This cold has been so distracting today. I been doing no programming today after uploading the the latest patch in two sections due to mediafire not letting anyone grab the files which is a miracle they barely stopped me now...

I got a paid account but I'm assuming all of the people who play have a free account or none at all so the limit is 200MB when all of my patches since some time after 1.0  (1.0 B was 156 MB I deleted some of the ones afterwards the next one on my list order-wise is 1.3 which is 213MB and onward it only increases so I'm amazed that finally at the 232MB mark did mediafire decide to cockblock you all...)

Anyways I spent some time playing some of the touhou games just to kill-time while you guys looked for bugs and then some anime, and then just aimlessly surfing the web. So far I haven't gotten a single download so all in all while sure I could of gone ahead as usual I did make quite alot of changes so I'm hoping people would have found a bug or crash and reported it. Sure I guess I'm just getting antsy since not all of my patches get alot of updates (according to media fire they been pretty bi-polar lol some not getting more than 35 downloads others hitting around 80)

It might of been me just exhausting all of my willpower in 2-4 days lol.

Anyways while I am bored and got nothing better to do than type this blog (you aught to be programming the other me is saying though >.o ) I however don't want to drag this blog so I'll just make this a long-winded blog-size comment that would overwise become another wall of text that is not always in my mod page lol...

I am sooo lost with some of the responses I been getting from people over pixiv and twitter lol.

Matchi is an artist from Pixiv who i asked for permission to use their art. Thankfully I gotten a response however it was without much help...while my japanese is kinda broken this honestly looks like its out of a translator. I tried showing it to my nihongo sensei to see if she could translate it since not only is she a teacher for the japanese language but she is a legit japanese which honestly yeah sure I'm in a big city here in my state but it still feels weird having Japanese people so far away from the Pacific Coast

Anyways I show my teacher the response Matchi gave me via mail (and hope there was nothing lewd that would warrant an interogation from campus faculty or something lol...) to which my disappointment is not translateable by her and coming to the same conclusion I had come and telling me that it looks like something that was pulled out of a translator.

While my teacher did not tell me what the message said (again can you really say it said anything when it was so broken?) but from the nits and bits I understood I can't decide whether he did or did not give me permission. If anyone here is willing (and able) to translate this have at it. I tried translating it by myself, google translate, and but yeah its not something that is clear enough for me to say "yes matchi gave me permission" or "no matchi didn't allow me to use his art" its seems like it says no but i'm not entirely sure...

If anyone wants to take a crack at it here is the message exchange....

To:  マッチ


私はもんむすくえすとのゲームのためのファンメイドサイドストーリーであなたの芸 術のいくつかを使用することができれば私はお願いしたい。



by: Ginny




the other one that kinda is more of a priority for me is trying to figure out my request over twitter to Kenkou_Cross (one of the artists of MGQ and also the infamous Monster Encyclopedia )

I was basically asking if he would allow me to use their art from the encyclopedia in my side story mod. At best what I was able to understand was a set of misunderstandings (First Kenkou thought I was asking permission to use Tamamo and thus was telling me to contact Modoki [another artist for MGQ obviously] and afterwards telling me to contact Torotoro?)

The second misunderstanding through me off....did Kenkou tell me to contact Torotoro resistance so I can use the encyclopedia in the game or did Kenkou want me to contact Torotoro so I can have them ask Kenkou if I can use his encyclopedia? I hope someone who has better knowledge is willing to take a peek and respond to me about either one (Matchi or Kenkou). If Kenkou says yes I am basically set for the rest of the mod since the guy has hundreds of monster girls I can use in the side story mod

Anyways here is the twitter exchange....

Ginrikuzuma Gizuma ‏@Ginrikuzuma

@k_cross 私はもんむすくえすとのゲームのためのファンメイドサイドストーリーであなたの芸術のいくつかを使用することができれば私はお願いしたい。私はそのゲームを果たしている英語翻訳ファンベースからプログラマーです。私はあなたのたまものアートワークを使用したい。

Expand  21h 健康クロス ‏@k_cross

@Ginrikuzuma たまものイラストレーターは、私ではなく人外モドキさんですよ

Expand  21h Ginrikuzuma Gizuma ‏@Ginrikuzuma

@k_cross 私はもんむすくえすと内側サイドストーリー(もんすラボ?)をやってる。しかし、私はあなたのモンスターのような百科事典ではないゲームの中のあなたの他の作品の一部を、使用したいと思います。 私の日本語のために私を深くお詫び申し上げます。

21h 健康クロス ‏@k_cross

@Ginrikuzuma 人外モドキさんの前に、もんむすくえすとの作者であるとろとろさんに連絡したほうがいいのではないでしょうか

Expand  21h Ginrikuzuma Gizuma ‏@Ginrikuzuma

@k_cross 次に提案していただきありがとうございます!

Side note after those two pasting....I didn't know twitter pastes would show up like that...might just be the blog here for the wikia o.O or no...just checked the preview mine and Kenkou's pictures don't show up lol

in other news I think I figured out how to do wave fights but I won't know till tomorrow (kinda lazy to program today)

I created a few new labels and sections just for a lot of the new stuff

  • enemylife3

everything inside is the same as *enemylife2 BUT only FinalDaze takes this path because inside of enemylife three the stun factors are in effect (stun resistance, resist, and stun duration)

  • syokika2

everything is the same like in *syokika, what does syokika do? Basically it resets everything for the start of a new fight (or a retry) by setting everything at 0. I modified it however so certain things wouldn't be reset (like spirit durations) and thus (hopefully...) removing the need for extra variables to keep track of the spirits' turn duration as the next fight starts

I also created a *syutugen_wave which works just like *syutugen2 but removes the resetting of HP. SURE I could have created a variable that checks if its a wave and then just SKIP the HP resetting but I made a new label in case I want to later on in the future mess around with this label even further

while the last two (syokika2 and syutugen_wave) I haven't actually tested, in theory they seem like they would work...I'll find out tomorrow if I am horribly wrong or correct

If it works, my next goal will be implementing a party system for chapter 4-5 and onward because yeah the sealed is suppose to be a terrible hellish land in which many of Heinrich's supporters and fellow rebels have died (can a soul die?) to monsters and hell Heinrich almost lost his own life against a giant creature (which I do plan to bring up :P and case you don't know what monster refer to the section of the story where heinrich tells luka to head to the volcano not the lake first)

so if Heinrich and many others have trouble in the Prison why should Luka have an (considerably...) easy time in the prison alone? Oh no Luka needs is going to need some fights that would be impossible alone. And thus later on is where I plan to implement a party system in a fashion of pokemon (one person retreats and another one takes their place to fight is how I have it planned)

but I do not plan to do this anytime soon since I would need to program 2-4 different skill sets for 2-4 characters. So right now for chapter 3? FUCK THAT lol....

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