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  • I live in ded
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Professional Amateur
  • I am Pansexual gender fluid non-binary moca frappuccino with dual acting hydraulic cylinder and leather grip swiss army knife (who identifies as a man)
  • Losenis

    A week passed after Ilias was defeated. Somehow, Ilias had ended up in Luka's mind after healing him of the holy erosion. Unable to do anything at all in that state but talk, she decides to let Luka know of a few things that nobody else knew about before, and that nobody was supposed to know of in the first place.


    • Text
    • Text
    • Cheeky1.ogg
    • More text
    • Did I say text already?
    • No porn
    • Human beans
    • Alien invasion from an alternate dimension
    • Not really


    • Monster Girl Quest parts 1 to 3 merged in a single folder
    • It is NOT required to have the ONScripter port (AKA what NG+ uses), it works on both
    • Being able to not fall asleep at a text and plot centered sidestory instead of a porn one

    Ilias After 1.04

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