?"

"Great!" I said. "I'm finished. I'll give the command then we can remove them from Remina without fighting. We can store them or destroy them if necessary."

Tamamo thought for a moment. "As long as they won't attack anyone, destroying them isn't necessary." She said.

I handed her the remote device. "Here it is." I said and showed her the buttons. "This one here can shut them down, while others can toggle commands including voice commands or non-violence mode."

Tamamo pressed the Shut down button. "Is it working?" she asked.

I headed to a balcony facing Remina and scanned. I picked up a large number of chimeras going into sleep mode. "It worked!" I called to her.

"Perfect." Tamamo said. "And since your done with that, I need you for an assignment in Grangold. This will wipe your criminal record there so it'll soon be safe for you to re-travel the world."

I looked at Tamamo. "Well even after I'm done with what you need, I'll probably just travel the world more." I said.

"Well you're still our Chimeric Engineer." Tamamo said. "Your services will be requested even afterwards. But onto your mission; I need you to head to Grangold's labs and inspect their technology for artificial monster controls and the seal on one of Black Alice's subordinates, the Spider Princess."

"Just make sure everything's working good?" I asked. "Very well, I'll do a thorough inspection as a high threat is sealed."

"Excellent." Tamamo said. "When you are finished, your status as a wanted criminal will be revoked. You may return to the palace at any time but if we request your services, you are required to return as soon as possible."

I grabbed my gear and any supplies I might need and prepared to teleport to Grangold. "Yes Tamamo," I said. "contact me at anytime you need me." and teleported away.

I arrived at Grangold to a more pleasing sight, Ant Girls and Artificial monsters working, but humans among them working hard. I walked towards the Magic Science Laboratory and walked inside.

"Hello?" I asked around. "Anyone home?"

A familiar scientist walked up to me. "You must be Solomon..." she said. "I don't know if you remember me, you tied me up with wire and stuffed my colleague in a closet.

"Ah, sorry about that." I said.

"It was two years ago." she said. "What matters is a direct aid to Promestein is helping us, this will benefit our construction output and repairs greatly."

I nodded my head. "Yes, well let's begin shall we?" I said and began inspections. Despite Promestein's absence, their advancements in knowledge seem to allow them to keep everything up to date. A few minor tweaks and upgrades were required on certain things, but the Mud Golem Girl's were perfectly fine and other artificial monsters used for various services were also in good condition despite the rough final battle. "Everything checks out fine now."  I said.

"Perfect!" The scientist said. "Now for the basement where our prisoner is." she then led me to the basement. Inside was a large room and trapped in a seal similar to the Ant Queen's was a large Spider monster. "Here's the seal and the Spider Princess inside it."

I walked up to the Spider Princess, having only saw her once before at Black Alice's lair. She looked at me, feeling frustrated.

"How embarrassing, to be sealed by humans and imprisoned." she said and recognized me. "You! Promestein's subordinate! I demand to be unsealed this instant!" she yelled.

"How about no..." I said. "In fact, let me make sure you're locked up until you changed your ways about humans."

"Impudent fool!" she said. "Even if the entire world goes soft, I won't change!"

"Then have a good time being imprisoned." I said and turned to the head scientist. "Let's get to work, I'll need some extra hands to make sure the seals maintained while I inspect it." I said.

We inspected the seal and found everything was working properly without releasing the Spider Princess. I was packing up and getting ready to leave when suddenly an arrow was fired into the machine. As the machine spewed sparks and electricity the seal was weakening, shocking the scientists.

"Finally," The Spider Princess said. "and I have a perfect meal to celebrate my return. Hopefully my subjects haven't gone soft before the feast begins."

I pointed to the door, preparing my gunstaff. "Evacuate the building and contact the Heavenly Knights!" I said. The Chief Scientist then managed to escape while I was still in the room, facing the Spider Princess.

The Spider Princess laughed. "A delicious looking scientist," she said. "and no Promestein to tell me not to eat you." she then licked her lips and began weaving a web to trap us both. Before it can close however, a shadowy figure rushed inside it and rose next to me, revealing itself to be Shadow.

"Shadow?" I said. "What are you doing here?"

"The little lapdog Knight's already here?" Spider Princess muttered.

"Hmph, have you forgotten? I'm keeping a close eye on you." he said, "Then I saw that arrow fire from the outside room. The other Heavenly Knights have been contacted, they're on their way as well."

I looked around the web. "Well this web's like a dimensional barrier," I explained. "we won't be able to escape unless we defeat her anyways."

Shadow then drew his weapon and prepared to fight. "Negotiations are just futile..."

I stood beside him and prepared to fight as well. "There's no reason to waste energy then, I'll help you out. Once she's downed and the web vanishes, I'll repair the seal and lock her back up."

"Hmph." Shadow soon rushed in to fight. I stood back and fired upon the Spider Princess as Shadow dodged and slashed at her as well.

"Annoying humans," she had said. "just surrender and become my meal." She managed to kick Shadow back with her legs and tried pinning him down with her legs.

"Gnomaren!" I called and summoned the artificial spirit of Earth. I caught both legs with my back-claws and held her back.

"This strength?" she said. "I knew you had those spirits too." She tried pulling back to escape but I kept hold.

"Shadow!" I said. "Strike now!" And paralyzed her with a shock-pulse.

Shadow got back up and took the opportunity; "Sonic Slash!" he shouted and dashed through her and back, slicing her with a powerful attack. I had let go as soon as the attack connected so she'd fall over.

"Gah!" she said stumbling back and falling on her side. Shadow rushed back to my side. Spider Princess stood up, panting. "Annoying pests, I too have that power." she said and soon called out; "Gigamander!" summoning the Artificial Spirit of Fire. She shot her web at Shadow to slow him down and used her legs and hands to try and pleasure me into submission. She then shot out her web at Shadow and I, "Thread Hold!" she called, trapping both of us in her web. "Now, to punish you before I eat you." she said and walked towards us.

We both struggled. I managed to escape the web but recalled that Shadow couldn't struggle out of holds well during our fight. As the Spider Princess closed in, preparing to use her legs and thread to re-capture me, I thought fast and fired a flash-bang at the Spider Princess. Causing her to stumble back, covering her eyes. I had drew my blade and cut Shadow down from the webs.

"Thanks..." Shadow muttered.

"Thank me later," I said. "We have to finish this." I looked and saw Gigamander still activated. "Can you use anything water-based or a serene state as it's called?"

Shadow then shook his head. "That won't be necessary. Just make another opening and I'll finish this."

I thought for a moment, "I got it," I said. "this place is quite dark, so use the shadows with your weapon and I'll stun her for a finisher."

Shadow nodded his head. "Her own environment used against her..." he said. "Hehe, perfect idea. Do your part and I'll do mine."

I charged an electric shot, waiting for a good opening made by Shadow. "Grandine." I called and swapped to the Artificial Spirit of Water. The Spider Princess rushed to attack me, but my spirit had countered hers and I dodged easily.

Shadow then stabbed his blade into the ground, it then reappeared under the Spider Princess and hit her directly.

"Ah! What the..." she said jumping up. She then turned to Shadow and rushed after him. As she closed in, Shadow merged with the dark floor and I hit her directly with the shot, paralyzing her. Shadow reappeared behind her and readied his blade.

"Phantom Blow!" He said and rushed at her, slicing her ten times with darkness enhanced blades. The Spider Princess soon fell over after the attack, fainting.

As she fainted, the dimensional web faded and we were back at the Grangold Magic Sciences Lab. Awaiting us was Tamamo and Granberia.

"Excellent job both of you!" Tamamo said. "We knew you could beat her."

"We came as soon as we got the word that she was unsealed." Granberia said. "Shadow was only sent to spy on Solomon but I'm glad he was able to help defeat the Spider Princess."

I turned to Shadow and extended a hand. "I owe you an apology from before, and my life for now." I said. "Anything you need I'll be there to help."

Shadow looked at me and nodded his head. "I'll still be keeping an eye on you." he said, but he didn't shake my hand. "I'm not one for handshakes. You still have a long way to go, but I know you won't try anything like that again."

Tamamo, Shadow and Granberia kept the Spider Princess restrained as I repaired the machine and re-sealed her. I then grabbed the arrow that was shot and gave it to Tamamo. "This arrow was fired at the seal to free her from the outside." I said. "I don't recognize where it might have came from, except for an extremely old model of war crossbows."

"We'll keep an eye out for suspicious behavior." The chief scientist said. "They must have snuck in so security will be tightened."

"Let's just be glad we were able to re-seal the Spider Princess." Tamamo said and handed me the arrow. "We'll be returning to the Monster Lord's Castle Solomon. You're off the hook but will still be watched. Shadow, stay here and make sure the Spider Princess doesn't escape again."

"Understood." Shadow said as he carefully inspected the seal's main machine. And with that, the Heavenly Knights left.

I stayed behind and walked to the seal's main machine. I scanned the arrow again and walked outside. As I looked around scanning, I saw a horned female figure in a blood-red labcoat and scrubs and wearing a Yamatai mempho mask. I immediately knew she was a succubus and saw a large crossbow on her back. As she saw me, she turned and ran off. I chased, using Zylphe but she was still quite agile, using the forest we ran into as cover. I chased her to a manor in the woods far south from Grangold, La Croix's manor and Biolabs. I stepped inside, prepared to fight her if necessary.

Chapter 12: Mysterious Necromancer; Akame Artiste.

I slowly walked through the manor. Keeping my guard up as the strange monster is hiding anywhere. I scanned the mansion and detected her walking towards the kitchen. I quickly followed her, as she approached the dining room table I aimed at her.

"Freeze!" I shouted.

She raised her hands upwards and then grabbed the fruit from the table.

"Not that one!" I called out. But it was too late as it triggered the trap-door into the Bio-labs underground prison. We both fell down but landed on our feet in the prison area. She then turned and ran through the prison.

I followed her and shot at her. She was incredibly agile and dodged every shot however. We had ran through the prisons and into La Croix's lab. There she stopped and faced me.

"Excellent work!" She said clapping. "You are the real deal. I see why my cousins respected you."

"Cousins?" I asked. I then noticed her horns. "Wait... an Artiste?" I asked.

"Of course!" she removed her mask and lab coat. "My name is Akame Artiste, necromancer and assassin of the Artiste clan." she clapped her hands at me still, applauding me for some reason. "You endured the onslaught of that Spider Princess and chased me down. Not many men can brag about doing so."

"Why did you free the Spider Princess?" I asked.

"Ah well you see," she sat on the throne. Crossing her legs. "I've been studying my cousins Shirome and Chrome's work for Promestein." She then smiled at me. "I was convinced that their actions and these Seekers of Truth were just what I needed to revive the glory of our clan. And you are the most interesting of the bunch since Shirome and Promestein are no more."

"Why me?" I asked. "I'm nothing special."

"Ah, but Solomon my dear... it's what's inside you that I need." She said and stood. She then summoned a coffin and it opened to reveal two zombified, samurai elves wielding katanas. They both charged at me, I drew my sword and deflected both of their attacks and cut them both down.

"That's not going to work." I said. "And what do you mean, 'inside me?'"

She held her arm upwards. Concentrating her necromantic powers into a magical circle. Suddenly a Death-scythe appeared and she grabbed it and took a stance. "Something you possess that will get rid of those who made my family nearly extinct." she said and charged at me.

"Zylphe!" I called and dodged. We both clashed blade and scythe as we fought. True to her Assassin title, she went straight for attempts to kill rather than to subdue me. It seems whatever I had did not require I stay alive.

We had kept fighting, dodging and attacking to find that her scythe and my blade were equally matched. I then managed to push her back and attack. "Winged dash blade!" I shouted and struck her six times. Finally getting some direct hits.

Akame was forced back and she knocked Shirome's throne aside and hit a button, revealing a hidden door I never saw before. I chased her inside down a long flight of stairs. I eventually made it to a strange room. A secret lab with a large chamber at the end of it and a massive blade on an operating table in front of it. Akame stood looking at it.

"Take a look Solomon," she said pointing to the chamber and blade. "this is what I need from you."

I looked at them, still confused. She then opened the chamber to reveal the chimera inside;

She stood eight feet tall, and had a muscular build like Arc-en-ciel. However unlike that Next Doll, her features were more human than dragon. She had long, blackish-blue hair as opposed to the normal hair coloring of a Next Doll chimera and two, massive robotic claws attached to her back. Her left arm and hand were larger than her right, hiding a familiar weapon. I recognized it from the designs, I was shocked to have found it.

"Tyrannea?" I asked.

"Precisely..." Akame said. "The Ultimate Chimera, designed to kill those who are imbued with the power of Light and Darkness combined." She then held up five red disks. "I've discovered its location and learned practically everything about it from its blueprints and journal of its creation."

"Solomon," Hyde said. "That body....that weapon...."

I recognized the disks as the same as the one I found before. "Why would you want it awake?" I said. "It's target is long-dead."

Akame laughed and then began to explain; "You see, as an assassin of the Artiste clan, I earned my way through assassinating Queens and other rulers, human or monster, to allow others to usurp the thrones. And in exhange, I got powerful bodies for research and pay for living." She turned to me. "But the Fateburn family, specifically that soft Alice XV, hated our ways. And deemed my cousin Shirome insane and stopped our necromancy and assassinations."

"So this is about revenge?" I asked. "Why not just be like Chrome and find a new passion?"

"Chrome?" she gasped, shocked at my suggestion. "That soft, little welp? I saw what she's become. Doll making was a disgrace, we let it die for a reason." She then turned to the chimera. "So I decided that if the Fateburn clan was continuing to be soft, then we have to change rulers and command monsters properly." She laughed and concentrated her magic, restraining me with massive, zombie hands.

I struggled but couldn't escape. "Let go!" I said.

"And here's where you come in." She said, getting close to me. "Is it in there still?" she asked, knocking on my head. "Hello?"

"Perfect.... I don't know why but that body seems absolutely perfect..." Hyde said.

"What are you talking about Hyde?" I asked him.

"Aha!" Akame said. "It is!" She went to a table and grabbed a gauntlet and activated it, charging it with a strange magic. I looked at it in terror. "You see Solomon..." she began to explain; "Your first Hyde Injection, according to Promestein's log, was actually fine. She had added a last-second ingredient before you finished it."

"What ingredient?" I asked.

"Well my dear," She pointed at me. "Tyrannea can't function without an Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Hyde inside your brain, is the A.I. of the Ultimate Chimera." She walked closer to me.

I was in shock, I stopped struggling at the realization. Promestein had hidden the key to reviving her ultimate weapon inside me.

"Solomon... you now know..." Hyde said. "Now my time in this body is over."

Akame then grabbed my head with the gauntlet and an incredible shock rushed through my body. Akame then pulled out a strange, intangible orb. "Here it is... the key to my vengeance and reign." She said and rushed to the Chimera. She then placed the orb inside the chimera's head and took several steps back to me, forcing me to watch. "Now watch Solomon, witness the awakening of what you were forced to guard and live with for ages."

The entire mansion shook suddenly, massive surges of power filled the room. Tyrannea's eyes suddenly shoot open and she broke out from the restraints. She walked out the chamber and looked around, moving the two large claws on her back as if getting used to them working now. She then looked straight at me, making eye contact. I couldn't help but be intimidated.

"Hyde?" I slowly asked. "Is that you?"

Tyrannea smiled and walked towards the blade. She grabbed it and transformed her left hand into a hand-cannon of the same design as my gun-staff. "The names Tyrannea, and I'm finally with my real body. Thank you for your contribution Solomon."

Chapter 13: Next Doll Tyrannea.

Tyrannea looked at me, concentrating, and suddenly laughed. "Ahh Solomon, you should see your face!" she said.

Akame laughed as well. "Ah, it's good to see you operational." she said moving to Tyrannea. "Shall we exterminate the boy and move on to our conquering of the world?"

Tyrannea's expression of joy soon turned into anger as she grabbed Akame with her own back-claw. "Conquer?" she asked. "Sorry, I'm not your brainless, corpse minions." She then sat on the operation table and stabbed her sword into the ground. "Besides, I have no intention of killing my former host."

I looked up at Tyrannea. "Hyde... I mean Tyrannea, "I said. "how could this happen?"

"Good question." Tyrannea said, "You do have a right to know; You see, two years ago, Promestein had to take into account Black Alice and the White Rabbit together during its creation. So a weapon was designed to take care of bothersome Third and Black Alice should either go too far into treason or annoyance."

"So you were made originally in case of treason." I said. "I know that."

"Indeed." Tyrannea said and then continued; "As my body was nearing completion, Promestein needed a proper A.I. to operate it." She then showed off her weaponry. "A mind of a Master of War to fight and obey only Promestein's orders. So she created an A.I. based off the fighting style and personality of a Warmongering Monster from 1,000 years ago and added her own personal touch of intelligence to ensure it was adept in both body and mind."

"So Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade..." I began to ask.

"Was that monsters signature move." she said. "A lost Cursed Sword technique of Abbadon the Destroyer, said to cause storms of blood raining down as the twister ravaged everything in its path." A fitting move for yours truly.

"So why hide the A.I. within me?" I asked.

"An excellent question." she said. "You see Solomon, to prevent my body and mind being caught early and sealed forever or destroyed, Promestein worked on the Artificial Intelligence while La Croix worked on the body. They decided to use your fighting style, with improvements in mind, as a base. So they needed a proper field tests and teaching so I can record the type of body and fighting style my weapons were made for."

"So I was the test-subject?" I asked. "You hated my gun-staff though?"

"It's two-handed style was in the way of my sword-fighting. One improvement was a hand-cannon option, which using memory of your gun-staff I can use perfectly. Now enough questions!" She said and stood, dropping Akame infront of her.

"Insolent, bio-mechanical freak!" Akame said and drew her scythe. "I revived you, I can shut you back down."

"I only take orders from Promestein you red obsessed bitch, and she's dead now." Tyrannea said and then aimed her hand-cannon at Akame and shot a point-blank electric shock at her, causing her body to be flung back and paralyzed. The paralysis broke her concentration, freeing me from the zombie hands. "That ought to shut her up." she said laughing, "Now Solomon, the most important part; Why am I deciding to spare you?"

I thought for a moment the realized; Her body must be even more unstable than Arc-en-ciels. "To expand your short life?"

"Precisely." Tyrannea said. "I was designed to kill Black Alice, and allow Doc to absorb her after absorbing the Nephilim Hero Luka to allow the Ultimate Deity of Light and Darkness to rule the world." She then held her left hand out. "My life span is even less than Arc-en-ciels. So I need you to make me immortal." she asked. "And in exchange, our tyrannical reign will go unmatched and we'll make the whole world fear us and suffer, before it's under our foot forever."

"Then don't bother sparing me Hyde." I said and drew my blade and gun-staff. "I'll stop you myself if I have to."

Tyrannea smiled brightly and laughed hysterically. "Oh Solomon, you're too much!" she said. "You're going to fight me?" she laughed and grabbed my neck with her back-claw. "It took everything you had to force Tamamo's hand, and you couldn't hold against the Heavenly Knights without my aid. You're nothing!" she then threw me down and pointed her back-claws to the ground. "If you insist on dying so young, meet me where the Drain Lab once was. I'll give you three days, then afterwards I'll rampage throughout the whole world." She then called upon Gigamander's power to her Back-claws and took off, flying through the ceilings and floors outisde the manor. Shouting out; "If anyone else comes, I'll destroy them!"

I laid there, grasping the situation. An out of control super-weapon is on the loose, and it's going to ravage the entire world in three days. As I stood, Tamamo and Shadow warped into the lab, examining the situation. "So that chimera's been revived Solomon?" She said holding the red disk. "I feared this would happen." she then noticed Akame.

Akame stood, shaking and rubbing her head. "My perfect revenge, ruined." she said and noticed Tamamo, warping away before she could get caught.

"Shadow! Capture here at once!" Tamamo ordered.

Shadow then quietly warped after her.

"As for you..." Tamamo said and grabbed me. "You're going to come back to the Monster Lord's Castle and help us track down and destroy that thing." She then warped me away.

As we arrived at the lab, Tamamo set me down. "Now explain what's going on here." She said.

I began to explain; "That succubus in red, is Akame Artiste. She's Shirome and Chrome's cousin and an assassin of the Artiste family. She released the Spider Princess and lured me to the Biolabs as a means of testing my abilities. She then revealed Tyrannea's secret development area and also mentioned that she was gonna revive it to kill Alice and conquer the world. But Tyrannea's artificial intelligence is Hyde, who Promestein placed in my first Hyde Injection in order to store it within a body that used a similar fighting style. Hyde practiced with my body whenever I used the Hyde Injection and learned of my weaponry from inside my brain. He, or rather she now, is now back in her true body and is gonna assault the world in three days. She offered me a chance at alliance if I made her life-span longer, but I declined."

Tamamo looked at me shocked. "So you mean to tell me, your psycho-crazy, alternate personality is now in a body capable of killing Black Alice and Seraph Eden?"

I nodded my head. "But we have three days before she decides to assault the world." I headed to the lab equipment. "I got three days to prepare everything I need to stop her."

"You're not going alone." Tamamo said.

"She told me if anyone else came she'd kill them." I said. "Besides, it's my fault Tyrannea's revived."

"Solomon, the Heavenly Knights and the Monster Lord will deal with her." She said. "You're not capable of doing this alone."

"You told me; My job is to fix the hostile creations of Promestein and make sure no Chimeras attack humans." I said. "Now you can do your plan, but I got to settle things with her and do what I'm supposed to do."

Tamamo shook her head. "You youngsters and your need to die in battle as heroes." she said. "We'll give you the time you need to try and stop it. But we'll follow you to her location just in case."

I nodded my head. "She's at the Drain Lab's crater, probably preparing and adapting to her new, powerful body." I said. Tamamo nodded her head and went to inform Alice and the Heavenly Knights of the situation. I stayed in the lab and spent the next three days, preparing myself.

First, was reinforced armor to both my outfit and back-claws. I knew Tyrannea had immense physical strength.

Second, was improving the durability of my sword and making my gun-staff more powerful. To match his new blade and hand-cannon.

Finally, I had re-made the Hyde Injection. Without Hyde's trigger, I'd no longer fall unconscious and lose control of my body. I knew it would be necessary.

I had finished, with a few hours to go before the rampage began, I donned my new gear and was prepared for my toughest battle. I braced myself, and teleported to the ruins of the Drain Lab. As I arrived at the crater, Tyrannea sat on a boulder waiting for me.

"So you arrived Solomon..." She said. "And used the three days to prepare I see." She was scanning my improved gear.

"You can still surrender." I offered. "I won't destroy your body, I'll just keep it restrained."

"Hah!" she laughed. "I've been restrained my whole life. Kept separate from unleashing my full potential. My mission can't be done anymore, so I made a new mission to have some fun now." She jumped down from the boulder and threw it aside, drawing her blade.

I drew my blade as well. I was ready to fight Tyrannea. She was everything I was, but without mercy, even stronger, and was equally, if not more, intelligent.

She trigger Gigamander's power to surround the entire crater with a ring of fire. "No interruptions, I scanned those Heavenly Knights following you." She said.

We both gripped our sword and charged at each other. Triggering Gnomaren's power simultaneously, we clashed blades. The Final Battle had begun.

Chapter 14: Jekyll vs Hyde.

As our blades clashed, both of our sets of back-claws grasped and tried throwing the other back. Our Artificial Spirits were still the same models, but Tyrannea managed to throw me backwards due to higher physical strength.

"You held out well," Tyrannea said smirking. "I think this will be quite fun."

I got straight back up. I knew that trying to use the same spirits wouldn't work, so I switched to Zylphe to counter her Gnomaren.

Suddenly she scanned me and swapped to Zylphe as well. We both dashed to each other and clashed blades repeatedly. "Not going to work Solomon." she said. "In the event of Black Alice's artificial spirits, I'm made to appropriately counter hers. And in the event of being countered myself, I'm to immediately swap Spirits." She then kicked me back laughing. "You do have the tenacity however."

I jumped back and grabbed my gun-staff I began shooting bolts of electricity. Tyrannea used her hand-cannon and intercepted the shots. She then fired a flash-bang and tried jumping straight on top of me with her sword stabbing downward. I just barely dodged with Zylphe then used the opportunity to successfully shock Tyrannea in the back.

"Gah!" She said wincing slightly and turning around. Not even a hint of paralysis as she then used Gigamander's power to ignite her blade. She got into a familiar stance. "Wing Dash Blade!" she shouted and rushed at me slicing her blade.

I called Gnomaren and caught the blade with my back claws. She attempted to grab me with her own but I sliced both of them back. I drew my gun-staff and shot her point blank in the face with electricity. She reeled back covering her face as the electricity still didn't paralyze her. I shoot a flash-bang at point-blank range as she was realing back and rushed behind her with Grandine. "Blinking blade!" I shouted and dashed through her, slicing with a powerful attack.

Tyrannea was still standing, the attacks I landed only showing slight signs of damage. "I'm impressed." She said. "But I'm not Promestein, I don't pass or fail, this is life or death."

I pointed my blade at her. "Then let's kick it up a notch!" I said.

"Very well," she said and concentrated her power. I scanned her body as she finished to find that she had called upon Zylphe and Gigamander at the same time. I noticed immediately however, a flaw. "This body's threshold for power is immense. I can use two instead of one."

I called upon Grandine and played defensively. As Tyrannea charged at me, enhanced speed and flame-powered blade, I managed to dodge a fast strike and quickly turn to strike her. She moved back and a tube on her right hand injected into the blade. The blade suddenly became even more intense with a blue fire. She had combined a fuel-drive with Gigamander. Tyrannea then sliced at the ground, causing an immense burst of fire to shoot out the ground from where she slashed to slightly behind me.

I jumped out the way as the immense fire column surged upwards before falling. I ran towards her, dodging her other attempts to incinerate me before using another Blinking Blade to strike her again. I then turned and used Gnomaren and grabbed her arms with my back claw from behind. I began slicing at Tyranneas back while restraining her before she broke out and rushed back.

"I knew it." I said. "You can't combine conflicting spirits." Gnomaren and Zylphe or Grandine and Gigamander. These combinations conflicted in elemental energies and would be unable to be used together. Unlike Luka's abilities. "You can't switch spirits to protect from counter attempts."

Tyrannea faced me, now actually angry. "You're quite annoying with your 'Wait and See' tactics." she said brushing dust off her. "Alma Elma, Shadow, you took two opponents with much higher speed using barely any movement and counters."

I panted however, the fighting had me running on empty. However Tyrannea was in peak form despite the wounds and damage.

"What's wrong Solomon?" She asked. "Tired already? I'm just getting started." Tyrannea then concentrated and used Gnomaren and Grandine together. She then ran at me, shooting me with bolts from her hand-cannon.

I was hardly able to dodge the shots before she caught me off guard and sliced at me directly. I was flung back, holding the wound and panting.

"Running on empty?" Tyrannea asked. "Just give up." Tyrannea walked towards me slowly. Laughing as she was closing in on the kill.

I had no choice, I grabbed the syringe and injected the new Hyde Injection. My body felt strange at first, but now I was in control of this boosted strength.

Tyrannea hadn't noticed as she tried slicing at me. She was shocked as I caught the blade with my left hand and threw her back. I then used Gigamander and performed a direct Wing dash blade on her.

As Tyrannea was sent backwards. She stood and scanned me. "Impossible!" she said. She soon realized how I suddenly got the energy back. "You finally decided to remake that drug?"

I smirked and injected a fuel drive into my blade. My sword blazing in an azure inferno. "Let's do this." I said and rushed at her.

Tyrannea rushed back at me using Gigamander and Gnomaren together. We clashed blades fairly now, my enchanced physical combat from the Hyde Injection now capable of withstanding blows. Gnomaren's effect on the user's speed got the better of her as I landed a stab with my blade. I drew my gunstaff and charged, shooting a point-blank charged shot again. This time however, flinging Tyrannea backwards and too the ground.

I was still in combat stance. I knew Tyrannea's endurance was far greater.

Tyrannea jumped back up, infuriated now as she held the blade with her left hand. Holding it upwards, she charged electricity and combined Gigamander with an Electric Pulse to make a blade of fire and lightning. Disabling Gnomaren, she decided to go at me with pure power.

I looked up at the blade. I was thinking of how to mimic that consistently like she does. Before I could think, she ran at me in full anger, I dodged her initial attack but I couldn't guard any blows without getting shocked. Reeling back as she continued, kicking me and slicing me with the sword. A single hit sent me flying near the flame wall.

"Solomon!" I heard a familiar voice. Tamamo came down with the Heavenly Knights. Behind the flame wall, outside of our duel.

"Stay back!" I called out as I stood. "She'll kill anyone who enters."

The others prepared to jump in if things got really bad as I turned to Tyrannea. I changed my gun-staff to gauntlet mode and grabbed my sword after putting them on. I focused Gigamanders energy and the electricty to mimic Tyranneas power.

Tyrannea looked at me seriously. "Your quick learning is really getting on my nerves." she said.

We were able to clash equally again. Electric vs Electric, Gigamander both empowering us, we deflected any blows. Only landing occasional strikes. Tyrannea and I both then shot the built-up electricity at each other, colliding and shocking until releasing a large explosion. We both stood unscathed as we re-charged our blades with electricity and continued fighting.

I managed to strike with an upper-cut slash and send her backwards. Tyrannea fell on her back as I jumped up to strike her chest and try to end this. She jumped out the way however. As I lifted my blade, she smiled at me.

"To force my hand at my signature move." she said getting into stance. "Face destruction!" She then spun around rapidly into a cyclone. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!"

I had gotten into stance and done the same. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" I shouted as we collided. All the slashes off-setting or damaging us at the same time. As the attacks ended and we both stumbled back, I quickly regained my composure and rushed forward. I had landed a successful stab on Tyrannea's chest, pushing through her body. And Just in the nick of time, as the Hyde injection wore off, leaving me fatigued again.

"Solo-boy did it!" Alma Elma said.

"Excellent display of skill." Granberia said smiling.

However my supposed victory was short lived. Tyrannea grabbed my blade and glared at me. She knocked me across the field and held her sword up. Throwing mine outside the ring of fire.

"I will not stand for this!" Tyrannea yelled. "You are nothing without me! Yet you can fight so well?"

I stood up, my gun-staff returning to its normal shape. "You keep underestimating your opponents Hyde." I said. "Unlike you, I know what I'm up against and don't get cocky in battle."

Tyrannea suddenly snapped. "Don't call me that!" she yelled. "I'm not some alter-ego of a mad scientist!" She then gripped her blade as her back claws charged energy. "Omega Crisis Shield." And a large blue shield covered her entire body. "Don't bother by the way." she said. "Only the Wall of Water out-endures this shield."

I charged a shot with my gun-staff and shot at the shield, not even denting it.

"Now Solomon," Tyrannea said. "You, those meddlesome knights, and perhaps this island will be destroyed." She then focused as she held her blade up. "Zylphe...." she had said, the power of wind.

"What is he doing?" I asked.

Tamamo and Granberia's eyes opened wide. "Not that!" they both yelled. "And a shield to prevent it from being interrupted." Tamamo had said.

"What?" I asked.

"Gnomaren..." She said, charging Earth and Wind into her blade. "You're going dense now?" She asked. "I was made to kill Black Alice, what had wiped out Black Alice?"

I opened my eyes wide and kept trying to break the shield. It wouldn't budge however no matter how many shots I gave. No sword as well, I was going to take the worst of it.

"Grandine..." She said while imbuing the 3rd element. The three clashing violently inside her blade.

The Heavenly Knights tried to help, Granberia's Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, Erubeties Melt Sorm, Tamamo's Moonlight Cannon, they all were blocked. Even Alma Elma couldn't lay a finger on her.

"Gigamander!" She called as the fourth element was imbued. "And to make sure all five of you die..." she then electrically charged the elements even further. The shield then wore off as she went to unleash the attack on us "Quintaple Giga!" She called out slamming her blade down.

But before the attack landed, it was intercepted by a blade of pure, holy light. It not only offset the attack, but blasted Tyrannea with its bright light. Her blade, and quite a few parts of her body burning from the Light Magic that struck her.

"That attack..." Tamamo said. "Micaela why do we keep calling your bluffs?"

Micaela then landed infront of me. She was in her angelic form and holding a golden sword of holy light. "Sorry Tamamo," she said. "I felt the power of their duel from here. And I had to repay Solomon for his services from before."

I smiled seeing Micaela. "Thanks Micaela!" I said.

"With pleasure Solomon." She said. "But I'm truly out of power this time. I had just enough energy to help you out. So I suggest finishing this quickly." Micaela said as she flew back. The Heavenly Knights followed and allowed me to finish settling this.

I turned to Tyrannea as she stood. She was exhausted, several parts of her body eroded by holy light magic, her blade was destroyed and her hand-cannon damage. But she wouldn't stand down. I turned my gun-staff into gauntlets and aimed at her. "I'm sorry Hyde," I said. "I can't keep you alive..." I began charging energy and using my remaining fuel drives.

Tyrannea smiled. "Solomon..." she said. "truly you, are the Enforcer of the Seekers of Truth." She laughed as she didn't even think about dodging. "It's my loss, I had the most fun in our fight than in any other battle." She slowly began to cry. "But it's ending already... "

I looked at Tyrannea. I remembered everything me and Hyde went through. Before I fired however, Tyrannea said one more thing, in Hyde's old voice;

"Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. We made a good team. Thank you Solomon, you were both my greatest ally and my greatest challenge."

I closed my eyes and decided not to hold back. "Oblivion Blast!" I shouted as I fired at Hyde, Vaporizing the rest of his body, and destroying his A.I. permanently.  I opened my eyes to find the ashes of Tyrannea on the ground. They blew away in the wind and I sighed before fainting.

I awoke the next morning in the Monster Lord's lab. I rubbed sleep out my eyes before realizing Lucia was sitting at my bedside, tentacles exposed. "Lucia!" I yelled as I nearly jumped out of bed.

"Morning Solomon." she said. "You're awfully full of energy...that's odd."

I facepalmed. "You raped me in my sleep didn't you?" I asked.

Lucia smiled as she hugged me. "Glad to see you're awake!" she said with joy.

I held Lucia and stood, noticing my body having bandages over the wounds. "Man I hadn't had this many injuries since I.....first used Hyde..." I said and sat back down.

Lucia sighed. "Solomon, you did what was right." she said. "They told me what happened."

I looked up. "It's so quiet when I think to myself you know?" I looked back up.

"Do you need some alone time?" Lucia asked.

"No, you came all this way." I said smiling, realizing all I had left from being a Seeker of Truth. Lucia, Chrome, the chimeras I befriended. I guess I'm not as alone as I thought I was. I wrapped an arm around Lucia and kissed her. "Thanks." I said.

Lucia blushed again. "Solomon!" she said. "You know how I get when you don't resist."

Before we continued however, Tamamo walked inside. "Morning love-birds!" she said.

Lucia stood. "Good morning. Thank you for allowing me to see him." she said. "I was this close to kidnapping him after I heard he was captured." Lucia smiled at me. "Glad to see you're doing the right thing Solomon. I hope you visit."

"I definitely will." I said.

Lucia smiled brightly and left. Tamamo then handed me my clothes and gear.

"Get dressed, Micaela needs to see you in Enrika for some reason." Tamamo said. "She didn't explain why."

I pondered at what she wanted. I just hoped she didn't have another sinner punishment relapse. I stood and got dressed, then departed for Enrika. Still a little stiff and upset at what happened yesterday.

Chapter 15: Returning the Fire; A proper fairwell to the Master.

I had arrived at Enrika to find Micaela there greeting me.

"Good morning Solomon." Micaela had said.

"Good morning Micaela." I said. "So what is it you need?"

Micaela had walked me over to an angel's house. "You see, there's an angel I'd like for you to meet." she said. "Now, she was a dead angel whom was revived. Normally this process would require Ilias' hand in re-manifesting another offshoot. In the case with my sister, Lucifina, it would take many years, centuries even, had her body not been turned human like with Luka's power being kept in check."

I nodded my head. "Wow, there wasn't much I knew about angels." I said.

"Now here's the strange part." Micaela began to explain. "In her case, a 9th circle angel whom grew to archangel level over time, this wouldn't take as long." She then knocked on the door. "But this one... I didn't know how... but her body and holy form were completely destroyed."

"Come in!" The angel had called out. Micaela and I had entered.

Micaela stopped me before we entered a small library in the house. "Now keep in mind, she has amnesia..." Micaela said. "I called you hoping it would be able to trigger her memories."

I walked into the room with Micaela and saw the angel. She was of average height, a familiar brunette hair wearing glasses and in a uniform, like robe. She was studying notes and books about the world. But her appearance was extremely familiar. She then looked at us and said; "Hello Seraph Micaela. Who is this?"

Micaela pointed at me. "This is a friend of mine," she said.

I walked towards the angel and sat next to her. "Hi, I'm Solomon." I introduced myself.

"I..." she started and thought. "I don't remember my name." she said.

I got a closer look at her, I started remembering now. In a dream, she had given some humans something in a bright, holy light before I awoke. But what was it?

She lowered her head. "Sorry, I'm just learning about the world again." she said. She then looked at a small moth which flew in the room. "Hey, do you know how the moth flies?" she asked. "I remember only being told; 'Because it's the will of Ilias.' or something like that. But since Ilias is gone and her creation story was wrong according to Micaela, how does it fly now?"

I looked at the moth. "Well; it never needed Ilias' will in order to fly or exist. The moth can fly because of these wings and it's small body. It's nerves and body are made for flight in mind."

"Really?" She asked. "This world is fascinating. Especially you humans."

I smiled, being reminded of Promestein. "Yea, humanity is the most interesting race, we constantly seek knowledge. Some more than others." I said.

"I know!" Promestein said happily. "So, were humans always like this?" she then asked.

"No..." I said. "It's a long story but...I can explain it;"

The young angel sat up and eagerly listened.

I chuckled and began to explain; "Many years ago, humans were savage and primitive. Over time, Ilias didn't create them, but rather aided to their evolution in worshipping her. They however didn't evolve to survive the cruel world of back then. Food was scarce and hard to preserve like today."

The angel was fascinated. "How did humans survive?" she asked.

I then remembered the dream fully. "There was a young angel, about your age..." I continued explaining. "She studied humans and found they wouldn't survive. So she did something forbidden; She appeared before humans..." I said and grabbed the lit candle. "holding a torch, lit with a bright flame..." I then handed it to the angel. "She then gave the humans fire, and they used it to not only survive, but it led to further evolution and possibly lead to our advancements today."

The angel stared into the fire, fascinated as her concentration hadn't broken on it. "And she was punished for it." She continued in my place explaining. "Imprisoned in the earth... she could only continue her endless search for knowledge." She then set the candle down. "It led to her demise, but she knew humans would never stop evolving."

I stared at the angel... "Do you remember now?" I asked.

"Her name; was Promestein." She said. "And, I gave the humans fire."

"Doc?" I asked.

She then slapped my face. "For the 146th time....Do not call me Doc!" she yelled.

"Master Promestein!" I called out and hugged her. "You're alive!"

"Wahh!" Promestein pushed me back. "Don't hug me suddenly! Be fortunate that this body's too weak to punish you anymore." she said.

I laughed. "How did you survive?" I asked. "You told me the White Rabbit is fatal."

Promestein then straightened her glasses. "It would seem the Holy and Dark magic from mine and the Dark Goddess' DNA had separated as the massive body faded away. My body regenerated as an angel's corporeal form would normally do after being sealed." She explained. "Fortunately Luka's finishing blow was with Angel Halo, a sealing weapon."

I was thinking however, she had returned so what did she had planned. "So now that you're alive... what are you gonna do?" I asked.

"Well, it seems I'll let humanity evolve without my aid like I know they will." Promestein said and sat back down. "So I'll just live my life as a vast source of knowledge... maybe teach other truth seekers." she suggested.

"You're a good teacher." I said. "Build a grand library with your knowledge and tutor Truth Seekers." I suggested.

Promestein smiled. "Yes, and no more chimeras." she said. "I'm no longer preparing for war under Ilias with Third breathing down my neck."

Micaela then called out from the other room; "Eden never shuts up I swear!"

Promestein chuckled and then turned back to me remembering something; "Speaking of chimeras... take me to the Biolabs when you can, I have to destroy a rather... deadly one." she said.

"Tyrannea?" I asked. "It's gone. And so is Hyde..." I said.

Promestein closed her eyes. "You saved the world you know." she said. "I made her and placed it in you to prepare to destroy Black Alice and conquer the world. Had she rampaged freely, the death toll would easily be tremendous."

I stood. "I'm glad you're alive though." I said.

Promestein stood and placed a hand on my cheek. "Solomon, you don't need me anymore you know." she said.

"I know..." I said. "But I gotta check up on you now. The Monster Lord would go berserk if she found out."

"I assure you, despite causing my death and failure of my experiments I bear no grudge against her or Luka." Promestein said. "Humanity, my heir, is all I care about now. But to be safe, just keep this as our little secret."

I winked at her. "What secret? Little angel I never met before."

Micaela then stepped in. "Very well, I'll still have an eye on you." she said. "And don't use Solomon as back-up, he knows not to cross me."

Promestein looked at me concerned. "What did you do?" she said.

I innocently whistled. Hoping she'd change the conversation.

"Micaela punished you for sins?" she asked.

I nodded my head.

"I swear if you had punishment withdrawal..." she began to threaten me but then stopped. "Wait... I'm no longer your Master."

I laughed. "You're always my Master." I said.

"You'll surpass me." she said. "Now I think it's time for goodbye Solomon."

I looked at her. "Promise me no hardcore experiments?" I asked.

"Humanity can evolve at its own rate. I think teaching is better anyways..." she said. "...just look at you."

I smiled and hugged her again. "Goodbye Doc."

"Don't call me that...." She said.

"Doc...Doc... and Doc." I said teasingly. "That's 150. Now I'll stop."

Promestein smiled. "150 too many." she said.

I laughed. "But in all seriousness, Goodbye Promestein."

"Goodbye Solomon." she said. "I know you're going to check in on me still, but goodbye."

I walked out the house, said goodbye to Micaela, thanking her for keeping Promestein there, and departed. Free of persecution I decided to keep exploring the new world.

Epilogue; Settling Down.

Three weeks after meeting with Promestein again, I've explored more of this world. No longer having to hide, I began to become more interactive with this new world:

I returned to Grand Noah's coliseum. Two years before, approaching three now, I was one of the strongest contenders. Now, despite Knightroid there as a rival now, only Alma Elma can defeat me. And with no more restrictions on fighting set by Promestein for data-gathering, I can hold out very well and potentially defeat her. However I let the champ reign. Maybe because I'm a "Damn Pervert" like Alice suggests? Hell, everyone loses on purpose. I still put up a very good fight though. I can't let her get a free rape so easily. I still compete every now and again.

Afterwards, I explored the Noah region. Admiring the flora of Plansect, both Alraunes and the ancient forest. I also visited Tamamo in Yamatai again. Now honest with my continuing curiosity of her knowledge, she teaches me of famous events in her years as an aid to the Monster Lord family.

Akame Artiste was hunted down and captured by Shadow. After interrogations and being deemed insane by both Alice and her cousin Chrome, she was to be imprisoned until she reformed for her crimes. Speaking of Shadow, although me and him aren't full-blown friends, we both know that our intentions for a peaceful world will stay the same.

By request of Erubetie and Undine, I aided in clean-up of Undine's Spring and teamed up with Grangold scientists to clean the waters for Slimes. Although the efforts are showing amazing results and Slime and Human coexistence is growing, Erubetie says that maintaining the clean environment will constantly be required.

I visited Promestein again, it seems her goal of creating an academy for Truth Seekers is going to come along nicely. She'll finish preparations and reveal herself then. Knowing mere rumors won't draw them to her. I went to Remina and gave her one of her labcoats. She was glad to get out of her old uniform. I told her what I do now for the Monster Lord. She wasn't angry, but glad to see I'm prospering and helping humanity like she wanted.

And in memory of Hyde, I did rematch Granberia to a sword-only fight. Although she had won, I tried again with the Hyde Injection. I still lost... and she raped me because the matches apparently made her body hot from excitement.

I moved my lab to Grangold and aided the city in rebuilding and improving Golem Girls. I'm still the Monster Lord's chimeric engineer, and am to report to her immediately if my services are requested. I live there now, probably because I'm so used to being around technology.

And yes....Me and Lucia are now dating...For an alchemist with tentacle arms she sure is the jealous type. Although she knows I fight at the Coliseum... which she considered joining. Those poor, excited men...

Amira wanted to write a book on my tale. I told her any story butchering for fans and I'd dissect her. She immediately changed her mind, hoping to find another hero's tale to exploit.

And I still want to learn more like the Seekers of Truth would. But for now, I'm settling down. And that's my tale. I, Solomon, whom became a Seeker of Truth, have pretty much nothing left to say now.

The End.

Author's note: I wanted to thank everyone who stuck with me through all three books of Solomon's Tale. This was a lot of fun to write and even more fun to see people who followed me as I wrote it. I have other fanfic ideas and I hope to try bringing them to life. Although some sounded better as full-patch mods.

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