To make a long story short; I was thinking of a responce for a blog when I suddenly got an idea.  That idea led me to another idea, which then led me to yet another, etc.

Anyway, after 115 idea's I finally managed to get somewhere: if Chapter 3 were to possibly (and I mean POSSIBLY) not be the end of Monster Girl Quest, even if Luka and company defeat Black Alice, what would the do for Chapter 4?

Thats when I realized something: whenever the main characters in an RPG run out of crap to deal with, how do the story writers, without starting over with a new story and main character, keep the story interesting?

The answer to that is amazingly simple: "Make new crap fall from the sky!"

I may just be obsessed with not letting the story end, but it's not entirely impossible either.  So, just to pass the time until chapter 3 finishes, lets here some ideas on the subject.

Also, if you have any ideas for alien girls, pictures, or fan fiction, please feel free to add the image or link to your comment.

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