After a few rounds with mon_labo_convert not wanting to convert the story.txt because of a certain missing .dll and monadd not finding my story, Crimson Tide is finally under development!

You know, it's actually funny and interesting writing these! It's a chance to unwind from college in a more constructive way! I can't believe my fear of procrastination was keeping me from creating a side story! I feared that I would just keep postponing things because of my tight schedule, but I think I've arranged some time for this! However, I can't promise a deadline for Crimson Tide yet, as I wouldn't like to rush things, but let's just say I have a draft of the story and a pretty good grasp of the way it's going to go! Maybe I'll keep posting updates here, as I update the story as well!

I'd like to thank OldSlashFriend for inspiring me to start creating side stories with his helpful LetzScenario and his brilliant work on Passion for Decay, A Rhetorical Rust and Flowers of Coal! If you haven't played them, please do!


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