So today was another hot, brutal summer day. And I thought what could I do since I have the house all to myself? Ah! I know! I'll make a MGQ recipes to experiment with! So without further adeu, I present to you the MGQ recipes I made today:

1. Alma Elma's "Hotcakes"

2. Minotaurus Milk

3. Tamamo's Fried Tofu Salad

4A. Erubetie's Slimecakes (1)

4B. Erubetie's Slimecakes (2)

4C. Erubetie's Slimecakes (3)

*** These were actually really tricky to get out of the annoying little tin cups! But as you can see some of them broke apart because the Slime was so unstable and jiggly! But I managed to salvage most of them! But I had a lot of fun making them and they turned out a lot better than I thought they would! ***

5A. Ilias' Angel Cake (1)

5B. Ilias' Angel Cake (2) - "Is it me, or does this one look like a giant hamburger?"

*** This one was a doozy to make, it required a lot of steps and preparation time, but in the end it came out beautifully! The flavors I used for this one were Chubby Hubby & Imagine "Whirled" Peace! ***

6. Gnome's "Wild Land" Risotto

*** Notice: For those who have never eaten or seen Risotto before, this is the traditional way to serve it; it usually has a thick, bold, porridge-like consistency and is to be served as a main dish. It is very filling, packed with flavors, and is best defined as "comfort food."

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