I was watching a couple of those game theories on youtube and one them was talking Japan's culture. The guy talking, Gaijin Goomba, said that a good chuck of Japan's people dont like sex. I've already know that fact, but then I began to think of the quote " Life immitates Art"

So with everything that goes on in this game, is one themes of the game a fear of relationship or sex? I know it sounds redundant especially in a game where semen a food product, but just hear me out

Both genders in japan have expectation of the other. Theres two types of people in the dating world there herbivores, passive daters, and carnivores, aggressive types. In today's culture most men are herbivores and women carnivores. Sounds similar to the situation in game, right. 

More proof of my theory is 4 Knights. Since Japan had an increase of more outgoing women in different fields especially sports, I saw some similarites between that the strong and skillful knight Granberia. The fear of sex and the carnivorous women of today is best illustrated by Alma and fact that she eats people also matches up with this. Tamamo and Erubetie a bit difficult to explain, but anyways what do guys think of this theory?

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