With UM sharing his MonLab ideas and wishes, I thought I'd do the same. If you can't tell by the time you finish reading this, I can't think abilities up for shit.

Chameleon Girl: Jon Henry Nam
Chameleon Girl

As far as I know, this would be great. Chameleons are known for there ability to change the color of their skin(scales?), which could be implemented in many ways. Her long tongue could also be used in many ways, be it Anilingus, or a tonguejob(?). There are a lot of possibilities for this monster.

Penguin Girl: Jon Henry Nam
Penguin Girl

What bird monsters can you tell me about? Aside from the Harpies and Siren, there are no other Birds. A Penguin Girl would not only be a great addition, but with the way penguins work, it would also be a change of pace.

Ruto: Nezumi

"You're much cuter than that other boy, and stonger too. You're going to be my husband, whether you want to or not!

Alright, now hear me out before you think this is crazy. Fish Girls aren't represented at all. Mermaids do not count. Nezumi's rendition is great. I've already figured out a "story" for it. Something involving Ruto finding Luka more worthy of being her husband than that "other boy", and raping him.

Nanako: Violated Heroine

You can corrupt her, and she seems to have a Succubus sprite. You can also have her "rape" a shota. Who's to say she wouldn't rape Luka? The ultimate H-game crossover...maybe.


Come on, She's a half-genie. Also, dat bellydancing. Hell, I already thought up some moves.

1. Sensual Bellydance

2. Hair Whip

3. Magical Hairjob

I've got plenty of ideas, but to list them all here would be insane. If you want to see them all, here they are.

Same as UM's, what would you'd like to see given the Moster Lab treatment? Why not slap it down in the comments section?

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