I wonder how part 3 will come out. I am definitely excited by this, but I always wonder how Luka will get raped overcome his new trials once part 3 comes out. It will be great to see a trilogy chapter game, and how it ends will be great.

I've seen many theories on how Luka is but the most sound theory is that just as Ilias and Black Alice represents control of Light and Darkness, so does Luka and Alice represent control of Light and Darkness. His proof of Angelhood (fallen angel?) is enough to say that Alice and him are perfect together... I guess...? Ah... but it would be nice. Though if he is a descendent of Ilias or not is something to consider (and if it is, he just commited incest if he strikes Alice down at the Final Maou battle!).

Also food for thought... eh... is that all the monsters! They keep saying that Luka's "gene quality" is high? What do they mean? Monsters have innate ability to tell if a male is of good quality or not? That just proves that something about his bloodline is pretty powerful or unique that all monsters Luka encounters have expressed how delicious or high quality his genes are.

Now to move into another point in saying that, if theortically, that Luka and Alice indeed are representation of Light and Dark... that would mean if Alice and Luka were to have a child, that child would not only demonstrate a Maou's power, but also Angelic power... a mix of holy and demonic... that would be something!

Another thing that is totally interesting is why Ilias let Luka and Alice to meet, then allow Luka and Alice to have all these sexual contacts... it seems that Luka and Alice being together is necessary.... necessary for what?

I think there's a motive beyond power crazy that drives Ilias to do what she does. She easily presented herself as a villian, but who knows. She may just be a sincere person, wishing for the her own destruction or for something to prove her wrong.

Well, I'll look forward to it! Hopefully I'll be able to keep a clear head and mind in this...

Thanks for reading this uselessly long post if you made it this far!!

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