This is my review on Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming, which I recently (1 day ago) played. 

Spoilers Alert

Plot (8/10)

Plot is superior to first game. It became more serious with several plot twists. There is more jokes, parody and everything. Altough, closer to ending (Especially ending of Ragnarok. I didn't get that thing with those time holes and everything.) it becomes harder and tiresome. There is also several cameos (Not only evil guys but good guys as well).

Also, now there is not only Evil Lords with Spell of Destruction, but new groups of enemies (Eight Elements for example)

Gameplay (9/10)

Gameplay is based on Hero 30 of the first game. No other gamemodes like Princess 30 and Evil Lord 30, But it was improved with new features like Global Map! Now you can play this game like normal RPG. Enemies now appear on the map and you should walk to them. Different bosses now require different strategies. For example, in one of the last mission of the game, you should break some statues in order to weaken the boss. Though, the main point is still "Do something till the timer is out" 

On the Global Map, you can grind levels and go into global dungeons. You can also grind of equipment, which you haven't bought during missions. Also, Titles are worth it, Beautiful Evil Lord in your Hero Castle give you presents for them like new Castle parts, Formations and equipment. Hero Castle is your Mecha castle that moves and fights. you can find and buy different parts for it. You can also upgrade your equipment there (It's entirely useless)

Now you can form your own party full of heroes. (It's cool)

Graphics (10/10)

Now in 16 bit (Instead of 8 bit from previous game)! Altough, In Goddess Room (Which i lost in PC version of the first game) you can see many details on artwork.

Soundtrack (10/10 Best part of the game)

As I mentioned before, there is several groups of bosses. Every group has it's own Soundtrack (My favourite is Venus Seven). The whole soundtrack is over 1-hour long. One of the composers are Motoi Sakuraba (Known for many soundtracks. Dark Souls for example) and Kenji Ito (Known for several Final Fantasy Spinoffs and SaGa Series)

Overall (9/10)

Everyone, who played first part either on PSP, XBOX 360 or PC should play this one. Also those, who love challenge and good humor should play too.

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