Alright, this is just an idea that came to mind, and I don't think it would ever be possible. But, I thought you all might like to hear about it. Basically, it's a mod with monsters based off of characters and monsters from Dark Souls.

It would be like a NG+, only it takes place in the DaS World, which is bullshit hard, so that's why we'd let Luka keep his skills. Something Ilias did sent him there, because she had no other option or something. No Spirits, but can acquire a DaS version of them.

So, for a Hypothetical Dark Souls Scenario/Mod, would these be acceptable?

Maneater Mildred
The Bed of Chaos (Girl?)
Quelaan/Quelaag's Sister
Chaos Witch Quelaag
Quelana of Izalith
Daughter of Chaos
Lord's Blade Ciaran
Darkmoon Knightess/Lady of the Darkling
Chaos Eater Girl
Chaos Bug Girl
Taurus Demon Girl
Capra Demon Girl

What would you do for a Dark Souls Mod? What Monsters would you use?

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