Well damn, originally I never planned to make any blogs but this is just ran worthy of an accomplishment XD

It took me around 5 hours trying to figure out what would be the simplest way to make to add custom monsters into fights.

for sprites in like dialogue its simple since you just write down their directory path

lsp xxx, "file_location\filename.bmp" etc. etc

for a fight its a whole nother animal I had to figure out since the fights are marked as

[Example ]


mov $name,"Medusa "
mov $name2,"Medusa "
mov $lavel,"medusa2"
mov %mon_labo_on,2
mov $tatie1,"medusa_st01"
mov $tatie2,"medusa_st01"
mov $tatie3,"medusa_st01"
mov $tatie4,"medusa_st01"

the sprites for the monsters will load via the "$tatie" variables. How to mess with those variables in the most simple way possible was a fucking bitch lol. Originally I ended up deciding to just take advantage of the monster lab variable (mon_labo_on) and instead of just having a 1 or 0 (0 being not from monster lab aka side story 1 being it is) I decided to make it 0, 1, or 2. if mon labo was a 2 then it would look through the directory I told it too through. and even then I ran into several problems trying to figure out what little tiny bits and pieces I was missing but fuck yes I got it to run XD

Well thats my silent accomplishment and something that was kinda scaring me as to how I would continue the story as a full repatch since at the time I only knew how to get custom monsters in the side stories.

Now that I have finished with that My next two goals to figure out is how to make a whole different character fight (anyone following my mod and possibly the reason reading this blog post). I want to make a spoof fight where instead of Luka, you control Tamamo. Depending on how that spoof fight runs (and if people like it) I may make a tiny side story series (probably shorter than Sealed but who knows I don't really have a story for it yet only a few ideas for it) where its a story focused on Tamamo doing Luka's job or something lol.

The other goal is figuring out why some spaces don't show up in either names, skillnames, etc. and why in others they do. The only way I been able to make spaces in those cases is if I seperate them with an @ and then a space but that then leaves the easily visible @ sign and well yeah that is annoying....

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