• MrSledge


    July 2, 2013 by MrSledge


    I'm finally on holidays(even though somehow my brain is still wired to "classes" mode).

    Time for decisions. Should the Tales of Sabasa remain a side story? Or should they take the road of  the "Full Patch Mod"? I'll be deciding that over the few couple of days! Anyway, the plot for the first chapter is complete! Only the characters (and their development in the story) remain to be finished! Also something to keep working on, but time (and availability) are on my side now!! It's only a matter of hard work (and inspiration, but we shan't worry about it)!

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  • MrSledge

    R & R

    April 5, 2013 by MrSledge

    At last, that blasted calculus test is over.

    Now I might have some time to get back to Crimson Tide this weekend, even though I have an OpenGl test in the near future, that won't stop me from dedicating at least 30 minutes per day to the side story. ;)

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  • MrSledge

    Update 1

    March 29, 2013 by MrSledge

    So, after getting used to how the coding works with the side stories, Crimson Tide is going slowly and steady.

    Instead of taking the simple approach of writing just a short story with not a lot of interactivity, I'll be pushing the current side story engine to it's limits and see how much of an "adventure" feeling I can get out of it. I know that by editting the nscript.dat would get me a lot more options, but for now I'll just stick to the side story engine, as limited as it is.

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  • MrSledge

    And it's started!

    March 15, 2013 by MrSledge

    After a few rounds with mon_labo_convert not wanting to convert the story.txt because of a certain missing .dll and monadd not finding my story, Crimson Tide is finally under development!

    You know, it's actually funny and interesting writing these! It's a chance to unwind from college in a more constructive way! I can't believe my fear of procrastination was keeping me from creating a side story! I feared that I would just keep postponing things because of my tight schedule, but I think I've arranged some time for this! However, I can't promise a deadline for Crimson Tide yet, as I wouldn't like to rush things, but let's just say I have a draft of the story and a pretty good grasp of the way it's going to go! Maybe I'll keep posting updates…

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