Gemini Sunfall Gemini Sunfall 22 June 2019

Main Story and Sidequest Translation is Done, Now What?

It's been some time since anything's been said here, so I felt I might as well give an update on the progress our translation team has been making.

If you've been following our translation efforts since April, you may have noticed that everything pertaining to the main story, sidequests, and all of the other map text has been translated.  To put it simply, with the exception of a couple areas of flavor text, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is pretty much all translated now, and you can play the game from start to finish and even dive into the postgame without running into walls of moonrunes.

However, our work is not quite finished yet.

Some of the more observant players may have noticed parts of the translation to be of questionable quality.  And…

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Gemini Sunfall Gemini Sunfall 15 April 2019

Main Story Translation Is Done!

The day has finally arrived; the main story of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is now fully translated!

Truth be told, Dargoth wasn't the one who finished it.  After being fed up with months of waiting for updates only to be met with disappointing silence, myself (mostly) and a few others have taken it upon ourselves to see to it that the story translation finally gets completed.  Within just ten days, what I believe to be all of the remaining dialog in the main storyline has been translated.  Now admittedly, I had a lot of free time to work on this, but even when you think about how long the process actually took versus how long we were made to wait, it just further disappoints me that Dargoth sat on this for so long when it could've all been …

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Gemini Sunfall Gemini Sunfall 4 September 2018

Keep Your Translation Updated!

UPDATE: As of July 2019, all of the main story and sidequests have been translated.  If you're just here to learn where you can get the latest scripts and how to patch your game becuase someone directed you to this page, scroll down to the patching guide. After browsing around this wiki for a while now, I've come to realize that a lot of users (and even contributors) are using outdated builds of the current translation.  Honestly...this does not surprise me one bit; Dargoth rarely ever posts on his blog despite occasionally making updates to his bitbucket, which also tend to be rather sporadic updates here and there (as of this writing, the story translation is up to the Gold Volacno+Succubus Village).  It also doesn't help that not many p…

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