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    Returning to the wiki.

    February 28, 2014 by Ginrikuzuma

    So I been gone since December only to make a few trips back here to respond to questions or comments on the two pages I mainly created. The Making a Re-Patch page and my re-patch mod itself, Sealed. Along with keeping an eye occasionally on edits to some of the major pages.

    So what have I missed? From what I briefly bothered to look through the recent activities.

    The NG+ re-patch that was made by Ecstacy, ThatRussian and Cropsy seems to still being worked on.

    Snake (whom I helped him early out how to get the basics when it came to programming seems to have) has released his first patch to his re-patch mod.

    Covariant has made a return to the forums.

    I seen two new contributors on the wiki (unMass King and Zaiku K).

    I'm gonna return working to my …

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    First of all no I'm not talking about the air we are breathing.

    I'm talking about AIR one of KEY's visual novels (Kanon,Clannad, or Little Busters! ring any bells people?).

    Before I lose anyone's attention or waste their time with where I am going to head with this. Does anyone have any copy of it and if so can they please look if it has a nscript (.dat if you can see your file extensions) file? I have the 2005 "Standard Edition" (the ero version of 05) but looking through the files its obvious it was done on a different engine (which is the RealLive engine [version to be exact...] )

    Now then as to why I'm looking if anyone has any AIR game that is using an nscript file is because while I was looking at the reference page for the onsc…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Its been several weeks since I did a rant / update / blag / anything and while I do like talking to myself most of the time outloud much to the confusion and worrying of the nearby passerby so I might as well do another one of these XD

    I actually had already written this out earlier today but I had to leave so I had it copy and paste saved but it was lost >.> and while I remember what I was talking about I forgot how I said that so only the above paragraph was saved >3> so I'll reform them in the manner I had them to the best of my memory....

    As I was saying it has been a while since I made any sort of update or rant on anything so I'm doing one right now mainly due to the fact I tend to talk to myself and would rather not have people throw …

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Chronological Time

    February 21, 2013 by Ginrikuzuma

    The time-frame from the game throws me off a lot like I'm sure most of it doesn't matter but there are several events that happended from teh present

    I bolded some that caught my interest and well yeah I listed everything single event (aside from those that simply say "hundreds of years" (like Tamamo's last visit to her hometown or the story about Alan and Laura [man that feel in love with mermaid and in the end the town coexisted with mermaids] )

    1000 years ago

    • Sphinx falls in love with Hero Sabasa
    • Sabasa Ruins are this old (thus the spirits, or at least Gnome, are this old)
    • A giant island existed (home of the beelzelbud flies). Alice I sealed the Queen of Flies into the calamity Box
    • Giganto Weapon created for the Great Monster Wars
    • "Thousands o…
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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Ok for those who have messed around with the functions know LSP is to load sprites (LoadSPrite da dummm! lol)

    LSP2 is a more i guess "advanced" form of it since LSP works like this

    LSP # " sdlkjfsdlkfj " #,#

    the first # is the number of the sprite

    the "sdlfjksldkfjsdf " is a string which holds the name of the file and its location

    the last 2 numbers (or you can add a 3rd number if you want to mess around with transparency)  deal with the X and Y coordinates of the picture. If you seen the sprites (either the chara in the NSA files or the ones on my 2.5 folder for my mod) you see a green and white template with a picture inside

    The Green is the area where something will show up, with the white being what is what is going to stay invisible

    If you m…

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