Hey guys, as much as I am a clever, inspirational culinary chef, I feel so embarassed! I conducted a recipe for all of the Heavenly Knights...Erubetie, Tamamo, Granberia. But I'm leaving someone out! My absolute favorite of all time! Alma Elma!

I was hoping there would be a kind soul out there to help me brainstorm some ideas, but as much as I love her, this girl is a complete mystery to me. Let's see...she's a Succubus Queen with a very playful attitude. She controls the element of wind and masters in hand-to-hand martial art combat...and let's not forget her ultimate pleasuring techniques that could make a man drop onto his knees in mere seconds. But I can't think of any recipes related or subsequent to her abilities! Any help would be appreciated and I'll get right to creating the recipe!

Alma Elma: Better hurry Ara-boy...mommy's getting -very- hungry...she would hate to have to devour you as punishment.


Hurry guys! Please!


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